Hello, My name is Jason and I am a Projectile

Hey people. I hope everyone’s new year is going well and that you all got everything you wanted (or deserved >:| ) this holiday season. I’ve mostly been enjoying some time off by visiting with family, playing video games, and snowboarding but I did manage to put some time into game development. I took a little bit of a break from Winter Storm to work on a few updates to Bowmaster Prelude. Yeah, I still go back and tweak my old games from time to time. The latest update to prelude features some much needed user interface changes for sound controls along with a new in-game stats display which shows such things as your accuracy and greatest damage dealt for the current round. I also replaced the intro narration with my friend Kris Kowal’s voice as well as bumped up the quality of all the sounds. Go check it out if you haven’t yet.

Yeah so in other exciting news I recently acquired the domain bowmaster.com. This was not as easy as it sounds as it was already owned by a very cool entrepreneur that was using it for an entirely different reason (ribbon/bow making business). He decided to move on from that endeavor and was generous enough to allow me the opportunity to acquire the domain. So now I have it. It’s mine. Muahahaha. Right now I just forward the url to LostVectors.com but in the future I may use the domain to further expand the Bowmaster empire.

Let’s see what else…

I’ve been doing lots of snowboarding lately. I like snowboarding but I’m not a big fan of some of the culture. I’m sure there are lots of nice fun snow-sport people who aren’t total jerks but I’ve encountered a notable amount of less-than-desirables on and around the slopes of Mountain High Resort. My pet peeves: line cutters, in-line smokers, people who litter, and drunk people. It’s people like these that make me reluctant to call myself “Snowboarder”. But, yes I am “one who snowboards” and for convenience sake I refer to myself as such if asked. Just as I am a PC, Gamer, Indi-Game-Developer, Geek, etc if you’re keeping track of labels.

So for Christmas I got this shirt from my lovely awesome fiancée. And since I have Viking blood which grants frost resistance +10 I rarely need a jacket when I go snowboarding. Hence, I’ve adopted this shirt as the official tabard for my snowboarding guild. The shirt is a nice way to say “hey look at me… but wait, I’m not your typical ‘hey-look-at-me-snowboarder’ I’m a gamer too” if that makes any sense. So despite all of the undesirable snowboard “culture” occurring around me I still had the pleasure of a random group of kids shout out to me, “hey check out that guys shirt” followed by some impromptu Mario themed a cappella.

Snowboarding Stats:

Local Trips Taken: 5
Runs shredded: 60
Times airborne: 101
Successful landings: 99
Elbows hurt: 1
Helmet status: 100% awesome, worn at all times while on slopes.

As for games I’ve been playing lately…

Left 4 Dead 2: Still totally awesome fun. Love Scavange and Versus mode. The BatGirl Posse (headed by my fiancee BatGirl no less) is an unstoppable force of awesome.

Dragon Age: Origins: I completed my first play through as a heroic mage who made the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. (::spoiler alert::) Long live King Alistar.

Mario Bros Wii: Cooperative rage building game. Will BatGirl and I call off the wedding? Our love is strong… but will it endure the accidental mushroom stealing and head stomping?

Munchkin Quest (Board Game): Epic/funny RPG board/card game. Lots of fun. Rules open for debate. Debates may result in real-life family feuds. Feuds may result in bloodshed. Band-Aids sold separately. (Fun fact… I once shared a cab with Steve Jackson, creator of Munchkin, in San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference).