Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

Lots of new updates this week in the Wintry Land of Bowmaster. Smarter Homing arrows, the ability to kick friendly units out of buildings, the ability to switch between building spots without having to exit the building. These are just a few of the many tweaks to Bowmaster Winter Storm. Enjoy!


Slightly increased accuracy of archers.

At the start of a level, your hero is automatically placed in the closest building spot if there is one.

Kill to Enemy Castle can now be won if you kill all of the enemy units.

Significantly reduced the hp of dragons.

Slightly reduced the elemental weaknesses of dragons.

Hero unit no longer flinches from attacks (fixes animation bug as well).

Unit mana bar color changed from blue to light blue to make it easier to see.

Adjusted mana regeneration of dragons.

Increased dragon shot cooldown time.

Reduced damage of mage attack orb.

Increased allied unit hp.

Added extra information about the pull string and point aim shooting methods in the new-profile creation wizard.

Added the ability to switch between building occupant spots by just pressing the left or right move buttons. If you’re at the edge or if there are no open spots in the direction you press then your hero exits the building. If there is a unit in the spot you want to go to you will trade spots with that unit.

Added the ability to take any allied building spot even if there’s already a unit occupying the spot. If there is a unit in the spot you want, simply press the up button (Up-Arrow or W-key) and it will place you in that spot and kick out the previous occupant.

Added improved homing arrow ai. The arrows previously would only home in on one target. If that target died then they would lose all homing ability. The homing arrows now acquire new targets if their current target is dead. This makes the multi homing arrow mod much more effective now.

Added random “tips” feature. In future updates more tips will be added and displayed throughout the game.

In auti-aim shooting mode, added high angle shot indicator in aiming cursor (white triangle) so you can know which mode you’re aiming with without having to look back at your hero.


Fixed bent dragon tail (animation issue)

Mage attack orbs no longer cancel each other out when destroyed.

Fixed point-aim description in the profile creation process. (No longer says you have to hold down E or Q to aim — you can just press one or the other to toggle between the different angle modes).

Fixed issue where fire arrow flame would cause flames to get stuck in dragon projectiles.

Fixed issue where fire arrow flame would get stuck in air.

Allied structures no longer take damage from cure arrow.

Blast bombs no longer do damage to yourself or your allies.

Fixed issue where mages would sometimes sit and do nothing.

Fixed issue with auto-aim mode that caused the hero to be twitchy when aiming at the same elevation as the hero.

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35 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

  1. Devonushka says:

    Awesome! Thanks for taking mys suggestion about the homing arrow!

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  2. iarilo says:

    Yeah, awesome upgrade, but:

    1 Bug…
    When the allies are fighting and i’m shooting on them, they take some damage…

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    • Jason says:

      Friendly fire still exists, but only beyond a certain range. So if you’re shooting towards enemies down range that your units are also fighting then you can hit your allies.

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  3. iarilo says:

    And…Will we ever receive some gold for the castle or some bonuses like in bowmaster 2 at the end of the level?

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  4. iarilo says:

    + There was an another methode in bowmaster 2, i liked it…It was like pull string, but without that green circle, you may click’n drag your mouse anywhere on the screen to do the same like pull string aim method…
    + When i shoot an fire/ice/poison arrow on the ground, nothing happens…I mean – the units don’t take any damage from it…

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    • Jason says:

      I may include the drag-anywhere and point-aim shooting methods in the future. For now it’s easier to maintain just two shooting methods for the beta, but stay tuned.

      As for fire/ice/poison arrow hitting the ground and nothing happening, that’s the intended effect. You need to land a successful hit in order to see the flame or ooze pop out.

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  5. iarilo says:

    Thx for responses xD

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  6. R U going to put in the ice effects from bowmaster? eg, when a unit has “ice” it slows them down.

    Also, do you have any arrow ideas for the light, dark, and earth arrows? If not, it would be kind of cool to see an earth arrow that creates a barrier for a limited time or that has health.
    It just seems kind of awkward that all the other arrows are being developed and light/dark/earth aren’t rly going anywhere.

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  7. Guillermo says:

    I think I may have found a bug already, when you get on a tower or anything that’s mountable, you’re able to move to any other current structure or tree no matter how far apart it is from the one you’re currently on by pressing the side keys, was this intended?

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  8. Guillermo says:

    I may have found another bug, the Cure Arrow passes right through enemy obtained structures and it doesn’t cancel out the poison globs like it’s supposed to

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  9. djpetezo says:

    I think I’ve found another bug: When you fire a single homing arrow at a dragon it goes in its normal path and then changes direction straight into the ground

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  10. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey Jason you should have archers have limited arrows so if they run out they can go to the castle and resupply.

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  11. zarkiller says:

    hey nice update.

    i can’t get the forum to work for me but i got a level idea i’we been thinking about.

    it’s kinda like a child game the map is a bridge builded in destructible parts (maybe 10). you will then have to kill the enemy before the bridge is destroyed, or you could destroy it yourself to trap the enemy. to make it harder maybe add poison goo below the bridge.

    the map design may not work in normal map (i dont know) but it could be used in boss battle against dragons or that kind of monsters.
    it would be a nice break between the very simmilar maps.

    if it’s no good just keep up the fantastic work.

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  12. reddot90 says:

    hey jason, found a reproduction of upgrading so something needs more mana than you have, (and it doesnt show up on upgrade screen that it needs more)

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  13. afatpaws says:

    Any plans for being able to customize our characters a bit? Like maybe change the main color of the armor or hair, wold be nicer.

    If you added like body collisions I.E. shoot a dragon out of the air, and it lands on enemies dealing damage would be awesome. Maybe even be able to take another dragon with it.

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  14. djpetezo says:

    Nice, the homing mod works really well now. Thanks Jason

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  15. afatpaws says:

    A skynet for launching at dragons to be able to pin them down would be handy. When like 30 dragons are flying around the screen it’d be nice to just immobilize a few.

    Also, on a bug related note, whenever I get a headshot on an ice dragon with a fire arrow, it can’t spit ice…ball… things at me. (And on another bug related note Spider Queen was a great fight, it was actually hard and fun.)

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    • Jason says:

      The fire in the mouth diffusing it’s attacks is kind of a feature… 😉 I could add code to give projectiles a chance to escape but I dunno, I kind of like that functionality. It’s like you cast a muzzling spell :)

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  16. homebrew_Ds says:

    it will be nice if jason makes it so when you leave the window that has winter storm that it automatically pauses the game for you so your character doesn’t die when you leave the window especially on the long levels.

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  17. homebrew_Ds says:

    suggestions for shop:
    armor piercing: for all types of arrows. (higher skill level = higher chance of piercing)
    reflection: (the higher skill level= more likely to reflect projectiles.)
    arrow multiplier: chance of more arrows shooting than was intended (no mana cost)
    summoning: summons mount/ soldiers of higher rank than normal to serve as a guard. (higher level = more advance units and more summoning.)
    tradior: makes enemy units go to ur side.
    priest (from bow master perlude)/ mage: heals units and attacks (aka witch)
    villager: helps support army by giving food (health) and gold. and builds buildings
    wings: makes you fly for a short time.
    invisibility cloak: enemy can’t attack/ see you for a short time.
    cave modes: when everything is dark and you light up the way with lamps/ fires.
    time bomb: bomb that explodes when you press a key.
    garrison: trains and produces soldiers (also does not go into unit cap on screen.)
    pit traps: temporarily disables a enemy by trapping them.
    invaders: they take over your buildings and enemies.
    defense towers: place towers that auto shoot enemies.
    more to come from me!
    btw some of these things cost money to create!
    at least it doesn’t sit there adding up.

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    • Devonushka says:

      Please, a few less ideas (sort out the stupid ones before you post), and a little more FORMATTING… It hurts my eyes to look at that huge block of text…

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      • Fox says:

        Thats harsh man, everyones entitled to there ideas. I personaly think some of them are really cool.

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        • Devonushka says:

          Just making sure someone crushes his hopes and dreams.

          Just kidding. No, but really, I wasn’t saying that all of them are bad, in fact there are a lot of cool ones, but a lot of people don’t consider their ideas completely, and therefore a few of them are illogical, like a unit that can convert enemy units to your side for example. Anyway, my main problem is that it would be nice to at least have spaces between the different unit types, I’m a stickler for formatting ;D

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    • Jason says:

      Thanks for the suggestions. Some of those are already on my to-do list. :)

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