SpaceCraft: Particles!

I’ve implemented some long overdue visual effects with the help of particles! Check out the new VFX in battle mode in SpaceCraft.



  • Explosions got way cooler with the addition of some particle effects.
  • Rockets now have trailing smoke (easier to identify rocket projectiles).
  • Damage to ships is visualized with streaks of smoke.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that allowed Guests to vote on ships viewed from the leaderboard.
  • Added missing color information to ball and oval parts; filtering by colors now should show them correctly.

General Changes

  • Changed minimum battle view zoom level to further out so that you may see a better overall view of the battle in all of its glory.
  • Alternating space background for each battle.

Gameplay Balance

  • Rockets and bombs no longer fire in bursts; all their damage potential is added into a single mine/rocket, and the burst timer is reset upon firing.
  • Increased speed of rockets, reduced turn rate of rockets.