Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

Creepy crawly spiders have infested Bowmaster Winter Storm! As you’ll soon discover, these fast moving arachnids are not your typical garden variety spiders. Be sure to keep your distance!

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  1. CarnageX says:

    They look good! They arent tough, so i have to ask. What are there specs? :)

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  2. Devonushka says:

    Just noticed a bug. Or I’m guessing it’s a bug because it shouldn’t be happening. Anyway, if you shoot the sword of the giant cleaver skeleton man with a fire arrow, it sticks instead of bouncing off and it damages him too, even though it’s just fire on his sword.

    A few suggestions that I have been thinking about (take them or leave them, they’re just suggestions):

    1) Be able to upgrade you troops. I’m at about level 50 and my troops all just die pretty much, other than the catas and trebuchets they do very little damage. Maybe have those little boxes next to units to upgrade them in different ways. (I really have no idea how hard that would be to do)

    2) This was just a fun idea, but maybe be able to upgrade your character in more ways than just HP and MP. It would be fun to quadruple jump or run faster. (Just a fun idea)

    3) Make caps higher. I have noticed that a fully upgraded multishot with fully upgraded basic arrow doesn’t even kill the strongest enemies at wave 50. I can’t imagine killing anything at wave 75 or 100. This might not be a problem in the full game, but I just wanted to point it out.

    Anyway, I would appreciate if you fixed that bug and would take these suggestions into consideration!


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  3. CarnageX says:

    Idk about Number 3 Im on 130 something and multishot is all i really use and it works good. I always thought about number but not number two, number two i think is a little out of focus of the game but it doesnt bother me cause i wont use those ahahah.

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  4. Devonushka says:

    I was just thinking about the second one because a lot of the time (especially on the destroy the haunted castle levels) I’m jumping around dodging attacks and shooting. Its pretty easy, but sometimes when I have to land I land on fire or enemy troops and take some damage, and I can’t avoid it because I’m too slow. It was only a fun idea though.

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  5. Jason says:

    Thanks for the suggestions Devonushka. I’ll look into that bug you mentioned. As for future upgrades I’ll take those into consideration :)

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  6. Jason says:

    Hey CarnageX, can you do me a favor and create a new Hunter character and let me know if you see any problems when killing the spiders? Someone from the forum said the game is hanging when they kill a spider with a new character. I haven’t been able to test it yet.

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  7. Jason says:

    Oops, if just realized that I left code in there that hard coded the terrain…. so I’ll fix this next chance I get later today. Sorry, so for now you’ll just have to endure the same terrain for every level.

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  8. keyofdoor says:

    Sweet game
    I think there should be a bonus for destroying a castle also sometimes when I kill a wanted one with the bounty on them i don’t get a reward this may have been fixed and added but I am not sure

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  9. Sicaul116 says:

    nice, suicide spiders, wow imagine this game as a online game. that would be sweet.

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  10. sabre1222 says:

    (1) I was thinking that you should consider making the archer upgrade their arrows and shot fire and other elements, it would just be cool.
    (2) And you should have some of the mosters that self explode. And have some of characters unit explode as well when they are low on health.
    (3) And to take flame arrows to the next level you should make them into little meteors, and give it shrapnel as well.

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  11. Jason says:

    I like all of these creative suggestions :) You guys must never want this game to leave beta 😛 I can’t make any promises but stay tuned each week for new updates. Also, everyone needs to go out tell 100 of their closest friends about my game. That would make me happy.

    And don’t be afraid to give me criticisms. I want this game to be awesome and sometimes it means fixing things that aren’t quite working out.

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  12. sabre1222 says:

    I dont know why but i think you should make a new character like a ninja, when you can throw different types of shuriken and just something extra.

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  13. CarnageX says:

    Yeah ill make a new character and let you know.

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  14. CarnageX says:

    lol i hit sumbnit on that comment hours ago and closed my laptop and it just now responded ahahaha. Im on level 15 with the new character, The Hunter, and I haven’t had any trouble or code error come up, but i will keep testing it unless you already fixed it.

    Just let me know what ever I can do to help.

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  15. CarnageX says:

    Quote ntcleric from the forums:

    “The cool down keeps hanging. Not at first, you have to fire a few shots. And not every time, I didn’t see it happen with the Destructor, but the Ranger and the Mage were affected by it. Just started with the new build.
    I don’t think it’s specific to the spiders, I thought I saw it hang twice without them, but it definitely hangs once you kill one. (but those are cool – very creepy. I tried to “jump” on one but it kept hanging – but I did get what looked like a “poison explosion”, just not working right)
    It really “feels” like the flash is overloaded with something and can’t process properly (even the targeting reticule sticks after a while). CPU goes nuts.

    As soon as you kill one, or something else kills one, the whole session goes and nobody can shoot (not you, not npc’s). I saw a dragon’s fireball hang in mid-air right after a spider was killed (by another dragon oddly enough) and couldn’t regain game play until I reloaded the game.
    The spiders look cool, but there’s something wrong with their kill code :(”

    I honestly spent like 30 minutes on this and i have no idea what hes talking about its just not happening to me, so i went to the froum to get the whole story, Jason lol and it could just be a really rare bug, kinda of like the Victory Banner freeze i found, which only happened that one time to me which was on like level 60 or something. I hope hes not having trouble with this still.

    Well good luck buddy…I just can not recreate this feat. Wish i could help, i really want this game to continue to grow.

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  16. Sicaul116 says:

    It would be cool if our characters have crossbows or throwing knives. It would be also cool if their are dark dragons and light dragons.

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  17. Devonushka says:

    Speaking of dark and light. Is there any unit with an elemental weakness to darkness? Or earth or poison for that matter…

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  18. Devonushka says:

    Hooray for double posting…

    They do not explode/suicide you when you are in a tower. They congregate at the base of the tower and run back and forth, but end up not doing anything. Maybe this was intentional but I doubt it, and if it was I suggest that they explode even if you are in a tower.

    I will investigate into if they explode when you are in various types of buildings.

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  19. CarnageX says:

    I don’t think they are suppose to explode. And what reason would they have to explode? I just dont get where you go that from lol

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  20. Devonushka says:

    Ummm because if they exploded they would damage the tower that you are in. Just like all other units attack the tower you are in when they get to the base of it. Instead the spiders just stop at the bottom and sit their doing nothing.

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  21. Devonushka says:

    Anyway, my tests have concluded that the spiders will explode if you are in a castle, but not if you are in a tree, a tower, or a cottage.

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  22. CarnageX says:

    Thats weird

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  23. homebrew_Ds says:

    has anyone tried to counter the dragons missles with the opposite element? because when i try this the projectile element explodes but the type of arrow i shot remains in the air

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  24. CarnageX says:

    Yes and they both cancel out.
    Hmm. What character are you on and ill go test it.

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  25. DJ-Bnw says:

    Hey Jason remember me? Its been like …. atleast a year and a half since ive been in contact with you.

    Lazy to go to the forums so ima leave my comments here 😀

    So remember when I said there should be cavalry and cavalry charges?? im still waiting for them 😛

    And about the archer volley , as much as i love them (especially when i was a fan of having it implemented)
    archers cant be upgraded and thus archers suck due to their low damage. When i played the prelude like a long time ago , i had like tons of archers which ate my unit count and they sucked , luckily you can toggle units so kudos to that.

    So units need buffing. Also unit caps and upgrade caps should be increased ??? Use the bowmasters lvl to help in that? a simple one for now would do. I know you wanted to keep the caps low so its not overpowered for a certain skill , but yeah the lvl of the bowmaster will help …OR the number of waves completed

    Hmmmm , lastly im thinking of destructable shields on those shielded skeletons. Maybe they will slowly crack and blunt/crushing damage will do more damage. Maybe they can absorb 1000 potential damage before breaking? And higher ranked units will have better shields scaled to rank.

    Now im imagining the AI forming a “turtle” formation LOL

    Well , thats it.
    Cya , good luck with everything.

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  26. Jason says:

    @CarnageX – Don’t worry about testing spider performance on a new character anymore. NtCleric mentioned that he thinks it was just his computer being slow for having an extra tab open in the browser. I’ve noticed that happen to me in as well. Thanks for testing.

    @Devonushka – Good point about the spiders just moving back and forth below you when you’re in a tower. I noticed that too and it’s kind of silly. I have more plans for spiders so stay tuned.

    @homebrew_Ds – I’ll investigate countering dragon projectiles. I changed some code with how those work a while back. The way it should work: Dragon Fire Ball vs Fire Arrow: fire ball deflected. Dragon Fire Ball vs Ice Arrow: dragon fire ball destroyed.

    @DJ-Bnw – Thanks for coming back and playing again :) Good suggestions. I have horses and I have wolves. Both would act as good mounts as WoW has indicated. I even have a T-Rex partially animated. Lots of stuff is brewing… simmering… I can’t make any promises but stay tuned – you won’t be disappointed.

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  27. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey Jason you should add the enemy Airships just like in Red Dragon and Cupids Revenge, that would be cool

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  28. CarnageX says:

    A T-Rex ahahah Im sorry that just made me laugh. Dinosaurs are funny to me.
    And i have tested the spiders many times, and they dont explode like that one guy says that they do, if they do lol

    Just let me know what else you need.

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  29. Dobby says:

    I don’t know if this was intended or not, but when you hit a house with a cure arrow, it damages it. Killed a couple houses by accident doing this :S.

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  30. CarnageX says:

    Yeah idk about that one, only Jason would know ahahah.

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  31. Devonushka says:

    Oh yah, I was shooting my castle with cure arrows wondering if it was healing it or hurting it.

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  32. someone says:

    Try adding a giant crossbow unit that shoots a powerful piercing arrow and also the gravity arrow cost to much mana

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  33. coldguy says:

    I think the game is really good but you should add upgrades like faster movement or higher jumping

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  34. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey I don’t know if this is a glitch but when I try to hit a enemy catapult weak spot I always end up missing.

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  35. Fox says:

    Wow your of the internet for one weekend and poof spiders, dragons, and bugs oh my!

    BTW I noticed that enemy units hit with the fire arrow dont catch on fire anymore but wen I get hit by their fire attacks I do! Is this suposed to happen? The fire just falls off of them.

    I think it would be cool if all of the arrows (except the basic arrow and its off shoots) should have a specal attack the fire, wind, poison and cure arrow leave the ice, dark, light, and earth arrow in the dust.

    Thank you for the game Jason it rocks!

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  36. Devonushka says:

    @coldguy: please read the comments before you say stuff as I already suggested that

    @Fox: Really, that isn’t supposed to happen and that’s never happened to me before

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  37. Fox says:

    I just played a level and 7 pest dragons poped out. It was pretty intemidating trying to protect 3 of 5 houses at that time.
    But this gave me an idea. Similar to the boss hunt level maybe Jason could make a “hive” level where you have to protect a group of vilagers, cavilians, ect. from a hive of pest dragons and the dragons only stop coming only after you kill their hive(or castle).
    What do you guys think?

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    • Jason says:

      Not a bad idea. Rather than a static hive maybe just have a big mama dragon that you must take down. And she spawns dragons somehow, like maybe by laying dragon eggs that hatch into pest dragons. And you could attack the eggs to prevent them from hatching! That would be awesome. Get cracking Jason! Oh wait, that’s me 😉 I’ll see what I can do. Stay tuned!

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  38. Dobby says:

    I think that would be a cool idea. It wold only work well for dragons though, seeing as the rest you would just plus the group with poison and fire and wait until the end of the level.
    I think it would be cool to have your character be able to have a dragon. Not a damaging element, or else it would make the game too easy, but like a cure dragon. It would fly around and fire cure projectiles at your own troops. It would help a bit with the low health issue too.

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  39. Devonushka says:

    Err…. Another thing you may wish to think about changing with the multi-homing arrow. I just shot it into a crowd of mixed dragons, and all the arrows went for one pest dragon. Anyway, I was thinking that it would work out well, but after the pest dragon was killed they just sprayed and the rest of them missed, with the exception of 1 lucky shot. I would suggest that if possible you have them choose another target after their initial target is destroyed, if that isn’t too hard.

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  40. good game so far.
    few suggestions:

    Enemy Units:

    Black/White Mantis:Dark/Light elemental fast deadly melee units that attack twice with scything claws, Capable of quick lunges at towered enemies and yourself.

    Ally Units:

    DragonFly:Poison elemental giant dragonfly, slow and doesnt move much. when in battles where enemies only come from one side of the map it tends to stay on your side and lob poison spit at the enemies. Acts as “ground” for you to stand on and shoot from(or you could mount it[?]) Mantis’s tend to target dragonflies first and do extra damage to them. Takes up3 unit space or w/e.


    Marksman:arrows from this bow fly 30% faster.

    has a Huge longbow and wears camo. is targetted less by archers and dragons, but has less health.

    class specific skill:
    Sure shot: Increases fire rate and damage of normal arrows. critical shots or w/e deal epic damage.


    Has a Shieldbow:Arrows that hit the shield can be stabbed into an attacking enemy if they get too close, arrows stick to the shield.

    Class specific skill:
    Gods Guard:nullifies MOST attacks knockback and decreases damage greatly but cannot move.

    Castle mounted Ballista:a giant crossbow that ally archers can mount and fire at oncoming forces. Unmountable by yourself. fires faster with more archers mounting it(Max 3)

    i would thinka more but i have to go. Keep up the good work and il hope this becomes an epic game.

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  41. Fox says:

    Thanks Jason! Your idea of a “mother” is much better than a hive. It would kind of be like a moving boss rather than a enemy building. That sound really cool!

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  42. homebrew_Ds says:

    suggustion: make more units for the players.
    i have noticed that the types of units that you can have has not change much scince the realse of this game in alpha mode. while the enemy units have greatly increased. Ex: wizards, dragons, spiders, ice/fire warriors etc. also now our units are becoming more and more useless even when maxed out. being able to get more units will be great but also to be able to upgrade: speed of attack, accuary, hp, defense, power, and range. also your units can launch elemental attacks not just basic attacks that will be awsome! please consider this Jason.

    -homebrew ds

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  43. homebrew_Ds says:

    opps forgot to put this in my last post.

    jason, how often do you check the blog?

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  44. homebrew_Ds says:

    im finding more and more glitchs with fireballs

    as anyone tried reflected a fireball and the fireball gets that little flame on top then it hits a mages shield then there is two little flames floating in mid air?

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  45. Sicaul116 says:

    I have a few suggestions too; I think there should a water level where you and the evil army have battleships and fight to the death. I also think you should add some new species such as (elves,demons,and that giant ogre in prelude:). In suggest that ally pikeman should have helmets like the evil army. I also like for my ally units to have weapon customization, like for grunts to have maces, axes, or spears. And archers should have a melee attack like a combat knife. I hope you take this suggestions into consideration:)

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  46. homebrew_Ds says:

    or hitting in the fire arrow against a mages shield and the flame thing floats and damages enemy that goes over it?

    sorry for the multipule post

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  47. Devonushka says:

    Yet another GLITCH. I have seen this happen more than once, but thought it might just be a stroke of bad luck. Anyway, enemy pikemen occasionally seem to get stuck slightly offscreen, and therefore cannot advance into the screen. Al you can see is their pike. You can still kill them, but it is obviously not an intended feature 😉

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  48. Hi,

    You could make the troop’s swords do more moves and make them a bit faster and you could make the projectiles from the catapults and trebuchets kill an enemy when they hit them instead of just injuring them.
    You could also make it so you can choose which side you want to play as, you could play as the evil army or just the normal player and you could make more troops available to the player’s side like dragons and monsters and things. You could have that giant monster with the axe in bowmaster prelude on level 30 and have the catapult and trebuchet so the player can fire them by clicking auto or manual fire, when they are on manual, they will only fire if you fire them and maybe make it more like bowmaster prelude, more realistic and more troops and structures as well maybe.
    This is a suggestion, I think this would be really good in Bowmaster winter storm beta.

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  49. CarnageX says:

    Oh wow, been gone for 4 days on river trip ( missed 4 days of classes, my professors arent happy with me :) ) and i come back to like 30 minutes of reading, there are a bunch of great ideas here. I hope Jason can implement some/most of these ideas.

    What do you guys think we will see tomorrow? I’d love to here you guess ahahah

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  50. Hi,

    You could also have troops with different weapons like spears, axes, long swords etc. Also you could have mounted troops on horses with swords and spears and things. Also different levels on different ground with different things to usual. This would make it a lot more interesting than it is now, this would be great! Like the ideas I put on here earlier. There could be like firing platforms built for the archers to fire from. You could even have a giant troll with a giant hammer that comes down and stamps on the enemy and it could roar or something like that! It could be like a medieval film. This could be the best war ever!

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  51. Hi,

    The archers could fire other arrows like fire arrows, ice arrows, poison arrows, bomb arrows etc, as well as the basic arrows, and the archers could also have a sword so that they can fight at close range when an enemy gets close. This would be great!

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  52. Devonushka says:

    Some of the stuff that’s out there sounds really random and hard to implement, although interesting. However, Bowmaster Fan’s last comment about archers shooting multiple types of arrows sounds like a good idea. Maybe make it an upgrade if you can?

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  53. heard a suggestion about a water kind of level, and that sparked an idea, i have quite a few here and for some youl have to read the entire thing to understand.

    Air Based Maps: at certain points there may be a map with a castle or village on a cliff with barely any land. enemy troops can come in aboard the larger dragons(more depending on the size) or airships with mounted cannons(but are slower)

    Water Based Maps: Same as air but water instead, enemies may approach on dragons or battleships/scout ships etc. the blue ogres may be big enough to wade through the water. but it will slow them down.Tree Spirits and Giant Turtles can wade through the deep water. but the Tyrant hates water and wont even go near it. Tree spirits and turtles grow giant Trees while in water, however they are slow-growing, weak and easily destroyed if hit by fire. With an entire tree, they can mount an entire squad of archers.

    in these kind of levels melee units are next to useless unless you somehow knock an enemy off of a dragon/ship and have it land on the land or have a ship of your own.

    |New units?|
    Devastator: a large ally warship that fits up to 6 units on it. has 2 cannons on the side operated by 2 units each a post for an archer to shoot from(OR you) and a drivers seat

    Juggernaught: a large ally battleship, same as air.

    EPIC UNITS: These units may only be summoned by casting a spell thats class specific, the spell takes about 5 minutes but can help greatly. Cooldown 15-30 mins?

    Tree Spirit: a giant walking tree, is mountable by archers and acts like a tank, taking and dealing massive damage. it is slow however and one fireball will take it out instantaneously. (about the size of those blue ogre things, maybe a bit bigger?) Arcanists aim at these first. Can summon Giant walls of roots to block enemies from going any furhter, however the wall has limited health, is weak to fire and blocks ALL arrows including yours and your archer allies. this summoning takes a toll on its health however and its forced to kneel for a rest afterwards. higher rank enemies may get smart and aim over it. stupid dragons that run into the wall will fall to the ground momentarily stunned.*IS ONLY PURCHASABLE BY THE MAGE.

    Tyrant: a Huge red-black blazing Demon with devil wings, wipes enemies out like nothing, extremely weak to icicles summoned by Arcanists. Arcanists attack these first. Can also summon Fireballs of its own from afar, this compensates for its hate of water, however it will be a sitting duck while it does so. *IS ONLY PURCHASABLE BY THE DESTRUCTOR.

    Steel Turtle: a Huge turtle that is passive, Mountable by alot of archers, but doesnt attack at all. will only go to the center of the map and then it will resort to casting a group regeneration spell that heals units by 5hp/sec.
    Extremely weak to Giant Lightning Bolts summoned by Arcanists. Arcanists attack these first. in air maps it releases spores from its shell that act like turrets. it becomes unmountable but automatically fires poisonous-water pellets at enemies.*IS ONLY PURCHASABLY BY THE HUNTER.

    |Enemy units|
    Arcanist: a mage that summons giant icicles, Lightning bolts and fireballs to fall from the sky and deal great damage. Requires several opposite element arrows to destroy and same element arrows will only slightly divert it and DOUBLE its power. this mage however, focuses on pure offense and has no shield or healing capabilities, they have sold their souls to the devil and disapear in a black cloud when killed. The lightnings damage is unnavoidable but never targets buildings. you can see the blue light in the sky as an arcanist casts the spell. if you take it out before then it will benullified.

    Goliath: The equivalent mini-Tyrant or Tree spirit, these Tyrants andTree spirits are smaller and decided to rebel against their elders. they joined the dark army and turned even darker than usual. these Tyrants and Tree spirits are corrupt with a pitch black flame/root and are weak to the light element. some are known to have Necromancer-like capabilities and can bring more enemies into the battle.

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    • Jason says:

      Cool ideas :) Very well thought out. The fact that you see so much potential in my game that you want to see these features realized is inspiring. I can’t make any promises but stay tuned and you just might see some new stuff that you like.

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      • Ideas are nothing if you cant openly announce them. Then again an idea that is”Impossible” to do instead of one that is “plausable” is an idea best kept quiet. i had a good ammount of time and alot of it was off the top of my head, what can i say? im creative :P. i dont expect alot of my ideas to be added to a game but i announce them anyways, i had ideas for larger companies like Softnyx, but they always got criticized, shot down, and as far as i know the devs ignored it.

        i feel theres a WAY better chance of an idea being implemented into a game like this than a huge company that cant do anything without word from their head, witch as far as i know is in japan or korea or something along those lines.
        Besides, this is a fun gaame, why not make it better :D?

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  54. CarnageX says:

    Wow, you really put some thought into that!!

    I like you ideas, but if Jason uses them it wont be for some time. Your pretty much asking for a revamp of the whole randomized map situation lol which is fine. Definitly going to be cool if your ideas come to life, i really like the water idea, but theres some drawbrack to it as well. Since its water, should it have the water like moving properties? if so i have no idea how Jason can add that to the random maps. Also, all the nest stuff you described about the Tree Spirt and the water, its a good idea, but what do the trees that grow do besides get hit by fire and wither away? I also think that later on it becomes to much on screen, im in the 150’s and its already crazy as hell!!!

    But i do like the Epic’s. We have that huge buy menu and its not all filled in, so definitly a possiblilty..we just gotta wait’n’see 😀

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    • the trees allow more units to mount the unit, and the tree re-grows itself over time. portion by portion, depending on where the enemy hits the tree the branch may break or if hit with a fire arrow it will spread bringing branches branching off of them, down with them. perhaps you could use ice arrows to douse the flames, or we could add a water blast arrow to splash water specifically for damaging fires?

      And jason, perhaps limit the enemies in later levels but make them a little more difficult to kill?

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  55. Devonushka says:

    Yah. I agree with CarnageX. You obviously put a lot of thought into those ideas. Some of them are a bit less realistic, but they are all really cool. I don’t think jason has attempted movable mounts before, but it does’t seem like it would be too hard to do…. (I’m not sure I don’t know how to program) Anyway, it would definitely be cool to see some of that stuff implemented, although some of it may be a bit less realistic.

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  56. homebrew_Ds says:

    found another bug:
    when you shoot a dragon with a posion bomb the posion goes flying right? well it does that and when the dragon flys all of the posion that landed goes up with it.

    i wonder if we could post photos here?

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  57. afatpaws says:

    The witches little cure balls can’t make it up steep terrain and just bounce around like crazy trying to get out. nothing major, but I though I’d point it out.

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  58. afatpaws says:

    What if the moon moved with how many enemies were left, and the sun would start coming up at the end of the level? That’d be awesome, also, terribly sorry for the double post.

    For the storm arrows, what if their special ability was to shock an adjacent enemy for like half the damage of the arrow? (sort of like the chain lightning skill but not as strong)

    For light arrow, what if it could blind enemies to slow them down?

    Dark arrows have a chance to make enemies fight each other?

    (I don’t know if you were planning on adding things/ had other ideas in the making, but throwing a couple ideas. I didn’t try some of the skills because if they have no special ability right now, why waste the gold?)

    People were talking about being able to move faster and things like that, so what if we had an upgradeable mount (gives more armor/hit points, and speed abilities, ect.)? (I.E. a wolf or something)

    Also, it’d be so kickass if we had some sort of melee move to take out those pesky dragons, like jump on them and stab them in the head with an arrow, or maybe something really dramatic, like stick a bomb arrow into them and let the body fall into a crowd of enemies. (which brings me to my next idea, what if there was just a remote detonating bomb?)

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    • Jason says:

      I plan on giving additional abilities to the existing types of arrows. A mini chain lighting for the wind arrow was what I was thinking also. Good suggestions.

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      • afatpaws says:

        Sweet. I kinda figured you were working on it, but I was just throwing a couple ideas out there, just in case you may have need a bit of help, never hurts to try.

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  59. CarnageX says:

    I like the Melee, but the Mage wouldnt have have knife.
    Mage – Staff/wand/orb
    Hunter- Knife/his bow
    Destroyer- Sword/huge hammer/mace/double-sided axe

    Something like that for melee. I wonder whats coming out today!??

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  60. afatpaws says:

    An update =p

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  61. CarnageX says:

    No way!!! lol
    What do you think will be in the update. I honestly have no clue ahah

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  62. afatpaws says:

    Me either. My guess is nothing spectacular. but you never know.

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  63. RoarFury says:

    i just noticed all the avatars’ bows are on the wrong side of the arm. u cant shoot if the drawstring is by ur back!

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