Check out some new and exclusive character animation and background artwork. Feel free to right click and zoom in to get a better look. This is just a sampling of the many types of units I plan on having in BM2.

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Background Design by Mario Barraza


I got a lot done on optimizing the collision detection of arrows against objects. I was trying to get away from using hitTest on the character movie clips and instead use my own BoundingBox class which works with my Vector class. In short, I can now better detect fast moving object collisions so things shouldn’t appear to move through things at high speeds. I don’t have a demo of this in action, but I did modify my current build of Bow2 by increasing the Hero’s bow power along with the gravity. I was just playing around, but the end result felt a lot like the fast moving arrows of BowMaster 1, and there was a greater sense of power when you released a fast moving arrow — something very satisfying about it. Nothing is definite, this inspired me to seriously consider allowing you to upgrade the bow power like in the original and maybe slightly increase the gravity in this next version so things fall at a more realistic rate (but not too real so you have time to dodge enemy fire if need be ;).

Another thing I’ve been working on is this "plague" effect that I plan to make implement as part of a new ability, perhaps for the hunter or mage class. I created a non-interactive demo of this just for fun, and the actually implementation in BM2 may vary. To see it click on the green orb at the top right of the main page above.

Just to explain a little about the demo: The blue squares are host cells (pretend they are footsoldiers or something living). The green orbs are virus cells that feed off of the host cells while slowly killing them. Then just for the heck of it I added some medicine cells which heal host cells and kill virus cells.


I integrated the bouncey ball code into BM2. The first screenshot below shows how a boulder particle will follow along the terrain at the height of it’s radius. The boulder also rolls with the correct rotation as it moves along the terrain (hard to see from this picture – so just trust that it works :) And no, I didn’t just do something like "_rotation += 7" for all you action script critics. ©

The cool thing about the ball particle is that it can be used for many new types of weapons, spells or other reactive environmental effects. For example, imaging a boulder placed at the top of the hill. Perhaps you might be able to dislodge it with a well place bomb arrow, sending it rolling down the hill crushing all the ground troops in its path.

I’ve implemented it so I can adjust the bounciness and friction levels of the ball and surface the ball collides with. This alows me to simulate very different particles using the same code (e.g. boulder on grass, vs boulder on sand, or rubber ball on grass etc.)

Test Boulder Rolling (meteor graphic)

The other new technology I added is the effect the terrain has on ground unit speed. Ground units now travel relatively faster when moving downhill and relatively slower when going uphill. The amount of boost or slowdown is proportianl to the steapness of the terrain. Click on the image below to see a sequence of screenshots that kind of demonstrate this. It probably would’ve been more obvious if I used only one type of unit in this example, but I didn’t have time to do this just for this demo.

Enemy Has an Uphill Battle


New and Exclusive Bowmaster 2 Character Artwork! This picture shows you the three playable character classes in BowMaster 2. Each class will have special unique abilities that help them defeat their enemies. The big dude on the right is an expert in demolitions and heavy siege weaponry. The lady in the middle is a mage with fierce magical attacks. The young lad on the left is a cunning hunter and expert marksman.

Bowmaster 2 Character Artwork

The skill upgrades available in BowMaster prelude will, for the most part, all be available in BowMaster 2. Several of the common skills will be shared among all three classes, but each class will have new skills and perhaps attribute enhancements for some of the common weapons (e.g. the mage may get a bonus to ice and fire arrows, while the demolitions dude may get a bonus to the bomb arrow, even though both classes may use these abilities).


It’s been a busy week, but I managed to work on a few things in my free time. I worked on an animation for a battle mage unit for BowMaster 2 (seen below). I worked on illustrating another background for BowMaster 2 but I can’t show you because it’s top secret ;). I also was toying around with a zombie game idea I had. I’m only releasing this early screenshot now, but I may have a non-interactive demo in the near future. Oh and a few were confused about the previous week’s update, those screenshots were of BowMaster 2 which has not yet been released.

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BowMaster 2 Battle Mage Animation Demo – Strike/Death

Zombie Game early development screenshot