Bowmaster Winter Storm Status Update

With the recent upgrade to the latest version of Flash (CS5.5) I’ve been working on converting Bowmaster files over to use this new version. In the process I’ve been fixing some minor migration issues. Unfortunately there’s no new content update this week for BMWS, but I’m getting closer to getting it all working. Stay tuned for updates! Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

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19 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Status Update

  1. These weeks are so long without updates D:

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  2. Hi Jason,

    When I play Bowmaster Winter Storm on my computer, it runs in slow motion, it’s so annoying.

    What may be causing this?

    It’s like it with Warlords call to arms when I play that on my computer as well.

    Also do I have to have Flash player to play Bowmaster Winter Storm?

    I so hope you make some new updates on Bowmaster Winter Storm soon, I can’t wait.

    Maybe you should speed the soldiers up so they walk a bit faster for both sides.

    I hope you make the allied catapults and trebuchets fire fire balls like the Evil army’s ones.
    Also I think you should make the allied pikemen have helmets like the Evil army’s ones, they look cool.

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  3. uryuu says:

    new idea!! πŸ˜€
    new weapon : light blast arrow can destroys the dark spell from the enemy mage.

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  4. hydra33 says:

    this is good because i have been waiting 2 months for a update because the easter thing is kind of out of date since it was 2 MONTHS ago, just sayin. also 2 new allied unit idea: an axe thrower and a spear thrower that can impale the enemy unit. and i also like the light blast arrow as uryuu explains about but if there is a light blast arrow there should be a dark blast arrow too. this would all be so awsome:D

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    • Allied spearmen and axemen would be good in Bowmaster winter storm.

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    • uryuu says:

      dark blast arrow…
      dark blast arrow can make dark magic of the enemy mages back to him for attack itself.
      like the red dragons breathing a fireball then use the basic fire arrow or flame blast arrow to put the fireball back to the enemies army. very cool, huh? πŸ˜€

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  5. AGMIN says:

    need biger army capacity πŸ˜€

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  6. uryuu says:

    new idea!!! :)
    new unit for ally and enemy : BALLISTA…
    a new siege unit can shoot a lot of arrow!
    for ammo are from the acher unit piece,fire,ice (perhaps surpise bomb arrow)
    rank 1-3 shoot 3 arrow
    rank 4-7 shoot 5 arrow
    rank 8-10 shoot 8 arrow
    very cool,huh? πŸ˜€

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  7. Mercutio says:

    i love the two above comments. I also would love a larger total army cap to keep up with the new troops you added. And siege weapons are awesome!

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  8. 1337 says:

    Agree with comment #6, #8 and #9. Also a horseman or knight unit would be cool.

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  9. vampragon43 says:

    There hasn’t been a update since April. Is Bowmaster 2 finished or what

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  10. Hindos says:

    Im not sure if this is copying but HeroInteractive is making a game like bowmaster called, here is the link:):

    It’s called conjure. Im just worried they’re copying Jason sicne they even said that pretty much ‘Conjure is a shooter game in the spirit of Bowmaster Prelude.’

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  11. sabre1222 says:

    hey jason i thought it would be interesting if you made the hero’s shoot different things such as: shurikens,spears,axes, or maybe a needle with a chain so you can pierce more than one enemy. And even maybe some kind of big round hollow sphere, like a knife kind of thing to slice enemies in half.

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  12. hunter2r says:

    Hey Bowmaster Fan!

    You don’t need a flash player that I know of because I don’t have flash player and I’m playing on another window!

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  13. Alex says:

    For some reason, when i see an enemy mage shoot a darks orb, i notice that it is no longer destroyable when i shoot it (the arrow just goes past the orb). This is a big problem due to the fact that on Bounty Missions, sometimes a greater mage is spawned, and it shotts about 3-5 orbs at once! so it’s really hard for me to win becuase each orb does like 50 damage so i can’t take 2 volleys of orbs without dying (unless i use the healing orb spell the heals like 20 hp per orb but i still need enough time for it to recharge). Please make them destroyable again, cause i don’t want to spend 20 minutes trying as hard as i can to kill 1 greater mage just to get 500 gp (or you could at least make the reward larger instead).

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  14. madworld23 says:

    It would be great to play with the evil army

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