Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.18

It’s summer time in the land of Bowmaster Winter Storm! Don’t let the warm weather fool you. The storm is coming. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


New background artwork from Mario Barraza.

New climbable trees added.

Hero is immune to freezing.

Graphical optimizations to improve game performance.

Next Update: New Upgrade: Thunder Storm Arrow – Summons a cloud above your enemy that shoots bolts of lightning down upon them. Stay tuned!

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31 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.18

  1. keiran says:

    I have a problem! i can’t play the game because of: This page requires AC_RunActiveContent.js. this appears in a small box, and the game does not run or even appear.

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    • General Sinjun says:

      it works on my and check your fire wall and put your level to medium so your computer can run more smooth

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    • Hydrocow says:

      looks like your browser is having trouble with java script. you could see if there is an update out for it. it may be a problem in the sites end but not way to find out unless you want to share what browser you are using.

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    • Mike says:

      You may have too much stored on your desktop (vids). Try saving some stuff to flash and deleting a few things :)

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  2. General Sinjun says:

    keep it up jason with the great work!!!!

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  3. Mystyr Nile says:

    I think (s)he should still get frozen, but just not for long.

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  4. uryuu says:

    new idea!!
    new weapon : light blast arrow can destroys the dark spell from the enemy mage.

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  5. uryuu says:

    dark blast arrow…
    dark blast arrow can make dark magic of the enemy mages back to him for attack itself.
    like the red dragons breathing a fireball then use the basic fire arrow or flame blast arrow to put the fireball back to the enemies army.

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  6. uryuu says:

    new idea!!!
    new unit for ally and enemy : BALLISTA…
    a new siege unit can shoot a lot of arrow!
    for ammo are from the acher unit piece,fire,ice (perhaps surpise bomb arrow)
    rank 1-3 shoot 3 arrow
    rank 4-7 shoot 5 arrow
    rank 8-10 shoot 8 arrow

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    • jinxs2009 says:

      good idea, but if there was a bomb arrow the blast damage and radius would have to be kept down so it dosent cause lag or make the game to easy.

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  7. that new updates are great,good job,you can do an ice bomb?

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  8. jinxs2009 says:

    i think there should be an option to play as the enemy and have control over all their units. maybe you could play as a grunt with special powers?

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  9. Weznoe says:

    Nothing changed on mine.

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  10. Unknown Fan says:

    I had so much fun watching myself freeze like a popsicle and be immobilized. I’d really like to do it again. So, can you please add my very old ideas or at least give me your thought if you are adding or not? such as the Combine-Mod (All the mods in one)?
    I have all my ideas in here

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  11. uryuu says:

    please… add fire bomb ammo for trebuchet please.

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  12. hey guys,i have an idea!ride the white dragon!we will shoot at the enemies at the air!

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  13. Mystyr Nile says:

    I was just playing “Gather the Artifacts,” and all of a sudden, some kind of nuke goes off and wipes out the whole screen– including all 500 of my health.
    Was that intentional?

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  14. Unknown Fan says:

    I saw that too! Just freeze it.

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  15. Learner says:

    Weird, a strange but serious glitch happened, I had basic arrows, and the wacky shot for it (it was early on at level 2).
    I had fired a normal arrow, when I mistakenly pressed 2 on the keypad while I was cooling down, hoping it would switch to the wacky shots, and my bow just stopped working completely! I couldn’t see the drag option, the basic arrows stopped recooling, and I couldn’t fire it at all! Since I had nothing else to kill the enemy with, I suicided and the game got stuck on the defeat screen! I had to refresh the page.
    Please look into this for future players.

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  16. Creatures says:

    All my game data is gone

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  17. Hi Jason,

    I can’t play Bowmaster winter storm beta now because the game is just black, I click play, but the battlefield screen is just black and the enemy wave timer is stuck on Evil army 88.

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  18. HATER SLAYER says:

    Congrats on getting 1.5 million downloads on your app medieval :D, my only question is why did you rename prelude, medieval… O i know.. because stole your game right down to the units and the arrows… you should probably look into that

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    • Jason says:

      Cool. Good for them. Yeah game looks very similar. I’d like to think maybe they were influenced by my game. All their assets are original and the code is not flash if it’s on iOS so all they copied was the game concept. But then again, I can’t say I invented “fire arrows” and “catapults.” All I can do is keep making the game I want to make and hope people like it. And maybe in the future I’ll be able to make games for phones too.

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  19. Unknown Fan says:

    Where’s the climbable trees?

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  20. uryuu says:

    Maybe you should add ammo for archer : poison arrow!
    It will great for attacking wolves or more…!

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  21. Mercutio says:

    Hey jason, havent played for a few months and it looks great. I did notice two bugs regarding the multi-homing feature for the basic arrow.
    1: i shot it in the air and the arrows started circling a pesk dragon.
    2. when you switch back to the normal arrow after using the multi-homing, it takes the normal arrow longer to charge. (like it was another multi-homing you were firing, but your not)
    cant wait for a new update hopefully regarding a bigger army size! 😉

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  22. Xero says:

    Jason can you decrease the mana cost for the gravity modifier?

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