Bowmaster Winter Storm Updated

I’ve released an update to Bowmaster Winter Storm. Check it out! Bowmaster Winter Storm



  1. I’ve redesigned the login system
  2. Several game balance updates
  3. Optimized performance
  4. Re-enabled the skeleton giant unit
  5. Added new damage impact effects
  6. Misc bug fixes

Let me know if you notice any bugs, or if you have any issues importing old profiles into the new system. The game should automatically prompt you to import them if it sees you have saved profiles in your browser cache. If it doesn’t, just login with your email (no password required) and then go to the Profiles section and click the “Import” button on the bottom.

SpaceCraft Demo Update 2


New Update!

Added new parts to play with, as well as improved the ship rating system. Now when you go to rate ships you are given a random set of ships and at the end of voting you earn rewards. So go start judging those ships!

Part inventory has been reset to a random set of initial parts and now you earn more parts by spending coins at the store.


Known Issue:
I’m investigating some issues with the server that seems to require players to do email authentication every login. If you notice this issue then I apologize, I hope to have this resolved soon.

If you notice any other bugs feel free to leave me a comment below.

SpaceCraft Demo

Here is a pre-alpha version of a game I’m working on. It’s a spacecraft building game.


Stay tuned for updates. As always, feedback is much appreciated.


Step 1: Make a ship

Tap on the left buttons to add parts to your ship.

Tap on the part in the “Ship” panel to select it. When selected, the part will be highlighted red and have circles around it.

Drag the green circle to move the part.

Drag the light-blue circle to rotate and scale the part.

Tap the background to de-select the part.

If a part is selected and you tap a part button from the left, it may swap the part (if applicable).

If no part is selected then tapping on a part button will add a new part to your ship.

Press the “Save” button to save your ship.

Press the “New” button to make a new empty ship.

Press the “Delete” button to delete the selected part.

Press the “Battle” button to watch spacecrafts fly through space.

Step 2: Battle

Note: The Battle mode is a mini-game meant only as a demo (is not the final game).

In battle mode may see your ships as well as ships created by other players. Currently the ships just fly around peacefully, but you may choose which ship lives or dies by tapping on the ships you wish to end.

Victory is achieved by destroying all of the red ships.

Defeat occurs if only red ships exist.

Again, these simple objectives are just for demo purposes and will likely change in future releases.

He’s Alive!

Hello folks, LostVector here. I’ve been quite busy taking care of business and such since the release of Bowmaster Winter Storm last year. I hope you all enjoy it. I wish I had more time to work on it but I just needed to be done and put out there.

So you might be wondering what I’ve been up to lately. I can’t say specifically but I can tell you I’m getting a lot of great software engineering experience making games. I’ve never been more happy with the direction I’m heading with my career. I apologize for the lack of updates. Thanks for your support!

So aside from work I’ve been playing a lot of games. I’m available on Steam and League of Legends as “LostVector” and play something every day. Feel free to join me. Also, I’ve started commentating and recording my League of Legends matches because … I like sounding like a dweeb on the internet? Check it out here:

See you around and stay tuned!

Bowmaster Winter Storm Codex Preview

Here’s a demonstration of what the Bowmaster Winter Storm Codex will be like. Bowmaster Winter Storm Codex Demo

Example Screenshot:
Bowmaster Winter Storm Codex Demo

This codex will be an in-game resource viewable from the main menu or while playing a mission.

Some of the content and graphics in this demo are still under development and the current version of the game may not reflect the same information in this demo.

Pro Tip: Click on the same unit button again to generate a new random unit skin (where applicable). Try this on the Orc Grunt unit to see the various facial expression he can make.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.26

New skills available! Check out the new Twin Fangs ability in the poison section of the skill shop. This new skill shoots out two arrows that do bonus damage if you’re able to make both hit the same target. In addition to this, the Slice and Blunt arrow have been redesigned with new features! Blunt arrows now stun enemies and Slice arrows cause certain enemies to bleed out (causing damage over time). Enjoy! Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

Coming Soon: Development on the the fabled ‘Bowmaster Codex’ is still underway. Much progress has been made on the functional design and soon development will transition to content creation. The Codex will feature unit descriptions, stats, tips, and explain unit weaknesses and critical areas. This will be an in-game tome-of-knowledge that can be accessed from the main menu or while playing a mission. Stay tuned!

Update: I fixed the bug that caused your army not to spawn; so no more loneliness.

Update: Fixed issues with dragon elemental weaknesses not working properly.

Update: The Curse has been lifted! Shielded Skeletons are no longer way over-powered! (fixed the bug that caused them to heal from any type of damage).

Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.25

New Profile Management Feature! Import profiles from online to offline and vice versa. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm!

Also, the helmets from last week have been shrunk to better fit the orc’s heads.

Coming Soon: The Fabled ‘Bowmaster Codex’ is currently being written. It will feature unit descriptions, tips, and explain unit weaknesses and critical areas. This will be an in-game tome-of-knowledge that can be accessed from the main menu or while playing a mission.

How To use Import Feature:

Note: You must be logged in for this feature to be enabled (otherwise the Import button will not show up).

Go to “Profiles” from the Main Menu.

Click on the “Import” button at the bottom.

From there you can copy profiles from your online profile list to the computer’s offline profile list (the guest account).

But the really cool feature of this is that any of your offline profiles that you may have created before using an online account will show up in the Offline list (including old offline profiles that may have been created before the log-in system was created).

Another possible use for this feature is the ability to “share” a copy of a profile with someone else using the same computer. For example, let’s say you have a level 25 mage that you want your friend to be able to use. Just log in as you first, then import the profile to the offline side (select it on the right column, click import and see it show up on the left). Then have your friend log in using his account and then go to the import feature and click on the copied profile (on the left side) and click import and now it will be included in his online profile list. Note: this is a way to make copies of profiles so anything your friend does with the copied profile you gave him will not affect your original version.

Also, this Import feature is yet another way to backup your data. If you occasionally wish to “archive” a version of your hero, like a snapshot in time, you can import your hero profile to the offline list. Then once he rank’s up a few levels, you can later import him back to your online profile from the computer you imported him to the “offline” list. Now you have two copies of the same hero to play around with (one version is your current rank and the other is the lower ranked archive version).

Note: you cannot import a profile that has the same name and hero rank.