Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.15

Friday Update: Super Special Monday Edition! This week I did a lot of debugging and performance testing. I found and fixed some very important issues that may have impacted game performance in the past, so hopefully you’ll notice the game run even better than before. In addition to debugging I also added some really cool updates, including fuse bombs (new catapult ammo), new enemy archer skins, new enemy archer abilities. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

NOTE: Many of the game files were changed in this release. If your game does not seem to load properly or seems to freeze while playing then try clearing your browser cache (deleting your temporary internet history). Just google “how to clear browser history for [your browser]” and you’ll see how to do this. If you’re using FireFox or Chrome then you may need to do this. IE doesn’t seem to have problems recognizing that it should use newer game files.

How to delete your internet browser cache:


Two new archer skins for ranks 4-7 and 8-10. (In the future there will likely be more skins).

New enemy archer abilities. Enemy archers now have the ability to shoot fire arrows when they reach rank 4 or higher and ice arrows at rank 8 or higher. So for example, a rank 8 enemy archer may change the type of arrow they shoot every shot choosing between fire, ice or basic arrow.

Enemy catapults now have the ability to shoot Fuse Bombs. Fuse bombs are time bombs that can be turned on or off depending on what kind of damage they take. If you hit a fuse bomb with an unlit fuse with fire damage it will light the fuse. If you hit a fuse bomb that has a lit fuse with ice damage it will put out the fuse. Eventually the fuse will disappear into the fuse bomb and the bomb will start to blink to indicate that it is about to explode.

Significantly increased the amount of fire balls spewed from enemy trebuchet fire ball explosions.

Allied Catapults now only shoot rocks. Allied Trebuchets only shoot explosive bombs. No more fire ball bombs for either until upgradable allied ammo is implemented in a future update.

Changed behavior of Mage Healers so that they advance towards both garrisoned and non-garrisoned enemy ground units.

Increased the level at which you first encounter enemy Healer and Attack Mages.

Changed enemy mage skins to distinguish between healer mages and attack mages. Witches will heal and the orc-mage will attack.

Adjusted mage behavior slightly so that they do not sit back and do nothing when they should advance towards an enemy.

Skill Shop Mod Buttons now show a red lock icon instead of a grey lock icon when the upgrade is unavailable.


Fixed issues that caused the game to use up more and more memory the longer you played causing the game to run slow. These issues have been fixed and the game has been tested with automated over-night tests to verify that it can run for long periods of time without running slow.

Fixed an issue with game-ball rolling animations not rotating correctly. Before the fix, balls that bounce off the ground would always spin fast no matter what angle they hit the ground. Now bouncing balls (rocks, fuse bombs) will spin with the appropriate amount of speed for the situation. For example, balls that drop straight down and bounce straight back up will show less spin than balls that bounce while moving along the ground.

Fixed issue that cause ice pest dragons to do fire damage.

Fixed issue that caused Skill Shop mod buttons to get stuck in the “mouse-roll-over” position.

Next Update

The ability to upgrade catapult, trebuchet, and archer ammo to different types.

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30 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.15

  1. skywerewolf says:

    Because I’m enjoying the hobby of making suggestions, I’ll do it again just cause.

    Bows: Marksman II (with I being the default) Normal damage, All craft arrows (normal, slice, blunt, ect) reload faster. Critical hits do 15% more damage. Special: Arrow barrage (rapid fires arrows that will break defense.) “Better string and higher quality wood make this stand out more than the first. You can also buy one for 3 gold down at the weapons shop.”
    Assassin’s eye: Damage is halved. All element arrows do half damage. Special attacks are still normal (fire rain, bomb wave and such). Crits do 4 times normal damage. Special: Namesake. If you critically hit an enemy then a small area will appear that will quickly damage all enemies in it. If you fail to get a critical hit you will instead deal heavy damage. “A weapon that was made to dispatch an enemy quickly when hit in a vital area, It soon became a popular hunting weapon as well.”
    Huang’s Bow: Faster reload, 1.2 element increase, making an arrow go offscreen will cause it to come back down heading directly at an enemy with double damage. Power attack: A large slash in front of the hero, that deals heavy damage and knockback.
    God’s Bow: All Elemental damage will not hurt any creature not weak to it. All elemental damage is 3 times as powerful. General attacks will shift to fly at an enemy once it’s too close to ground. Power: A single attack that when it makes contact with an enemy will cause all units of that type to change sides, even if you hit a friendly.

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  2. sabre1222 says:

    Hey jason just wanna say that i love the new skins for the archers, thanks for listening to the suggestion.

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  3. uryuu says:

    very cool!!! the big time bomb. 😀

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  4. I don`t like that you can kill your own units =(

    BUT I like the big time bomb REALLY much=)

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  5. tommie says:

    PLEASE make less enemy ninjas on the screen at the same time, and make it possible (without hacking) to have two (allied) ninjas on the screen at the same time!!

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  6. Jesse says:

    Massive bug. When ever i fire a fire arrow, it mucks up the game. All attacks are paused, my skills do not reload, my arrows stay where i fired them and the catapults attacks stay where they were used. This happens even if i miss with the fire arrow.

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    • Jason says:

      Fire arrow works fine for me. Sometimes after a weekly update your browser tries to use older cached versions of the game files that are not compatible with the new version of the game. To fix this just clear your browser history. How you do this depends on the browser you’re using. Just google, “how to clear the browser history for [your browser]”. Let me know if this fixes your problem.

      If anyone else is experiencing this problem too and clearing the browser history didn’t work then let me know.

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  7. The Bloke says:

    I noticed that before clearing my cache the game did not run faster, and the fire bomb shrapnel did not settle to become flames, merely remaining as small balls of fire.

    Clearing the cache fixed these problems, so its certainly a good act for anyone experiencing problems :)

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  8. It seems to me that enemy units will attack all buildings they have not occupied, regardless of whether or not i have allied units in them… please fix as enemies seem to get stuck in one area, and when there are rock golems in the mix it is very hard to kill all of them.

    Good work with all the updates though and i hope they keep coming!

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    • Jason says:

      Enemies only try to occupy towers and keeps. They stop to kill all ally controlled towers and keeps AND civilian homes. As a bonus to being not evil you are given the privilege to stand on top of the roofs of civilian structures. It’s the least they could do for you since you’re defending their homes :)

      As for enemies bunching up in one spot, that sounds like a perfect opportunity for an Area-of-Effect skill like the Bomb Arrow, Light Fairy Bomb, or Flame Wave, or the Dark Mark… There’s lots of stuff that can take out big groups even if they are hiding behind a big rock golem :) Hope this helps.

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  9. Alex says:

    For some reason, when I try to play Bowmaster WS, while it’s loading, it keeps restarting itself. First, it shows “”(like it normally does), then it shows “Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta”. Then it shows a picture of what looks like a girl with above the title for Bowmaster WS and under the title shows a knife with the word “Beta” on it. Then it shows the regular Bowmaster WS title again. And then it shows the updates(like it normally would) and then it restarts again

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  10. John says:

    holy crap the big bombs are big, i was halfway across the screen and still took 700 dammage

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    • Alex says:

      Their blast radius doesnt go halfway across the screen. It goes more like a quarter of the screen (if youre talking about fuse bombs). And it doesnt do 700 dmg unless youre right on top of it when it explodes (which we all know, no person is crazy enough to walk on top of a bomb)

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  11. iarilo says:

    Great update!
    The game runs now a bit faster on my old PC..

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  12. En says:

    Having played through a hundred or so levels, the only thing that has felt out of place is the troops. They can often block my shots, dying in the process, all the while causing a slower defeat of the enemy. As it is, the allies alone can win the battles on their own approximately 50% of the time. I’m not sure how difficult this would be to alter in the game, but the troops would be more useful if there was a command list to change their AI to different modes such as retreat, charge, defend, attack, etc. This could be used to require commanding the army for it to be successful, perhaps with certain units providing passive bonuses when absent to compensate for stronger enemies if the player prefers to fight alone. For example, unused mages and warlocks could provide slightly faster mana regeneration, to make up for the firepower missing due to their absence.

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  13. Jesse says:

    clearing the cache got rid of the fire glitch, but i still haven’t seen a fuse bomb.

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  14. Jesse says:

    I still haven’t seen one, does rank matter, because i restarted the game a while ago and am only rank 26

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  15. Jordan says:

    Ive noticed that lately i am only getting a few units on the feild at a time it used to be more but now less then half the amount of troups come out

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  16. Alex says:

    sometimes at the start of random levels, a GIANT fuse bomb drops out of the sky (not to mention that it blocks all of my arrows)

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    • Alex says:

      oh and also when it detonates, BOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!! the blast goes literally EVERYWHERE. It’s 50% funny, 30% annoying, and 20% weird (because it’s kinda strange to see a giant bomb randomly dropping out of the sky).

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  17. Alex says:

    i just noticed that the shrapnel wave kills a rock golem in one hit :)

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  18. Noah says:

    I think that it’s weird that the fuse bombs are only started by fire. couldn’t you make a fuse bomb (maybe called ice pack) that’s lit by ice and put out with fire.
    or others like a poisoned cattle bomb that is started by poison damage and put out with cure

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  19. ali887 says:

    isnt this a game

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  20. juan says:


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