Your Lucky Day

Wow it’s been a while since my last post. And yes I do remember the quiet announcement. Just to remind people, winter doesn’t really end until March 20 😉 But today is your lucky day because I’ve decided to release Winter Storm sometime this weekend. I can’t say when exactly but this is how it will be released… It’s kind of a new approach so pay attention. The game "Winter Storm" will be released as an exclusive "Alpha" site-locked to my website. This means you’ll only be able to play it on my site. The reason for it is because it’s still a work in progress. So what’s an alpha? It’s like a beta but the code is even more… fresh per se. I’ll give more details and disclaimers when I post the game which will be here. After I post it, I will continue to update it most likely on a weekly basis, adding new features and content while fixing bugs and balance issues. Now go tell all your friends about it and Stay tuned!