Hello, My Name is Jason Reinsvold

I am also known as LostVector.

I’m currently (still) working on a space game which I’m calling “SpaceCraft… something something”. I’ve been in the process of converting my pre-alpha prototype from Flash to Unity. I recently tested my new Unity build on my iPad and my Android Phone and both are running smoothly. Stay tuned for more info to come. Sorry I have not posted more updates recently. I will rectify this.

-Jason Reinsvold

SpaceCraft: Particles!

I’ve implemented some long overdue visual effects with the help of particles! Check out the new VFX in battle mode in SpaceCraft.



  • Explosions got way cooler with the addition of some particle effects.
  • Rockets now have trailing smoke (easier to identify rocket projectiles).
  • Damage to ships is visualized with streaks of smoke.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that allowed Guests to vote on ships viewed from the leaderboard.
  • Added missing color information to ball and oval parts; filtering by colors now should show them correctly.

General Changes

  • Changed minimum battle view zoom level to further out so that you may see a better overall view of the battle in all of its glory.
  • Alternating space background for each battle.

Gameplay Balance

  • Rockets and bombs no longer fire in bursts; all their damage potential is added into a single mine/rocket, and the burst timer is reset upon firing.
  • Increased speed of rockets, reduced turn rate of rockets.

SpaceCraft: New Features and Enhanced UI

Check out the latest updates to SpaceCraft. New Parts! Weapons! New Battle Mode! New Look!

New Features:

  • New Look! buttons and layout have been enhanced and reskinned
  • Enhanced Battle mode gives rewards for victories – unlock new and rare parts!
  • Outfit your ships with weapons and other components to prepare them for battle in the new build mode.
  • Get inspired and browse through lists of existing top rated ships in the new “Leaderboards” feature

Check out my youtubes where I show you how to build a ship and equip it with weapons in the June 2015 update.

SpaceCraft, The Journey Continues

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to update SpaceCraft with more features, but rest assured that I have not given up on this project. I still have several features planned, and it’s truly inspiring to see so many great looking ships already created in this stage of the project.


So stay tuned. You should be seeing many more updates on a more frequent basis in the near future. I’ve been a bit busy with life and such, but with things settling down I should be able to get some more development time in soon.

Specifically, I think I shall be working on some new social features like friends and followers, as well as improved ways to vote on and browse ships.

Thank you all who have continued to participate in this project! Keep on building! As always, any and all feedback is much appreciated.


Happy Pi Day!

What do you get when you divide a pumpkin’s circumference by its diameter?


In a high school Math class, the teacher asked us that question and I was the only one to raise a hand to answer. I’m guessing there were others who got the joke but didn’t want to sound like a complete dork by answering. I had no such reservations.


So anyways…

It’s Pi day so celebrate by playing the latest update to SpaceCraft! It’s like a good-for-you desert for your mind. So be creative and start building some more spaceships with all new parts!

The latest update includes:

  • Added tons of new parts
  • Improved the Battle Mode Demo – (the battle mode from the main menu)
  • Improved voting system – Removed the cooldown timer for voting. You can now vote as much as you want, and for every 30 votes you get a reward
  • Fixed a bug that caused ships to disappear when make new ships from being auto-logged in
  • Improved the Shop – reduced the cooldown of the deals, and increased the total number of parts available for purchase.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Updated

I’ve released an update to Bowmaster Winter Storm. Check it out! Bowmaster Winter Storm



  1. I’ve redesigned the login system
  2. Several game balance updates
  3. Optimized performance
  4. Re-enabled the skeleton giant unit
  5. Added new damage impact effects
  6. Misc bug fixes

Let me know if you notice any bugs, or if you have any issues importing old profiles into the new system. The game should automatically prompt you to import them if it sees you have saved profiles in your browser cache. If it doesn’t, just login with your email (no password required) and then go to the Profiles section and click the “Import” button on the bottom.