OMEGA MEGA Version 1.1 Released

You can now download and install Omega Mega to your computer for free! Visit


Improved performance.

Improved planet graphics.

Added the ability to continue from the level you last started if you close the game window and come back later.

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19 Responses to OMEGA MEGA Version 1.1 Released

  1. mauricio says:

    realy jason , im like it very much the music , the game is good too , seriously , this is some peapol searching for a game do:
    first , see the image and dont like it , or , play the game
    second , play and play and play
    third , pleaz , play more to go highter than the player score (too much score)

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  2. Ruhtra says:

    Jason, you can create a downloadable version of Bowmaster ?

    And Omega Mega is a good game, but need something more, maybe can improve updates to your ship and bosses levels.
    Thanks For All.

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  3. Mystyr Nile says:

    Oh wow, that’s great!
    It’ll surely be worth downloading, too.

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  4. Ruhtra says:

    Ship no, aircraft sorry ^^

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  5. mauricio says:

    whoa whoa , maebe some day ask to jaon to buy from a smal ship to a HUGE BATTLECRUIER , if ask that , here the basic problem:
    first: the battleship wil be inside to game? , or is too huge and some parts wil be cut?
    second: its huge , and how you espect to survive to the red bals? the battlecruiser wil go to that , there is no way to dont make that.

    third: (sory this isnt the topic) wen jason upload versions of bowmaster winter storm , my 3rd hero go to the level 60 (max. level) wel , nevermind , now im know , that its beter make 1 game and upgrade im , and make the second and bnlBLABLA , wel , im waiting for the updates.

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  6. uryuu says:

    ME want bowmaster winterstorm update!

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  7. Why don’t everybody stay on topic? Uryuu, you want Bowmaster? GO TO A BOWMASTER BLOG AND POST!!!

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  8. uryuu says:

    Hey Jason, you forget something on omegamega.
    It is the quit button.

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  9. mauricio says:

    i have a good idea about he quit butom ,


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  10. Hindos says:

    Why is everyone speaking such plain english,

    anyway since we seem to be talking about omega updates i think we should replace the red circular thingys with asteroids or something, now they’re pretty strange… So pretty much I’d like to see some new HQ sprites in the game, and maybe some sort of upgrade tree for the ship e.g. laser to shoot the ships that shoot you with lasers.


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    • Mercutio says:

      i think its because they speek another language natively and use a translator. changes in language make it seem like they talk strange. for example: the spanish words for i’m cold are tengo frio. or i have cold. sounds weird to us but makes sense to them.

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  11. Mercutio says:

    also, the red circles are a bit odd.

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  12. Creatures says:

    no bowmaster update for a month?

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  13. uryuu says:

    this week bowmaster winterstorm 0.2.18?

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  14. Ryan says:

    Okay, now for something that is on topic. I seriously think you should remake that space game with these controls and fast paced-ness. I really like it!

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