Moon Master: RahKon

As I said I would, I have released a new game. However, I was up late working on the final touches, and since I may still need to balance certain things and further test the game, I decided to release the game as an open beta version. This means I have not yet posted the game into the main game links page. So if you are among the cool fans who read this devlog then you are now rewarded with an exclusive look at the almost complete version of Moon Master: RahKon. Enjoy! Feel free to give me feedback about game difficulty, bugs, features, or whatever you want. I still may be able to adjust the game to fix issues you discover.

Rocking and Rollin…

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. Despite not reporting anything recently, I have been making good progress on my projects. I recently upgraded my computer in an attempt to make my life easier. Instead it made my life really difficult for two weeks. I finally got everything working now and transferred the important files and installed Flash 9 so now I’m back in business. And boy have I been busy. I am pleased to announce a new game I’m soon to release "MoonMaster: Rock On." It’s a mix between Katamari Damacy and my Gun Master. It’s a highly modified version of the last AS3 engine demo featured in a previous devlog entry. In this game, You’ll take control of a highly maneuverable green rock. Moon rocks are falling out of the sky and threaten to crush you. On top of that there is an alien race that is trying to blast you to bits for some reason (some sort of conspiracy). Luckily you’re a special kind of rock that can fire lasers. The game is about 85% complete and I hope to get the last 15% done before the end of the week. However, I may take the next weekend to play test and balance the game before releasing it. The game is fairly simple but it’s not just a typical shooting game. It has some interesting gameplay features that add new challenges and strategies that I think you’ll like.

And the purpose for making this game is to practice developing with Action Script 3.0 and to get warmed back up for developing robust code for Bowmaster 2.

After making the switch from AS2, I realized there were a lot of things I still needed to practice before I started making more code for Bowmaster 2. Specifically, I discovered that user interactivity was quite a bit different in AS3. In an attempt to practice, I was inspired to make a new game. The code is super ugly looking and I probably won’t remember what the heck I was doing two weeks from now, which is why I better finish this side project ASAP before it all implodes into an AS3 blHACK hole.