Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

The days are getting shorter yet the heat is unrelenting. Is there a Winter Storm on the horizon? Only time will tell. But be careful what you wish for. There is no blanket nor fire that will comfort you from the icy wrath of the impending Frost Blight. Play Winter Storm Beta


Gold Bonus now awarded for Victories

Gold Bonus now awarded for destroying an enemy castle

Graphical updates to the Victory and Defeat screens

Miscellaneous GUI graphics updates

Added a descriptive level title and the victory award gold bonus to the level objectives pop up

Improved stats layout on Profile Selector Page

Some minor performance optimizations

Increased Boss hit points in One vs One battles

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33 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

  1. zarkiller says:

    jahuu Gold bonus. 😀 thanks

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  2. knight_enemy says:

    Jason I have a question… Could you put in some of the other units that the enemies have like the ninjas and other units that players don’t have (yet) into the game soon please? Might I add they look awesome.

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  3. RoarFury says:

    could there be a mastery/critical upgrade? like to make damage more stable/awesome? also, i noticed a lot of the towers have VERY low hp. i know u already significantly increased it, but its still easily destroyed. the tower thingies can usually be destroyed by two maxed upgraded bomb hits. really. also could u add some more xp to the smaller dragons and spiders? there size and speed make them difficult targets. at least, could there be a bonus for taking down spiders and pest dragons with single shot arrows?

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  4. Mystyr Nile says:

    Yay! You took my suggestion!
    Performance optimizations make awesome!

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  5. Dobby says:

    Found a glitch, the chain lightning gets activated by haunted castles now. Haven’t checked for other buildings yet.

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  6. RoarFury says:

    will there ever be a PvP version?

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  7. iarilo says:

    Keep it up.

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  8. iarilo says:

    I have an question…
    Where do you need XP for?
    Because i didn’t see any bonuses or something…

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  9. RoarFury says:

    doesnt xp increase ur lvl increase ur dmg?

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  10. RoarFury says:

    u should make an underwater mode where everyone can swim (fly), dragons become, fish, all projectile are at half speed and half power, and all bombs are at 200% power.

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  11. Bentley says:

    I think there is one major flaw with your game….there are too little amount of units you can buy. It would be epic if you had at least 15 different units you could buy…It seems most of the updates include new bow upgrades, not unit upgrades. But other than that, great game, i imagine it will do very well when the full game is released

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  12. Hi,

    I would love it if you made some other troops to buy as upgrades, like axe men, spear men etc.

    Also I was thinking, you could make this game a 2 player, where you can select single player or 2 player, like you can battle against a friend, you could playas one army, while your friend plays as the evil army.

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  13. Guillermo says:

    I found a bug, while an ally archer dies and if you use the archer volley right away the archer comes back to life but it doesn’t shoot move or do anything on its own but it is immortal, the only things it does is take up a unit’s space and it still shoots but only when you use the Archer Volley again

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  14. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey, Jason. On the next update you should put a guide for all the different ranks a unit, so I can tell which unit is more dangerous.

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  15. kyle_kanotaki says:

    dude jason
    i got suggestions for the next beta
    what about adding more helper heroes (they are computer-controlled and can help u fight off enemies they get awarded bonuses for you, if they die, the bonuses goes straight to you)
    they are very customizable for upgrades too
    i can name a couple of them
    a couple of good ones are:
    Koiske (master archerer)
    Bugalus (green Pikeman or hammerman)
    Vandir Estamage (purple-color ninja)
    u dont have to use mine u can also create ur own
    single shot should be customized to shoot more arrows at a time without using up mana and should have the cooldown time the slowest of 0.5 second
    i dont like the current ‘max rank’ feature, jason, can u please extend it to rank 20 [minimum], maximum = 30?

    my recommendation for health is 1800 and mana is the same
    also there should be dragons fighting on your sides
    there sholudn’t be mana usage the bomb wave; cooldown time should be made a little faster for Destructor’s Wacky Bomb
    u should at least start on new types of weapons which u’ve used in bowmaster prelude: fire-spreader, ice-spreader, bomb spreader
    and a weapon from the interactive buddy game: EXPLODE AT MOUSE

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  16. kyle_kanotaki says:

    PS i like the new GUIs u made for this weeks beta stages good job jason

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  17. kyle_kanotaki says:

    also jason i would like an update for u to create
    the new weapon, introduced by Koiske, is called the Master arrow
    they are somewhere between basic and pierce arrows
    master arrows too have pure penetration, good pierce, pro blunt, and awesome slice power
    here is the stat for the lowest rank to highest
    Power 20 – 130
    pierce 110 – 450
    penetration 150 – 490
    slice 240 – 550
    blunt 80 – 220

    For me to be specific the skin for Koiske is Hunter
    keep Bugalus as pikeman except in a larger size (although he’s a half-giant)
    i know Vandir is a ninja but make her skin as a Mage
    im plannin a lot more…

    all these helper heroes have the same abilities as the main hero himself therefore making them too nearly as important as the Hero himself
    but you can still disable them if u think they are taking up spaces
    one thing that is more different from the main hero (and his squadrons) is that these helper heroes can respawn if they die (NOTE: there is limit on respawning helper heroes)

    and speaking of Vandir…
    the best part of her is that she can shoot magical disks
    however that is disabled in the first place if u ‘bought’ her
    to get it enabled u need Cure arrow rank 10, slice arrow rank 5, and Wind arrow rank 7
    the good part is that this skill is also available to Mage
    like other mages, Vandir can shoot cure blast to injured soldiers
    also she is only one who can triple-jump which is what not the others can
    (Koiske, on the other hand, has an ability to teleport, and Bugalus can’t even do anything)

    also can u make the Destructor’s wacky bomb a little more powerful?

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  18. kyle_kanotaki says:

    Good job on this week’s beta

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  19. zarkiller says:

    hello i got a bug.
    sometimes when i shoot the arrow that creates fireballs at a dragon they hang in the air around the dragon and follow it. one time they were like 2 castle size away from the dragon and still followed it.

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  20. Dobby says:

    I’ve got an idea for the magic shield. You said last forum (Or maybe 2 forums ago, I don’t remember exactly :) ) that you were planning on adding a magic shield for the main character. I think what would be cool, is if the magic shield was a button you could click on and off. When off, everything would be like it is now. If you click it on however, the magic shield starts absorbing damage that gets taken off your MAGIC bar, instead of your health. That way, as you grow in level, it would grow better as well.

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  21. bobo says:

    kyle_kanatoki, do you think you might be obsessing/going a bit overboard by your last couple of posts?

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  22. Fox says:

    Hey Jason!

    I thought having a pet that you buy would be kind of cool, and every 5 or 10 lvl-ups you can buy a upgrade/lvl-up for your pet. Like a baby dragon that grows into a full fleged elemental dragon or a small lizard that grows into a half sized dinosaur. Just an idea but please consider it!

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  23. Dude, i just beat a level. Victory screen, WIN!!!

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  24. Guillermo says:

    I’ve been noticing the change of behavior in the archers, they seem to retreat to an exaggerated safe distance away from the enemy whenever one of the allied archers takes over a building, tree, etc. and then they head back realizing they’re out of range

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  25. kyle_kanotaki says:


    whoops i think so…

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