SpaceCraft ARMADA

I’ve been working on a Unity version of SpaceCraft and I’m calling it SpaceCraft ARMADA. It will be posting updates as I can, but this is not the full game and is for demo purposes only. The actual game will be a free-to-play game for mobile devices.

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  1. samuel says:

    Make bowmaster to mobile too!! please i want so much

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  2. samuel says:

    I want a REALLY second version of Bowmaster Prelude too!
    (and for mobile obviously).

    Bowmaster prelude 2 medieval age, with good music like before, and with 200 troops xD :)

    I LOVE SO MUCH your games SINCE 2007.. It was part of my childhood

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  3. cronos says:


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  4. Paolo Alfe says:

    I really love the features of this game and all the games you have developed but in my opinion i think there should be a wayof controlling your fleet or controlling one ship in your fleet and leading the other ships to make battles a bit more fun by actually battling a bit yourself instead of just watching to see what happens.

    If you can already do this please tell me how because i dont know how to do it.

    As many other people have said i am sure, i love all the games you have made as they were a part of my childhood and i would really love to see a bowmaster 2 come out as i would love to play it with new troops and stuff.

    Thank you.

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  5. AKYM says: has been deleted

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  6. Don says:

    would like more of bowmaster, it is the best I’ve played! Thanks for your creativeness.

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