Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

Bowmaster Winter Storm is bunkering down and fortifying it’s code base as it fights off nasty little bugs. But that’s not to say it’s without any cool updates. Worshipers of the Dark Nether Realms have started to infiltrate the lands…


New Mage skin: Witch

Mage attack orb is now destructible. You can use a blast bomb to disarm it before it reaches you.

Mage attack orb speed is now scaled according to rank


Homing arrows have improved targeting.

Cure arrow can now shoot allies at point blank range once again.

Good Shot gold bonus no longer gives huge amounts for killing enemies in buildings.

Good Shot gold bonus does not occur for stationary targets for players using the Point-Aim shooting method (only moving targets give a gold bonus). Pull string method gives gold bonuses for stationary and moving targets, but of course moving targets give bigger bonuses when all other factors are equal.

Good Shot gold bonus awarded only for single shot arrows (but still counts for different types of arrows other than the basic arrow). This means that bonuses are not given for hits with arrows that are shot using the Rapid Fire, Multi Shot, or Homing shot modifiers.

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16 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

  1. Erik BzT says:

    What do you mean with bugs? insects? what is the description for? Black Nether Realm <3

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  2. Sicaul116 says:

    Cool, now I can heal my pikeman when their down. Now time to kill some witchs.

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  3. Sicaul116 says:

    Not to be a pervert or anything but witches have big boobs :)

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  4. Fox says:

    Thanks jason.

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  5. CarnageX says:

    Awesome update. Kinda suck about the multi shot arrow gold bonus, but oh well. I have enough money ahahahah

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  6. Zerkon says:

    This game is getting more awsome after each update, and me like that! =)

    PS: thanks Jason for not giving up on this game, this game is gonna beat all other flashgames!

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  7. Fox says:

    Hey Jason, are the “pest dragons” supposed to be a one hit kill? They’re kind of easy.

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  8. CarnageX says:

    Yes, they are suppose to be a reason you use the Flak Bombs, since they only do minimal damage over a certain area, but sometimes they are fun to try to hit with a normal arrow cause they are so fast ahahahah.

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  9. Jason says:

    Yeah, pest dragons are supposed to be hard to hit but have low hit points. Like CarnageX mentioned, one of the criticisms in the past was that the elemental dragons (the only flying units at the time) were too strong against the Flak bomb and so that weapon was kind of useless. Now with pest dragons there’s a good reason to use the basic Flak Bomb. But of course if you want a challenge and the chance to earn some extra gold then try to take them down using any single shot arrow.

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  10. CarnageX says:

    One thing i noticed about those Pest Dragons, is how sleak they look with that silver and black scales. You did a good job on those, and a suggestion:
    I think you should make a big Pest Dragon, like the ones with the metal skin-like chest and wings, the ones that reflect most shots, or just a big one. I think a none elemental big dragon would be fun also…IMO 😀

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  11. Sicaul116 says:

    Yeah pest dragons are fast but how can you tell what elemental blasts will can from each pest dragon.

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  12. CarnageX says:

    I think its random, i havent seen a patern or some visual reference. Most of the Pest Dragons i have incountered, that i noticed without killing them on accident, were mostly poison and fire, I have seen a few ice but not much. So i would have to guess thats its randomly rolled each time it gets rolled to join the screen, only Jason knows the mathmathics of his game, and i dont think he will share that important secret info with us lol he’s like the Blizzard of Flash ahahah

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  13. Sicaul116 says:

    Man, Frenzy specialization is pissing me off. Hey Jason can you make a skill that can buy u out of Frenzy so I can get focus specialization? Or can you make the cooldowns a little bit more faster for Frenzy?

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  14. CarnageX says:

    Shoulda never purchased it lol
    I never bought those things, i like both properties too much :)

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  15. Sicaul116 says:

    i know shouldn’t have never purchased it but it should be better

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  16. CarnageX says:

    What level are you on?

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