New Developments Flash development is now Powered by Adobe CS5.5! What does this mean for fans of More awesome flash content, new games, and even games for mobile!

I’ve been using CS5 at work for quite some time now, but at home and for I’ve been using CS3. Now with CS5.5 I’ll be able to publish games for mobile devices. I’m still experimenting and what I’ve found is that developing flash for mobile requires some extra consideration with respect to optimizing and dynamically adjusting content to fit various screen sizes.

As you may have noticed, I published a new game Omega Mega. This is sort of an experimental game that I hope to port to mobile in some form. I have already created a virtual thumb stick for touch screen devices and have a test version published to my android phone. I still need to do a lot of optimizing to improve the frame rate but hopefully in the near future I’ll have something on the Android Market.

As for Bowmaster Winter Storm, I took a break from development to get CS5.5 all setup and to develop Omega Mega. However I plan on continuing development soon with weekly updates as usual so stay tuned! And I know that “Winter” is not a very topical theme right now so you may see some interesting updates to the game leading up to this next winter when I plan on officially removing “beta” from the title.

Along with BWS updates you may see a new Space Game similar to the Space Combat Training Exercise 001 and Omega Mega games. I want to create a space shooter like Space Combat but with more stuff (weapons, ships, asteroids, upgrades). I created Space Combat 001 with an older version of Flash using AS3 which considerably slower than AS3 code. Omega Mega was an attempt to test the capabilities of AS3 code using similar functionality for the space ships in Space Combat. I’m pleased that I’m able to get increased performance with AS3 (with the help of some new optimization tricks I’ve picked up over the years). What this means for a space game is the ability to have more stuff (ships, lasers, asteroids) in the game which means even more epic space battles.

I got a lot of feedback from Omega Mega players wanting ship upgrades and the ability to shoot back. Stay tuned and you might see a new space shooter prototype. Perhaps I’ll call it “Omega Mega Vengeance” where you play as the son of the original Omega Ship commander who is taken captive by the factions who finally caught on to the fact that he kept blowing up everyone with The Omega. So now that they recognize your ship design and are hostile towards you on first site, you’re ship is now outfitted with laser guns. Of course, in order to have guns now you needed to sacrifice the use of The Omega so maybe you now drop mini-omega-bombs instead.

Expect to see new and exciting things on coming soon! Enjoy your summer and stay tuned!

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13 Responses to New Developments

  1. IANF says:

    a new space game…. cool, maybe you could add a multiplayer aspect to it, maybe

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  2. Dragon1357 says:

    Thanks for the update, I was starting to get worried about BMWS. Great idea for a space game, though.

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  3. Thambark says:

    Now that are some very nice changes! I’m looking forward to your new games and as always to the bowmaster updates :)
    great (:

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  4. ALT says:

    A new version of Space combat would be great. I get addicted to that game so much.

    I am really looking forward to new stuff!

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  5. Creatures says:

    how about mini spacecrafts which help you(like BWS)

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  6. uryuu says:

    Waiting for bowmaster.

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  7. Dudi says:

    Do MORE STAR WARS mini games!! Please! 😀

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  8. Ruhtra says:

    Waiting for BowMaster.


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  9. KornKopter says:

    ive been plating your games since before bowmaster, and my favorite is still gunmaster… maybe you could make more… heh…. :p

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  10. uryuu says:

    Bowmaster please….. Bowmaster!

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  11. Hindos says:


    Wow… what a violent guy!

    Maybe get some mroe strategy for those ‘brain not broads’ kind of guys. E.g. The hero isn’t powerful enough to win by him/herself so you have to use your units wisely. E.g. New commands like retreat, charge, and defensive maneuvers e.t.c. You can also have tactics which you purchase e.g. Archers fire enemy and grunts are at front with pike support. This will be awesome but some tough coding, hopefully this flash player thingy update will allow you to do this.

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  12. HATER SLAYER says:

    I think that bowmaster wouldnt be bowmaster if you had to be tactical and such. Really, half the fun of bowmaster is the ability to launch twenty arrows and completly obliterate the entire screen.

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  13. madworld23 says:

    BMWS is agreat game but
    the bowmen fire too slow.
    They should be like in the test battle.

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