Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

New Upgrades! Ice and Fire will fall from the sky. No foe will be safe from your elemental wrath. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm.


Added powerful spells: Fire Storm and Ice Storm. These spells are very versatile — the storm spell will react differently depending on how you shoot the summon arrow. For example, if you shoot the summon arrow at the ground, the projectiles will be isolated to an area of the ground but if you shoot the arrow into the sky the projectiles will hit random places all throughout the terrain. If the summon arrow hits the edge of the screen then the storm projectiles will travel in the direction you shot (tip: good for taking down flying units). And finally, if your summon arrow hits a target, then the storm of projectiles will aim at the target even if it moves.

Note: some players have reported issues with flames sticking to objects far from their bodies as if they are floating in air not attached to anything. This issue will be investigated and fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

Bowmaster Winter Storm’s Skill Shop has undergone the first stage of its re-beautification process. This round of remodeling comes with sleeker looking skill icons. Go check out the shop. Also featured in this update is a bug fix that exterminates zombie archers.


Skill Shop graphics updates: Made it easier to see what the locked out upgrades look like and added mouse-over icon effects.
Chain lighting should now only target units that are alive and no longer attack structures and dead units.


Fixed a bug that caused dead allied archers to come back to life as invulnerable zombies when the Archer volley skill is used. (Thanks Guillermo for locating the source of the zombie-archer infestation).

Coming Soon:

The graphical updates to the skill shop is a prelude to more upgrades to come. I didn’t want to start adding brand new products to a dusty old shop. Stay tuned and expect to see lots more updates next week!

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

The days are getting shorter yet the heat is unrelenting. Is there a Winter Storm on the horizon? Only time will tell. But be careful what you wish for. There is no blanket nor fire that will comfort you from the icy wrath of the impending Frost Blight. Play Winter Storm Beta


Gold Bonus now awarded for Victories

Gold Bonus now awarded for destroying an enemy castle

Graphical updates to the Victory and Defeat screens

Miscellaneous GUI graphics updates

Added a descriptive level title and the victory award gold bonus to the level objectives pop up

Improved stats layout on Profile Selector Page

Some minor performance optimizations

Increased Boss hit points in One vs One battles