New and Exclusive Bowmaster 2 Character Artwork! This picture shows you the three playable character classes in BowMaster 2. Each class will have special unique abilities that help them defeat their enemies. The big dude on the right is an expert in demolitions and heavy siege weaponry. The lady in the middle is a mage with fierce magical attacks. The young lad on the left is a cunning hunter and expert marksman.

Bowmaster 2 Character Artwork

The skill upgrades available in BowMaster prelude will, for the most part, all be available in BowMaster 2. Several of the common skills will be shared among all three classes, but each class will have new skills and perhaps attribute enhancements for some of the common weapons (e.g. the mage may get a bonus to ice and fire arrows, while the demolitions dude may get a bonus to the bomb arrow, even though both classes may use these abilities).

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