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Bowmaster Winter Storm

Bowmaster Prelude


Space Combat Training Simulator 001

Omega Mega

GunMaster Onslaught 2.0

GunMaster Onslaught

GunMaster Jungle Madness

GunMaster Urban Warfare

Moon Master Rahkon

Red Dragon



Cupid’s Revenge

Xmas Defender

Moon Game

Zombie Hunter

Sai Throwing

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  1. tester says:

    test test test test


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  2. says:

    Those are really nice games.
    Your details to game mechanics are admirable.
    I enjoyed even your old, simple games.
    Thanks for making them.

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  3. test test test test allright

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  4. >:( sometimes

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  5. wait tell me when bowmaster winter storm is released and what does wacky bomb do and look like. (= also tell me if your gonna make a new game please( >:( sometimes)

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  6. Geo Graymon says:

    Could you make a download like you did for space combat training simulator? Sadly I play on a Windows 8 laptop with bad internet and can’t load the game on the website.

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  7. Geo Graymon says:

    Forgot to include that I’m talking about spacecraft. Sorry about that.

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  8. soccer news says:

    Fantastic web site you have right here.

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  9. soccer news says:

    You’ve gotten impressive info these.

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  10. buretote3 says:

    I’m still imo a novice doepleevr. A few of my friends and I have been developing a platformer in flash using Box2d and I want to port it over to my android phone (to see where we can actually take this). I have a nice demo set up and I’m not sure how to add the android touch option to the game. I want to add on-screen controls to move the character around, etc. I would just like to know where to look to find out how to do this. And if this requires the android sdk or ndk. 0 0

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    • LostVector says:

      I use Starling for using flash in mobile. It has touch events as part of the framework. I’m pretty sure flash does as well but no app can be exported as native flash without a lot of hacking. Starling uses bitmap graphics but it uses similar library functions as native flash so it’s easy to get programming with it.

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  11. KLOD says:

    Bowmaster 5000 I WANT THIS GEEMS WER I FUN HEM

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  12. says:

    Doing the checkout method should not be horribly timeconsuming if you are correctly ready.

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  13. Happy Wheels: With a slightly different twist you will get a real sensation of the accident. It can happen to everyone, including you. You will be given a real picture of how accidents can occur and lead to bone fractures, loss of consciousness, and death.

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  14. a question can make an update for bowmaster winter storm if they can add cavalry to the game and other things

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  15. Alex K says:

    How do you field more ships at a time in team battles in Spaceship?

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  16. Make your e-mail obvious and also to the point and incorporate your label by the
    end of the email.

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  17. oliverrr says:

    Big fan of yours ! Could you also make tutorials ? I’m the guy that emailed you last time

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