Forum User Registration Help

If you’re having difficulty registering for a forum account then you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve relaxed the requirements for registration.


1. You no longer need a specific email domain. All email domains are accepted (let’s hope my other spam bot checks are enough to keep them at bay…)

2. You still need to put a code word into the Interests field during registration (this time it is ‘cookies’). However, now you can add other information to “hobbies” and “signature” without it saying you are a spambot.

If you kept getting “That name has been disallowed” messages, here are the reasons why: 1. You cannot have numbers in your user name. 2. Some phrases or words are disallowed. I apologize that this was not made more clear.

Bowmaster Online Log-in Help:

If you registered but get “Invalid User Login Information” when trying to log into the game then:

1. Make sure you activated your account by clicking on the link sent to your email address. If you used a fake email address then you won’t be able to log in.

2. Make sure you type in your username and not your email address on the log-in screen.

3. Make sure you registered for the “Forum” and not the “Blog”. I apologize that these are separate. You need a forum account if you wish to use Bowmaster’s online saving feature.

If you have any further questions or issues regarding forum registration or the Bowmaster Log-in system then please contact me or leave a comment below.

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20 Responses to Forum User Registration Help

  1. afghanvet11b says:

    I’ve been playing for the past few days and am up to level 19. I finally registered (using your improved guidelines) but when I sign in, it prompts me to set up a new profile. Is there a way to have my current progress loaded to my saved log-in?

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    • Jason says:

      Good question. I suppose I could create a feature to import profiles created using “offline” mode to users who later decide to play using the log-in method.

      (I did have an automatic import feature for player data created before Bowmaster had a log-in system but I missed the case for people in your situation).

      As of now, your original “offline” profile is saved to a local “anonymous” user. It’s still there, but now when you provide your username and password and click either online or offline it will access the data for your username and password instead of the anonymous local user profile.

      As I cannot guarantee I’ll have an import feature in the near future, it might be wise to play a new online profile with a different hero perhaps. Or just sit tight and continue playing in offline mode. You can always switch between offline-anonymous mode and log-in mode and you’ll see your two different profile sets.

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    • Jason says:

      I just created an “Import” feature that allows you to look for older offline profiles and import them into your online profile. Let me know if this works for you. Check out for more details.

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  2. uryuu says:

    Now I can play it online… 😀

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  3. Michael says:

    I have attempted to register, and my email is listed as an email used, but I have received no email for verification. Help?

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    • Jason says:

      So you got a message after registering that an email was sent or did the message say that the email was already in use? If it said an email was sent and you don’t see it then check your spam folder. If you tried to register but it said that the email address was already in use then that means someone has already used that email to register for a forum account; you must then use a different email address to register. If you give me your forum username I’ll be able to assist you further.

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  4. Wallace says:

    hello j’avais un perso créé au début de la bêta vers février, niveau max, toutes skill acquises et avec pas loin d’un milliard d’or. Nom de jeu WilliamWallace mais avec quelle orthographe et mdp aucune idée, est-il possible de le récupérer ?

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    • Wallace says:

      Well sorry forgot to translate it ^^’.
      ” I had a character reared around february I think, during the beta, level max, with all his skills and one billion gold. The name was WillamWallace but I don’t really remember the code access or even name of my account(well I don’t even remember having one). Is it possible to have it back ?

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      • Jason says:

        Try using the new “import” feature using the computer you had the profile on. Log in, go to Profiles from main menu and the click “import” and then look on the left side to see if WilliamWallace is there. I hope this helps.

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  5. atila can says:

    i have played today. When i take 3.rd level comes skeleton with shield. but it is impossible to kill them. do i need any extra things

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  6. atila can says:

    i have begun to play today. when i rise 3.rd level comes a skeleton with shield. it is impossible to kill. doi need any extra gun?

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  7. Rafael says:

    I cant register. I fill the info required, an email from the list, the word blue in interest field but at the end i get the Spambot reg. Attempt….

    Please, have a look at this, I want to save the states of the bowmaster winterstorm, it is a very good game.

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  8. Rashid says:

    Same thing happened to me. i’m stuck!

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