Bowmaster Winter Storm Codex Preview

Here’s a demonstration of what the Bowmaster Winter Storm Codex will be like. Bowmaster Winter Storm Codex Demo

Example Screenshot:
Bowmaster Winter Storm Codex Demo

This codex will be an in-game resource viewable from the main menu or while playing a mission.

Some of the content and graphics in this demo are still under development and the current version of the game may not reflect the same information in this demo.

Pro Tip: Click on the same unit button again to generate a new random unit skin (where applicable). Try this on the Orc Grunt unit to see the various facial expression he can make.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.26

New skills available! Check out the new Twin Fangs ability in the poison section of the skill shop. This new skill shoots out two arrows that do bonus damage if you’re able to make both hit the same target. In addition to this, the Slice and Blunt arrow have been redesigned with new features! Blunt arrows now stun enemies and Slice arrows cause certain enemies to bleed out (causing damage over time). Enjoy! Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

Coming Soon: Development on the the fabled ‘Bowmaster Codex’ is still underway. Much progress has been made on the functional design and soon development will transition to content creation. The Codex will feature unit descriptions, stats, tips, and explain unit weaknesses and critical areas. This will be an in-game tome-of-knowledge that can be accessed from the main menu or while playing a mission. Stay tuned!

Update: I fixed the bug that caused your army not to spawn; so no more loneliness.

Update: Fixed issues with dragon elemental weaknesses not working properly.

Update: The Curse has been lifted! Shielded Skeletons are no longer way over-powered! (fixed the bug that caused them to heal from any type of damage).