Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.25

New Profile Management Feature! Import profiles from online to offline and vice versa. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm!

Also, the helmets from last week have been shrunk to better fit the orc’s heads.

Coming Soon: The Fabled ‘Bowmaster Codex’ is currently being written. It will feature unit descriptions, tips, and explain unit weaknesses and critical areas. This will be an in-game tome-of-knowledge that can be accessed from the main menu or while playing a mission.

How To use Import Feature:

Note: You must be logged in for this feature to be enabled (otherwise the Import button will not show up).

Go to “Profiles” from the Main Menu.

Click on the “Import” button at the bottom.

From there you can copy profiles from your online profile list to the computer’s offline profile list (the guest account).

But the really cool feature of this is that any of your offline profiles that you may have created before using an online account will show up in the Offline list (including old offline profiles that may have been created before the log-in system was created).

Another possible use for this feature is the ability to “share” a copy of a profile with someone else using the same computer. For example, let’s say you have a level 25 mage that you want your friend to be able to use. Just log in as you first, then import the profile to the offline side (select it on the right column, click import and see it show up on the left). Then have your friend log in using his account and then go to the import feature and click on the copied profile (on the left side) and click import and now it will be included in his online profile list. Note: this is a way to make copies of profiles so anything your friend does with the copied profile you gave him will not affect your original version.

Also, this Import feature is yet another way to backup your data. If you occasionally wish to “archive” a version of your hero, like a snapshot in time, you can import your hero profile to the offline list. Then once he rank’s up a few levels, you can later import him back to your online profile from the computer you imported him to the “offline” list. Now you have two copies of the same hero to play around with (one version is your current rank and the other is the lower ranked archive version).

Note: you cannot import a profile that has the same name and hero rank.

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14 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.25

  1. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey Jason, I have a good idea for bowmaster 2. Why not put in mini games. Like face off a archer boss in hitting the targets and collecting more points than him. Then there can be a game where you have to collect artifacts before time runs out.

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    • Jason says:

      I do plan on expanding the set of mission types. I may even have practice/sandbox and challenge modes in the future. Stay tuned!

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  2. Mystyr Nile says:

    I just got hit by a catapult-thrown rock, and it killed me when there were 14 enemies left.
    I felt like my army was strong enough to finish it, so what if there was a new feature like this:
    If you get killed, your army continues to fight the fight, without spawning new units, that is, and if they win, you get half the victory money/experience in compensation. If not, it’s just counted as a loss.
    If this is implemented, there should be a button to skip the battle at the end, in case the player doesn’t think they can make it.

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  3. SonOfBDEC says:

    Hey Jason, Sorry I haven’t bee on for a while. I’ve been busy as hell. >.> When the Thunder cloud arrow hits, it sends out ice blocks, like an Ice arrow.
    >> When the Flak Arrow Detonates in the air, there are still black boxes around the detonation site. (My graphics are on medium, atm)
    >>On the warlock’s Skeleton warriors, If you use Omni Blast on them, while they’re frozen, at close range, It doesn’t seem to work. (Trying to replicate this, It’s not easy. >.<)

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    • SonOfBDEC says:

      Ok, on the Skeleton glitch, Omniblast, Fire Blast, And Fire arrows don’t unfreeze/frost them. I’m double checking the range.

      Also, I love the Tree Bases. I’ve only seen them once, but what if the hunter only got trees, and perhaps the Mage gets a special tower, or a workshop, and the Destructor gets a factory or something. Just a thought, and if anyone has a better idea, let me know. ^.^

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    • SonOfBDEC says:

      Ok, New glitch. (I think)
      >>The rare Albino Skeleton It was a plain white skeleton, and when I hit it with a fire arrow, it turned red. It looked rather cool, though.

      >>Older glitch, still unresolved: When frozen, the skeleton’s swords will have a block of ice twice as long as them, and the dragon’s wings will be encased in a block the size of the dragon. Not too rough, but still looks odd.

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  4. CarnageX says:

    whats up, been a long time :)

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  5. SonOfBDEC says:

    Random thought: Does changing the Skill Mod Power bar do anything other than change the # of arrows shot (Like in the Multi Shot)? Does it lower the cooldown time or the Mana cost?

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  6. IANF says:

    will there be other golems? i fought rock golems and they are really really strong and i also know the weak spot and the weakness to electricity. i would like to see other golems such as ice, fire, and (dare i say) cloud (electricity) golems.

    i would also like to see maybe something like the enemies are not just trying to lay siege to your castle but maybe a level where they have invaded your castle and you are fighting inside the castle. (this idea comes off of feudalism when you fight the larger cities.)

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