Happy Easter!

Play Bowmaster Winter Storm to check out some cool Easter updates. :)

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12 Responses to Happy Easter!

  1. General Sinjun says:

    happy easter to you too

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  2. hitler says:

    same too , hapy easter :)

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  3. HAPPY EASTER!!!!!

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  4. uryuu says:

    happy easter day……….
    beware eggs because they are the spider eggs.

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  5. The Evil E says:

    …and next update?

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  6. kenneth says:

    the evil stone

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  7. hitler says:

    ??? ▼ ↕ ­ next update??? , i have a new arrow idea :)

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  8. General Sinjun says:

    plzzz i need to know the update i have lots of money maybe maybe not maybe so

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  9. You know, there should be a minimum distance from the enemy side for the artefacts. Sometimes it’s just impossible to save them.

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  10. sabre1222 says:

    So i take it theres no update

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  11. Dobby says:

    I would like to make 2 suggestions:
    1. Right now, the timed bomb only affects the other team. That is true for your timed bombs and the enemy’s. If they affected both sides, then you could have a sort of pinball game with the timed bombs using punt bombs, adding more strategy to the timed bombs.
    2. At the moment, the untis seem to come out in no particuliar order, meaning that it can take time for a useful unit (like say a dragon) to come out. Sometimes, you even have to wait for units to die to get powerful units out. It would be good to have a way to pick out an order for the units, so that you could send the needed units out faster.

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