Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

Bowmaster Winter Storm’s Skill Shop has undergone the first stage of its re-beautification process. This round of remodeling comes with sleeker looking skill icons. Go check out the shop. Also featured in this update is a bug fix that exterminates zombie archers.


Skill Shop graphics updates: Made it easier to see what the locked out upgrades look like and added mouse-over icon effects.
Chain lighting should now only target units that are alive and no longer attack structures and dead units.


Fixed a bug that caused dead allied archers to come back to life as invulnerable zombies when the Archer volley skill is used. (Thanks Guillermo for locating the source of the zombie-archer infestation).

Coming Soon:

The graphical updates to the skill shop is a prelude to more upgrades to come. I didn’t want to start adding brand new products to a dusty old shop. Stay tuned and expect to see lots more updates next week!

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18 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

  1. Sicaul116 says:

    Awesome update! I like the new skill shop. I wonder what new allies and enemies awaits us:-).

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  2. N-Raptor says:

    jason, in the future can you do this. Like patapon

    you choose your own
    If you do, then i love u.(kidding)

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  3. N-Raptor says:

    well something like that.

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  4. N-Raptor says:

    Jason, in the future can you put a STORY into it. Please!!! That would be nice.

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  5. Hi,

    Will we have some new typesof allies to buy in next week’s update?

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  6. Mystyr Nile says:

    Super cool!
    Thanks for all your hard work, Jason!

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  7. Dobby says:

    Hey Jason,
    A lot of arrows in the game explode (bomb arrow, bio bomb arrow, fire bomb arrow, etc), but could you have an arrow implode?
    Like a “Black Hole Arrow” that would suck everything towards the area of impact (Missiles and people alike) within a certain radius. When they reach the middle of the black hole, they would get damage for some reason (Didn’t figure out how :) ).

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  8. hey Jason,

    I think it would be a cool ability to chose the arrows that your archers fired. It could be an option in the misc. section and it would allow your arcchers to use any arrow that you have already purchased for yourself. To balance this, you might make it so that you cant change arrows mid level (in shop only), and give the archers varying cooldowns speeds for the different arrows.

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  9. Guillermo says:

    I found a bug, the Shield Grunts attack the trees that the enemy is on but attack it not from the trunk but from underneath the closest branch even if it’s much higher than them and also the Pikemen can’t seem to do any damage to the trees because apparently they can’t reach, yet the Grunts seem to be able to by hitting the trunk, also I want to put out that the shield grunts are seriously underpowered they need a damage buff since they’re the slowest units

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  10. just me says:

    hey jason. 2 bugs i found:
    #1: sometimes a bunch of my grunts attack a ninja but the ninja doesnt take any damage, nor do my troops. this has happened quite a few times.
    #2: YOUR troops are affected by your fire (on ground launched from a trebuchet/catipult) but the enemy isnt affected by THEIR fire (on ground launched by dragons etc)
    and just a suggestion i would LOVE a new troop update, like those giant skeliton things with the sythe? that would be awesome.

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  11. Hi,

    Has anyone played Warlords call to arms? It’s really good, just like Bowmaser

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  12. Powerman says:

    How can I use my troops?????
    Pls help!

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