Forum User Registration Help

If you’re having difficulty registering for a forum account then you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve relaxed the requirements for registration.


1. You no longer need a specific email domain. All email domains are accepted (let’s hope my other spam bot checks are enough to keep them at bay…)

2. You still need to put a code word into the Interests field during registration (this time it is ‘cookies’). However, now you can add other information to “hobbies” and “signature” without it saying you are a spambot.

If you kept getting “That name has been disallowed” messages, here are the reasons why: 1. You cannot have numbers in your user name. 2. Some phrases or words are disallowed. I apologize that this was not made more clear.

Bowmaster Online Log-in Help:

If you registered but get “Invalid User Login Information” when trying to log into the game then:

1. Make sure you activated your account by clicking on the link sent to your email address. If you used a fake email address then you won’t be able to log in.

2. Make sure you type in your username and not your email address on the log-in screen.

3. Make sure you registered for the “Forum” and not the “Blog”. I apologize that these are separate. You need a forum account if you wish to use Bowmaster’s online saving feature.

If you have any further questions or issues regarding forum registration or the Bowmaster Log-in system then please contact me or leave a comment below.

How to Backup Bowmaster Saved Games

Update: Bowmaster Winter Storm now features online saving. The process below is not necessary if you register for a LostVectors forum account and use the online log-in method. However, if you only use the “offline” mode then your saves are stored to your computer instead of online and the following instructions apply to you.

Some of my games use Flash Shared Objects to store game save data to your local computer (for example, any of my Bowmaster games). They work like cookies, but are stored in a different location on your computer.

Unfortunately (for your game saves) it looks like Flash Shared Objects can now be deleted when you clear your browser cache (delete temporary internet files), depending on the browser you use. And sometimes for some people the save data seems to disappear randomly. This may be due to the computer’s settings.

In any event, I’m going to show you how to backup your game files so that if you ever lose your profile data you can re-load it from the files you backed up.

Step 1. Find the game data files
These files are somewhere in “application data” which is a hidden system folder. It’s a place where applications can store temporary data. The location varies depending on your OS.

Windows XP:
%APPDATA%\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\

For xp users, copy that path directly into an explorer window address and hit Enter “%APPDATA%\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\” without the quotes. It should take you directly to the shared object directory. Inside there will be a single folder with random letters.

For xp users, this is what the actual full path might look like:
C:\Documents and Settings\”your user name here”\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects

For Windows 7/Vista I think it is “Application Data\LocalRoaming”.

Once you’re in the #SharedObjects\”random_letters” folder go to the “\winterstormbeta\bmws_beta.swf” folder.

C:\Documents and Settings\”user name”\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\UXHRVSEB\\winterstormbeta\bmws_beta.swf

There you’ll find the game save data files:

Step 2. Copy the files or entire folder

Copy these files to somewhere else on your computer. If your computer ever loses game data it’s probably because these files were deleted somehow.

You might even just save the entire folder starting from\winterstormbeta\bmws_beta.swf

This way if the entire folder is removed you can just copy and paste it back in there.

Alternatively you can just go to your windows user folder and do a windows search for “bmws_beta.swf” (which is a folder). It may take a while to search but eventually it should find the bmws_beta.swf folder as long as your computer is able to save shared objects in the first place.

For more information about Flash Shared Objects go here:

WARNING: Chrome Users and Bowmaster Winter Storm

I just discovered that Chrome deletes your saved game files if you clear browser data and select “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data”

So if you need to clear your browser cache then make sure to back up your game file. Here’s how:

Windows 7:
C:\Users\”your user name”\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\”some random looking number”\\winterstormbeta\bmws_beta.swf

Google “Flash Shared Objects” for more info on where it’s located for other operating systems.

Backup all files located there. But the most important is this one:

It’s a good idea to back this up before clearing your browser cache if the game doesn’t load correctly.

If you have ever lost your profile in the past. Please let me know in the comments and please answer the following poll question:

Bowmaster Winter Storm should save your progress even after you close the browser. Have you ever lost your profile data after returning to the game?

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