Comment Ratings Disabled

Comment Ratings have been disabled for the time being due to recent updates to this blog system.

For some reason the comment rating plugin that I’m using for wordpress seems to cause posts to not correctly be displayed (showing only the theme background). I’m not sure what’s causing this but perhaps there will be an update that makes the plugin compatible with the latest version of wordpress.

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14 Responses to Comment Ratings Disabled

  1. uryuu says:

    I hope it will be fixed soon. :)

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  2. dude says:

    good luck jason , keep the good game , wel , good

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  3. IANF says:

    your comedy in the updates of the game section is unbelievable. “Mr.Orcy go play swords” HILARIOUS.

    btw i would like to suggest that the orc mage be the healer and the witch mage be the attacker. it seems that a witch would be more likely to attack than an orc. but if you have a back story to support the orc then go ahead and leave it the same

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  4. mauricio says:

    that is “HILARIOUS”??? ♦♣╣♣☺♥????

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  5. hydra33 says:

    jason i love the game bowmaster winter storm but i think there should be a dark dragon you know like the light dragon. but dark. it would be a cool new enemy!

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  6. The Bloke says:

    The game could do with an enemy that poses a serious threat to the white dragon. Perhaps a ‘dark’ enemy like a dark dragon as hydra33 proposes, or maybe a dark demon (I always wish for a demon enemy!), which must be taken down quickly as it targets the white dragon over all of your other allies, in the same way that the light dragon targets enemy dragons first.

    It would be good to see more ‘deal with this why don’t you’ enemies like the rock golem.

    Finally, the hunter spike trap is capable of wiping out rock golems in a single use, which seems very unbalanced?

    Keep up the great work on this game 😀

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    • hydra33 says:

      i think that the demon enemy would be cool too!
      and if there was a dark ghost or somthing like that it would be cool too

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  7. IANF says:

    i think other golems would be cool such as an ice golem, and a magma golem. the magma golem would be like the rock golem but the rocks would look a bit rounder and they would be flaming.

    then maybe do a green and purple glob golem. green for poison and purple for cure. they would resemble the golems shape but would look like a bunch of globs

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  8. hydra33 says:

    whens the next update? its been 2 weeks

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  9. mauricio says:

    IANF , one day is a whait and dark golen , its the only colours missing you tel

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  10. mauricio says:

    ho , or electricity golen missing you too

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  11. hydra33 says:

    whens the next update im getting bord of the game.

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  12. hydra33 says:


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  13. hydra33 says:

    im sorry i just love this game but it needs new stuff oh yeah and this thing on my profile said that “wordpress 3.1.3 is avalible please tell your website administrator.”
    whats that supose to meen?

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