SpaceCraft, Space Junk

I’ve updated SpaceCraft with a ‘quality of life’ improvement; In addition to Like/Dislike you now have the option to “trash” vote. What this does is acts just like a dislike in terms of star ratings, but it also it has a chance of causing the ship to be removed from the voting pool if enough people agree that it is space junk.

SpaceCraft, The Journey Continues

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to update SpaceCraft with more features, but rest assured that I have not given up on this project. I still have several features planned, and it’s truly inspiring to see so many great looking ships already created in this stage of the project.


So stay tuned. You should be seeing many more updates on a more frequent basis in the near future. I’ve been a bit busy with life and such, but with things settling down I should be able to get some more development time in soon.

Specifically, I think I shall be working on some new social features like friends and followers, as well as improved ways to vote on and browse ships.

Thank you all who have continued to participate in this project! Keep on building! As always, any and all feedback is much appreciated.