SpaceCraft ARMADA

I’ve been working on a Unity version of SpaceCraft and I’m calling it SpaceCraft ARMADA. It will be posting updates as I can, but this is not the full game and is for demo purposes only. The actual game will be a free-to-play game for mobile devices.

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  1. samuel says:

    Make bowmaster to mobile too!! please i want so much

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  2. samuel says:

    I want a REALLY second version of Bowmaster Prelude too!
    (and for mobile obviously).

    Bowmaster prelude 2 medieval age, with good music like before, and with 200 troops xD :)

    I LOVE SO MUCH your games SINCE 2007.. It was part of my childhood

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  3. cronos says:


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  4. Paolo Alfe says:

    I really love the features of this game and all the games you have developed but in my opinion i think there should be a wayof controlling your fleet or controlling one ship in your fleet and leading the other ships to make battles a bit more fun by actually battling a bit yourself instead of just watching to see what happens.

    If you can already do this please tell me how because i dont know how to do it.

    As many other people have said i am sure, i love all the games you have made as they were a part of my childhood and i would really love to see a bowmaster 2 come out as i would love to play it with new troops and stuff.

    Thank you.

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  5. AKYM says: has been deleted

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  6. Don says:

    would like more of bowmaster, it is the best I’ve played! Thanks for your creativeness.

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  7. sam tolo tolo says:

    would love some news on bowmaster one day but whatever you decide to do, best of luck. I’m sure it will be great!

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  8. Saith says:

    I’m honestly surprised that the foundation/prototype of Bowmaster Prelude was just a project for Cal Poly.. Ended up going to Berkeley with my choices within Cal Poly Pomona and Irvine for Computer Science, but really, BowMaster Prelude is one of the best flash games iv’e played as a kid, It has great potential if you bring it to mobile or make a sequel, I know you very aware flash games are vanishing, but this one is one that can stay, i assure you.

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  9. KellyJuicy says:

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  10. Tyler says:

    This site was my childhood. Thank you for so many memories!

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  11. William Diederich says:

    Maybe you won’t read this Jason but I loved all you’re games growing up and I checked your blog every day for a new post. I don’t know what you’re working on now but I heard you’re working with foxnext games now and I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. I hope that you keep making more games because you are very creative and talented.

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  12. Extractiondvm says:

    ???????,??????????! .

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  13. Extractiongkq says:

    ???????,??????????! .

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  14. Inavoeg says:

    por favor faça bow master 2 com os mesmos gráficos e uma pequena novidade

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