Portal 2

Anyone here play Portal 2?

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  1. iarilo says:

    No, but I’ve played the first one..

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  2. P-body says:

    i just finished the co-op with my bro. fun game!

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  3. mauricio says:

    P-body , good idea , to dont make that , maebe anyone can post anyting to scribe the game first , or much beter a LINK , but no problem , im stil have much pain wen im cant play my most most most favorite online game (no no , it whasnt the bowmaster winter storm , my most most favorite game was starcraft 2 , its a good real time onlyne game , but my conection fall , anyone hack in my passworld and secret question , and bla bla bla)

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  4. Will says:

    Dude, portal is the best game ever! I havn’t done any co op missions except for a few, even if it says I’ve done ALL of them, please keep in mind I do share this account with my family. I have no friends that have portal 2, so I’d like to play with you anytime! If you need my gamertag, let me know.
    PS: Thanks for helping to create Bowmaster, I love that game!

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  5. Kirby L'Guerres says:

    Nope. I don’t want it, either. It looks boring to me.

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