Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.23

Now you can buy your very own fireworks! Check it out in the “fire” section of the upgrade shop. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


Added Firework arrow – places a bunch of firework rockets on the ground where it lands. Light them on fire and then watch the magic.

Fixed Golem misspelling in tips.

Fixed issues with some death animations (light/dark/fire) — units would always face right upon death.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.22

Introducing online profile accounts! As you have already noticed, Bowmaster Winter Storm loads with a login screen. Logging in is optional and if you don’t want to create a forum account then you don’t have to; just click “offline” to continue to save your profile data to your computer. However, there are many great benefits to using an online account! Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

Update: If you have an email address with an unrecognized domain but you think it should be allowed then post a comment or contact us and we might add it to the list. The reason for only accepting certain email domains is to prevent spam bots from registering with illegitimate domains. This is not to say that your email domain is illegitimate so if yours is from a reputable company then let us know and we may add it.

Update: You now must activate your forum account by clicking the link sent to your email in order to log in. If you did not see an email from then check your spam folder.

Note: You’ll need to register for a forum account (which is separate from this blog. i.e. your blog login won’t work).

You can log in to your account from any computer. You can log in and play at work or school, then come home and log in and continue where you left off. Go over to Grandma’s house and show her your progress. Refresh the browser and then she’ll be able to log in and show you her level 60 Destructor. This works great for multi-user computers such as school libraries or family computers. Another great benefit is that you don’t have to worry about losing profile data because your computer randomly decided to delete your data.

All you need is to register for a forum account by clicking on the register link and following the instructions. IMPORTANT: Follow the instructions or else you may get a mean message saying that you’re a “spam bot”; specifically, be sure to type “blue” in the interests field and leave everything else blank under “profile information.”

Note: If you’re under 13 years old you will need a parent to sign and return the registration form ONLY if you wish to participate in the forum. Otherwise, once you register successfully then you’re ready to start using your login information for Bowmaster Winter Storm.

Remember this game is still beta and this login profile system is brand new tech so if you have any issues with it then be sure to leave a comment in the blog or send us an email.

Other updates:

Fixed bug with the fireworks. They now launch archers and grunts that are nearby as originally intended. However, since firework season is over there’s less of a chance of seeing fireworks and night time (but there is still a 25% chance they will show up… if you want you can just quit and reload a night time map until you see fireworks if you really want 😉

Next update: Perhaps a firework upgrade for the Destructor class… maybe :) Stay tuned!

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Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.20

The Thunder Cloud grows in strength! Lightning bolts from thunder clouds now do splash damage when they hit the ground. This and more with the latest Bowmaster Winter Storm Update. Play Now


Enhanced thunder cloud spell power and visuals.

Balance: Replaced ‘diffuse’ effect of mage shield with ‘impact’. Now impact weapons like bombs or summon spells will not be diffused by impacting a mage shield.

Added new high level orc grunt skin.

Added helmets to orc grunt (random chance).

Bug Fix: Lighting death effect no longer causes units to always look right.

Bug Fix: Fixed misspelling of ‘lightning’ in skill description.

Next Update: Some really cool stuff, I promise.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.19

Thunder roars as bolts of righteous lightning rain down upon your foes! Unlock the latest upgrade – The Thunder Cloud Arrow. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


New Upgrade: Thunder Cloud Arrow.

Added game file checker that ensures that you have the latest game files before letting you play. Browsers sometimes cache older versions of the game files which may cause the game not to work properly. Now the this game will tell you if you need to clear your browser cache if it detects invalid game files. If you notice a red window popup with an error message then this means an invalid file was detected. The window will provide a link with information on how to clear your browser cache.
NOTE: If you see this error warning then let me know as I would like to know if the system is working. Let me know if clearing your browser cache solved the problem after receiving the error message.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.18

It’s summer time in the land of Bowmaster Winter Storm! Don’t let the warm weather fool you. The storm is coming. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


New background artwork from Mario Barraza.

New climbable trees added.

Hero is immune to freezing.

Graphical optimizations to improve game performance.

Next Update: New Upgrade: Thunder Storm Arrow – Summons a cloud above your enemy that shoots bolts of lightning down upon them. Stay tuned!

New Developments Flash development is now Powered by Adobe CS5.5! What does this mean for fans of More awesome flash content, new games, and even games for mobile!

I’ve been using CS5 at work for quite some time now, but at home and for I’ve been using CS3. Now with CS5.5 I’ll be able to publish games for mobile devices. I’m still experimenting and what I’ve found is that developing flash for mobile requires some extra consideration with respect to optimizing and dynamically adjusting content to fit various screen sizes.

As you may have noticed, I published a new game Omega Mega. This is sort of an experimental game that I hope to port to mobile in some form. I have already created a virtual thumb stick for touch screen devices and have a test version published to my android phone. I still need to do a lot of optimizing to improve the frame rate but hopefully in the near future I’ll have something on the Android Market.

As for Bowmaster Winter Storm, I took a break from development to get CS5.5 all setup and to develop Omega Mega. However I plan on continuing development soon with weekly updates as usual so stay tuned! And I know that “Winter” is not a very topical theme right now so you may see some interesting updates to the game leading up to this next winter when I plan on officially removing “beta” from the title.

Along with BWS updates you may see a new Space Game similar to the Space Combat Training Exercise 001 and Omega Mega games. I want to create a space shooter like Space Combat but with more stuff (weapons, ships, asteroids, upgrades). I created Space Combat 001 with an older version of Flash using AS3 which considerably slower than AS3 code. Omega Mega was an attempt to test the capabilities of AS3 code using similar functionality for the space ships in Space Combat. I’m pleased that I’m able to get increased performance with AS3 (with the help of some new optimization tricks I’ve picked up over the years). What this means for a space game is the ability to have more stuff (ships, lasers, asteroids) in the game which means even more epic space battles.

I got a lot of feedback from Omega Mega players wanting ship upgrades and the ability to shoot back. Stay tuned and you might see a new space shooter prototype. Perhaps I’ll call it “Omega Mega Vengeance” where you play as the son of the original Omega Ship commander who is taken captive by the factions who finally caught on to the fact that he kept blowing up everyone with The Omega. So now that they recognize your ship design and are hostile towards you on first site, you’re ship is now outfitted with laser guns. Of course, in order to have guns now you needed to sacrifice the use of The Omega so maybe you now drop mini-omega-bombs instead.

Expect to see new and exciting things on coming soon! Enjoy your summer and stay tuned!