Bowmaster Winter Storm Alpha Status Update

Play the latest version here (version

Development on game balancing is underway. Currently I’m working on making unit strengths and abilities scalable as the levels increase. This means that the same type of unit will have increased stats and more challenging AI as the game level increases. For example, a low level shielded grunt will not block as often as a high level one, and a low level archer will not move around as often or as a fast higher level one.

Another cool update I plan on having is that you’ll be able to visually identify the rank of a unit via a rank icon below their health bar. This way you’ll be able to see which units are higher in rank than others so you can better prioritize your attacks (or know which ones to run from).

Right now I plan on having ten ranks per unit type. As levels progress, you will see a random set of rank 1 through rank MAX, where MAX is the max rank for that level for a certain type of unit. Hypothetically, at level 28 you might see archer units from rank 1-10, but dragon units from 1-3. The max rank per level changes per unit. Hopefully this design approach will provide variety and ensure the difficulty doesn’t drastically jump up when a new unit is introduced.

As I work on game units, I’ll likely work on finishing the design for how the user summons allied troops. Right now this aspect of the game is lacking some much needed features. The current version has automated code that doesn’t allow any control over when units are summoned and of what type.

After I finish integrating and balancing unit rank progression code I’ll move on to balancing and costing the skill upgrades. And after this is done I may release the game as BETA along with some new content. Stay tuned!