Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

Happy Halloween! Enjoy these spooky and scary updates to Bowmaster Winter Storm!


Spiders have unique death sounds.

Tree leaves changed color from green to orange.

Spider melee attack damage reduced.

Grunt melee attack damage increased.

Archer arrow damage increased.

Archer cooldown time between shots decreased.

New unit skin: Scare Crow (Skeleton Giant)


Pikeman is no longer a scaredy cat and no longer sits at the edge of the screen doing nothing.

Fixed description for Multi Homing and Homing arrows (no longer says TBD).

Poison Arrow impact damage significantly reduced (because it does DoT now).

Fixed issue where victory and defeat counts were not being saved to the profile.

Fixed issue where a flame or ooze glob would stay stuck and hover in air when its host unit dies.

Jack-o-Lantern Maker

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Here’s a draft version of a Jack-o-Lantern Maker I made. I’m still adding to it. I will be adding more shapes soon. Stay tuned. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Click and drag an item from the right side to the left side of the screen.

Click on a mode button along the bottom to change the mouse tool mode. To use a tool, click on the tool button then click on the piece you want to manipulate with that tool.

Tool modes (from left to right):
1. Drag Piece (click-hold-release)
2. Rotate Piece (click-hold-release)
3. Scale Piece (click-hold-release)
4. Flip Horizontal (click to toggle)
5. Flip Vertical (click to toggle)
6. Delete (click to delete)

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

Lots of new updates this week in the Wintry Land of Bowmaster. Smarter Homing arrows, the ability to kick friendly units out of buildings, the ability to switch between building spots without having to exit the building. These are just a few of the many tweaks to Bowmaster Winter Storm. Enjoy!


Slightly increased accuracy of archers.

At the start of a level, your hero is automatically placed in the closest building spot if there is one.

Kill to Enemy Castle can now be won if you kill all of the enemy units.

Significantly reduced the hp of dragons.

Slightly reduced the elemental weaknesses of dragons.

Hero unit no longer flinches from attacks (fixes animation bug as well).

Unit mana bar color changed from blue to light blue to make it easier to see.

Adjusted mana regeneration of dragons.

Increased dragon shot cooldown time.

Reduced damage of mage attack orb.

Increased allied unit hp.

Added extra information about the pull string and point aim shooting methods in the new-profile creation wizard.

Added the ability to switch between building occupant spots by just pressing the left or right move buttons. If you’re at the edge or if there are no open spots in the direction you press then your hero exits the building. If there is a unit in the spot you want to go to you will trade spots with that unit.

Added the ability to take any allied building spot even if there’s already a unit occupying the spot. If there is a unit in the spot you want, simply press the up button (Up-Arrow or W-key) and it will place you in that spot and kick out the previous occupant.

Added improved homing arrow ai. The arrows previously would only home in on one target. If that target died then they would lose all homing ability. The homing arrows now acquire new targets if their current target is dead. This makes the multi homing arrow mod much more effective now.

Added random “tips” feature. In future updates more tips will be added and displayed throughout the game.

In auti-aim shooting mode, added high angle shot indicator in aiming cursor (white triangle) so you can know which mode you’re aiming with without having to look back at your hero.


Fixed bent dragon tail (animation issue)

Mage attack orbs no longer cancel each other out when destroyed.

Fixed point-aim description in the profile creation process. (No longer says you have to hold down E or Q to aim — you can just press one or the other to toggle between the different angle modes).

Fixed issue where fire arrow flame would cause flames to get stuck in dragon projectiles.

Fixed issue where fire arrow flame would get stuck in air.

Allied structures no longer take damage from cure arrow.

Blast bombs no longer do damage to yourself or your allies.

Fixed issue where mages would sometimes sit and do nothing.

Fixed issue with auto-aim mode that caused the hero to be twitchy when aiming at the same elevation as the hero.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

The source of the spider infestation has been spotted! A Queen Spider lurks in the woods laying vile eggs that spawn various new types of spiders. Previously we have only seen the suicide spiders. Scouts report that there are two new kinds. The black spiders now engage in melee combat. Green spiders are suicidal and explode when near their target. Orange spiders have been known to jump. All spiders except the queen will eventually explode so keep your distance! There is a hefty bounty for whomever returns a piece of the Queen Spider’s carapace as proof of her death. Approach with extreme caution!

Scouts also report that various other wanted villains have increased in difficulty, gaining new abilities. Be cautious of new tactics when encountering one on one battles with these wanted villains.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

Bowmaster Winter Storm is bunkering down and fortifying it’s code base as it fights off nasty little bugs. But that’s not to say it’s without any cool updates. Worshipers of the Dark Nether Realms have started to infiltrate the lands…


New Mage skin: Witch

Mage attack orb is now destructible. You can use a blast bomb to disarm it before it reaches you.

Mage attack orb speed is now scaled according to rank


Homing arrows have improved targeting.

Cure arrow can now shoot allies at point blank range once again.

Good Shot gold bonus no longer gives huge amounts for killing enemies in buildings.

Good Shot gold bonus does not occur for stationary targets for players using the Point-Aim shooting method (only moving targets give a gold bonus). Pull string method gives gold bonuses for stationary and moving targets, but of course moving targets give bigger bonuses when all other factors are equal.

Good Shot gold bonus awarded only for single shot arrows (but still counts for different types of arrows other than the basic arrow). This means that bonuses are not given for hits with arrows that are shot using the Rapid Fire, Multi Shot, or Homing shot modifiers.