Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.16

Allied Archers can now shoot different types of arrows (fire, ice, pierce). Allied Catapults can now shoot fuse bombs. Go to the upgrade shop and look at the mod upgrade buttons next to the Archer and Catapult icons. Note, once you purchase a new ammo type for a unit they will randomly choose between their available ammo types. In the future I plan on implementing the ability to select which type of ammo your catapults and archers shoot. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

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  1. commder says:

    wow i love this game already woo hoo!!!!!

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  2. Why do i keep losing arrow types? With such a fabulous game, it is a feature that is really the pits. Is it done on purpose, or is it something the player does that causese this? At times it is almost enough to poison one against the game.

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    • Jason says:

      Did you scroll to a different action bar? You may have scrolled to a different action bar on accident and now all you see is just your basic arrow. You can do this by using your mouse wheel or by clicking on the up/down arrows next to the right-most action button. You can see what action bar you’re viewing by the number between the up/down arrows. If you see anything other than “1” then you’re not in the default action bar. (You have 9 action bars you can put skills into). The game automatically puts newly purchased arrow skills into your action bar for you, but you can re-arrange your skills into any action bar slot you like.

      You can also remove skill icons from the action bar by dragging them off the bar. If you do this then they go away. If you want them back you can go to your skill book (red book icon) and then drag the skills back to the action bar.

      Please let me know if this is the issue (that the action bar interface is unclear). Otherwise if you’re already familiar with these features but for some reason your skill icons are spontaneously getting purged from your action bar without any way to get them back then that is a major bug I’ll need to fix.

      In the future I plan on having an in-game tutorial that explains the user interface. For now, since the game is in Beta I’m still working on fixing bugs, but as you say, anything that causes grief to the user is something I try to fix right away.

      Let me know what your findings are so I know how to fix this.

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  3. Davars says:

    Hey Jason,
    you are doing great work on Bowmaster.
    But there is a small question left:
    Is the latest version online? The only one I could play was 0.2.15… :)

    Btw: What about special destroyable structures?
    Some kind of buildings or shelter you can destroy partitially.
    You could use your physic-engine for those. I suppose it would be.

    Good Luck on further developing,

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    • Jason says:

      If the version in the html page doesn’t match the version you see in the flash window then it may be due to your browser loading an older cached version. Try deleting your browser cache and reload the browser and see if that works.

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    Has anyone here expirienced a giant time bome falling from the sky and in 100/150 seconds it explodes killing everything and everyone?

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    • iarilo says:

      Yes, I have.
      But it didn’t kill me, I have fully-upgraded health..
      Otherwise, you can prevent it from exploding buy shooting an ice arrow at it or punch it with an arrow with high blast range close to the enemy…

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  5. To Jason,

    I am having the same problem that Davars mentioned before, but it still occurs after I have deleted my cache. Any idea what else could be the problem?

    (BTW: Great work on the update even though i cant play it yet… hope the game gets even cooler. Could you put in something so that players can decide how many of each unit can spawn, say for example you only want three archers but you get seven?)

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  6. MiLindiNi says:

    hi jason.. i hope that level 60 exp is not maximum , you could make it some like 100 or something:DD love your games from the begining of times:D sorry my english 😛

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  7. uryuu says:

    better add fire bombs at trebuchet too… :)

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  8. iarilo says:

    Maybe reduce the mana costs or add more mana upgrades..After shooting 3-4 special arrows (in case of fire/ice storm – 2 arrows) I can’t use other skills.
    P.S. I’m at level 104, bought all upgrades/skills/arrows and I’m playing with a mage..

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  9. General Sinjun says:

    whoa whoa when did you put up the easter eggs and the trolls with the easter ears lol

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  10. In next update can`t you do that when i shot a dragon and it die when it land on the mark it deal damage.Pleeease:D

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  11. Creatures says:

    how can i guarantee my archers to be lvl 10?

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  12. Creatures says:

    some of the bombs are not detonating

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  13. Creatures says:

    the holy dragon has super low damage in expert and is practically useless

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  14. Hi Jason,

    you’ve got some great ideas, great updates.

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  15. Hi everyone,

    Thumbs up if you think the evil army death noise ‘whatsmoreisshamprata’ is the funniest one.

    A lot of the evil army death noises make me laugh, especially when I fire at a load of them with a bomb arrow or the multi shot basic arrows.

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  16. hitler says:

    the easter eggs are cool , but i have problems , know , where is the eggs , and where is the artifacts.

    before the eggs , they are blue , red , black , whait , and more colours , my computer pul the artifacts and eggs , all the same , im sacry if my wolf pick a egg and hatch more evil armie (damit , its a easter ambush).
    great work jason. :) :) :)

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  17. Creatures says:

    homing pierce arrow used to pierce dragons, now they don’t

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  18. hitler says:

    … … , try use … if you want to kil more easyest a dragon , easy , you can make a multi-shot right to the head , they wil die , and , the homing pierce arrow , i dont know that but , i tink that is a bug.

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  19. hitler says:

    but a BASIC multy shot , if you try make a pierce multy shot , i tink your litle dragon wil not die (only the pest dragon , they are so weak that a basic archer arrow can kil im(why the archers have only tier 1 , the damage is less than 15 and they can kil a pest dragon? whit a dam acuracy , if they one day shot me tinking i am the dragon , ALL DEATH IN THE FIELD!!!))

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  20. Just a small suggestion, can you possibly add some way to organize your arrows more effectively? I want to be able to put my arrows on different pages without just being careful as to what order I buy them. Maybe like a menu tab that shows all the possible arrow spots and you can click and drag them to any place you want.

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  21. Hi Jason,

    I was thinking, the ally and enemy mages could have a mind change spell that hits soldiers and then they change sides, like for example: an enemy mage’s mind change spell could hit one of the allys, then they change to an enemy and the allied mage’s mind change spell could hit an enemy, then they would change into an ally.

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  22. uryuu555 says:

    new idea!! :)
    new weapon : light blast arrow can destroys the dark spell from the enemy mage.

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  23. Dragon1357 says:

    Best things in this game:

    Shooting a huge fire dragon in the head with an ice arrow

    Killing a giant rock golem with a lightning arrow

    Really killing just about anything with any elemental arrow- especially if it leaves a skeleton that you get to shoot

    The fire and ice storms!

    The epic level 10 grunt skins

    the biggest evil pikemen helmets (because they look funny, not because how how many arrows I waste getting rid of them)

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  24. hitler says:

    mr. Bowmaster fan , the mind change spel , its exactely my mind arrow idea , ITS EXACTELY THE SAME , but , you tel , a mage spel , ad im tel , a new arrow , i tink its beter the arrow , because , the mage wil chose a random enemy , but the arrow , ho the arrow , you can chose how enemy unit you decided to control , the arrow its beter than the spell

    realy , you prefer:
    the mage chose a random enemy , like only grunt or archer or shielded grunt and dont control a biant dragon or a rock golen?

    or the arrow , that you can chose wich enemy unit you want to control , like a giant dragon?

    if the mage have that spel , 85% its to basic units , like grunt , shielded grunt , archer or a big grunt , and 15% is to the rare units , like giant dragon , rock golen , and others

    thumbs down if you prefer the mage skil.

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  25. There’s no update today.

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  26. hitler says:

    maebe jason is working harder to dont have any update in a weak.
    and by the way , anyone like my idea?

    ps: wen im see a basic game creator , im fal directely in the ground , that is so so complex , even if its basic.

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  27. XavZz says:

    Dear Jason,

    I thought I might aswell just tell you about a small Typo,
    couldn’t hurt right? :)

    The Arrows your archers can use (@ upgrades menu)

    The fire arrows are actually named Ice arrows, ice arrows are correctly named.

    Also, YES !! I would love to be able to choose what arrows they use, like you mentioned before and put my own squads together (maybe even let them walk in formation, so that my archers can give my grunts some cover)

    Love your work, I’ve been following you for half my life 😉 . My biggest wish to you ?

    Completing the game, posting it on and win the game of the month (1500$) and have it in the top5 for over a year x3


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