Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.19

Thunder roars as bolts of righteous lightning rain down upon your foes! Unlock the latest upgrade – The Thunder Cloud Arrow. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


New Upgrade: Thunder Cloud Arrow.

Added game file checker that ensures that you have the latest game files before letting you play. Browsers sometimes cache older versions of the game files which may cause the game not to work properly. Now the this game will tell you if you need to clear your browser cache if it detects invalid game files. If you notice a red window popup with an error message then this means an invalid file was detected. The window will provide a link with information on how to clear your browser cache.
NOTE: If you see this error warning then let me know as I would like to know if the system is working. Let me know if clearing your browser cache solved the problem after receiving the error message.

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22 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.19

  1. keiran says:

    Hey jason! i’ve just had an idea about the wacky bomb arrow, the idea is that on its last explosion – before it actually explodes, i think i should implode and suck in any near enemies. i think this would balence out the risks of decimating your own army with the benifit of killing tons of enemies, because it would be more likely to hit more enemies than your own people.

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    • Dobby says:

      Is there a way to set off the storm cloud early, like there is with flak bomb?

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      • vampragon43 says:

        I agree. I think that it should be able to detonate when you press “F” like flak arrows because in Bowmaster Prelude, you can detonate it by pressing “SPACEBAR”

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  2. CCCode says:

    There’s a typo in the Tunder Strom arrow description.

    “… shoots down bolts of _lighting_”

    Should be lightning 😛

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  3. uryuu says:

    NEW IDEA! 😀
    NEW WEAPON : Cure Wave Arrow!!!
    This weapon can heal the allies unit on ground or on air (press F) but it can hurt the enemy too… who infected the cure element… actuary the poison dragon! (perhaps more…)

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  4. Kazeto says:

    I think it would be good if the enemy units spawned a little quicker if there were only a few of them on the screen (up to 2 or 3) – I often got bored with the game because I had to wait a long time for new opponents to show as they just didn’t appear until after I killed the last ones (and even then I had to wait a few seconds). Maybe make the spawn timer used before the last wave (more) dependant on the amount of enemy units (and possibly your units, so that they’ll spawn a little quicker if there are a lot of your ones on the screen) so they’ll appear faster if you kill them faster.

    Other than that, I think that the frenzy upgrade is more or less too weak right now – sure, spamming arrows might be fun, but since you’ll need a lot of special shots with decreased damage and the mana cost doesn’t change, it’s much weaker than the opposite upgrade (focus, if I recall correctly). A small decrease in the damage handicap you get from it (3.5~4% per level instead of 5%), or a slight decrease of skill cost (1%~2% per level), is something that will probably make it more balanced, compared to the way it is now.

    Oh, and when it comes to ideas – how about a light arrow that would generate a small barrier in the place it hits, and the barrier’s size and power will be dependant on this arrow’s level? There are only 2 light-aligned skills as of now, and something like this might be useful sometimes, even if it’s only strong enough to help you survive 1 or 2 attacks. I know it might be difficult to create, depending on what is done at the moment, but I think it’ll help making the elements a little different.

    And last (but not least), I think there should be something you can get from increasing ranks, other than unlocking attacks. That’s because now ranks do seem a little pointless, since they don’t give you anything other than unlocking attacks, and that’s only at certain levels, so if you could get a miniscule bonus of your choice (something like +1% damage, or +10 maximum mana) for increasing ranks (though the opponents would probably have to be a little tougher in the later stages of the game), it’ll help players with customising their characters to suit their needs. But whether you do it or not, it’ll probably be a long time before you see, since you would have to add it from scratch right now, and that’s probably something you aren’t keen on doing.

    Nevertheless, it’s a good game, and I hope we’ll see it finished someday.

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    • marksmen says:

      ^ you’re right, focus is better than frenzy (i’ve tried a file with focus and a file with frenzy maxed out)… with focus, you use the same amount of mana for let’s say (chain lightning) as you would with frenzy, but with frenzy, it’s less efficient because of the reduced damage. if chain lightning does 1500 dmg with focus, it would only do 500 damage with frenzy (if i recall…) and both would cost the same amount of mana -> also, the cool-down on focus isn’t a big deal later in the game when you have many kinds of arrows because i could shoot all of my faster recharging arrows as fast as i could and by the time i’m done, my normal arrow (among others) have already recharged…. i hope i’m making sense

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  5. Unknown Fan says:

    Can you add a chain lightning mod for Thunder Cloud?

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  6. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey, Jason can you make our ally and enemy units spawn in squads. Like we can choose any unit to be in the squad. The squad size can be either two in a squad or five in the squad.Then you command the squad to attack,defend,and siege.It be cool to name your squad,
    like Alpha and Bravo etc. Also can you upgrade the shielded grunts because their kinda weak.

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    • keiran says:

      I had suggested something like that a while back, but i think if jason is going to add something like that he will do it nearer to the completion of the game.

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  7. uryuu says:

    What is the top secret for the next week??? 0_0

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  8. dj bnw says:

    Hey Jason ,is it me or did the update reset profiles?

    I think its me , but just checking

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  9. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey, Jason. How about make perks for units. Perks like making units faster and perks that let your units dodge attacks or perks that let your allies block attacks.

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  10. uryuu says:

    Sometimes the ninja unit was jammed when taking some damage of explosion.

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    • uryuu says:

      I mean when the ninja jumping and taking damage from explosion they can’t move and attack the enemy.

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      • vampragon43 says:

        i think what he means is how the ninja gets stunned from the the blast power of explosions after it lands from a jump (or when he is blasted away from the explosion itself).

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