Bowmaster 2 Explosion Demo

Here’s a demo of how BM2 explosions are going to work. It’s slightly different from previous game explosions. In the past, I used instantaneous explosions that inflict all enemies within the blast radius. This demo shows how in BM2 explosions expand out in real time and only do damage as enemies are hit by the shock wave. This demo shows simplified graphics and the explosions rates may vary in the final release of the game (here you see slow shock wave expansion rates).

Another feature demonstrated here is the concept of blast resistance. In this demo, notice the red and gray bars under each soldier. The red indicates health and the bar indicates blast resistance. Soldiers with a low blast resistance value are more likely to be flown into the air from a shock wave. This doesn’t necessarily mean that units with low blast resistance take more damage. Damage is calculated as a function of other factors.

The new ability to launch enemies using explosive abilities adds a new level of strategy. In Prelude, explosions just inflicted damage, but with BM2 explosions can be used to delay the approach of certain units by knocking them back.

Click anywhere on the screen to create an expanding explosion.

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