Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.14

In an epic battle of wits, I managed to free myself from the digital confines of my computer. I did this by hiding out in the recycle bin, then jumping to the steam directory where I then uploaded myself to the cloud and then … _-\|//::MEMORY BLOCK CORRUPTED::\\-?% …and while I wouldn’t recommend visiting the planet Brenok around this time of year, hopping a Brenokian freight vessel was my only option to get back to Earth with the Plehboreans hot on my tail. Luckily I got back in time to program some cool Bowmaster Winter Storm updates. -Jason


Balanced electro arrow – Chain limited to three targets (two arcs) per arrow. Damage for chain bolt damage reduced. (Multi or rapid fire electro arrows was way over powered, and was relatively more powerful than the Mage’s Chain Lightning)

Mage’s Chain Lightning Balanced – Increased damage.

Fixed issue with chain lighting animation not showing up when hit units die.

Fixed issue that caused the chain lighting to show up in the top left side of the screen at the start of the chain.

Added the option to show the original rank icons. The rank icon options are now Numbers, Symbols, or Off.

Balanced the “Gather the Artifacts” – Increased the minimum number of artifacts required to be destroyed before game over. You’ll no longer see, “Game over if 1 artifact is destroyed.”
Decreased the size of the artifacts.

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27 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.14

  1. tommie says:

    only bug fixes?? :(

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  2. tommie says:

    and why is the game still 0.2.13??

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    • Jason says:

      Sometimes when I update the files, your browser tries to use older cached versions of the game files. It loaded as 0.2.14 for me. Try clearing your browser cache and see if that makes 0.2.14 to load correctly.

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  3. ~brco~ says:

    Jason I gota say that mages special skill sucks so much it hurts … I mean hunter has spikes which are great against rock golems and destroyer has that bomb alrit but once it comes to mage I dont even use her special cos its just really weak … Id like to ask u if u could make some modifications in that lighting which isnt a bad idea its just its uterly useless

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  4. The Bloke says:

    This game is as well balanced as its ever been, and now seems to run faster as well, making for an enjoyable challenge, good work Jason :)

    Regarding the mage special as discussed above, I think that perhaps the attack should be similar to the lightning cloud featured in bowmaster prelude. That has far greater potential and is certainly more interesting.

    Elsewhere in the game, I find the poison arrow to be rather underpowered; even against wolves, to which it inflicts the most damage, that damage is still low enough that simply shooting the wolves with regular and slice arrows is a much more effective approach.

    Finally, I find the multi-arrow abilities for the pierce and slice arrows to be overpowered beyond firing about three arrows at once. Perhaps they should be limited to that number? Even the basic arrow multi could do with being limited to five as opposed to seven, in my opinion.

    I hope this feedback is helpful and found agreeable by others :)

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  5. tommie says:

    please make it possible to sell focus and to have 2 ninjas becouse ninjas are good at attacking and defending so please make it possible to have 2 ninjas!!!!!!!!!
    and to sell focus becouse i have focus AND I WANT FRENZY!!!!!!!!!

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  6. azza says:

    Do you think that it would be a good idea to allow the hero to ride on the wolf or/and the dragon (good one). Oh, and also maybe an arrow that shoots a rope (coud be helpful to get to places fast)

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    • Nhat82 says:

      well there is not much places to go and haveing a ride is sorta pointless because you only go so far even if you could go of screen it would be realy bad to end up far from the battle itself

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  7. ~brco~ says:

    totally agree with azza’s idea ! Id love to ride a dragon 😀

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  8. Nhat82 says:

    need more balance i get no complete challenge at all at max the enimies drop like flies its ether i’m that good or we are to over powered

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  9. Alex says:

    I have to agree with ~brco~. chain lightning is just the same thing as lightning arrow except it goes through infinite enemies, also it does even less damage. So it kinda bothers me that I had to get to lvl 30 to get enough money to get lightning arrow to rank 3 and then buy chain lightning. Also, when i finally got the trap on my Hunter profile, i noticed that it killed a GIANT rock golem in ONE HIT with the single spike trap (or spear, or whatever you call it).

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  10. uryuu says:

    I don’t like when the hero being frozen,because i can’t move and fire too. :(

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  11. ATD2Thunder says:

    How about adding a third lightning ability like a thunderstorm arrow that works kinda like the firestorm and ice storm. Also could you add like another bigger badder arrow, like maybe a black hole arrow or bring back meteor and comet. You know just food for thought that wouldn’t disappoint like chain lightning

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  12. commder says:

    i would be better to have a sidekick or a mount to help you and have powerups

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  13. Hi Jason,

    There’s no update tonight.

    Sometimes the evil army’s soldiers make that ‘muchmoreisshamprata’ (whisper) death noise and it makes me laugh, I find it very funny. Please make it so it comes on there more often.

    Please can you make it so I can have more than 1 ninja, wolf, catapult, trebuchet, dragon, priest, mage and warlock. It only lets me get 1 of each out onto he battlefield, whereas the Evil army are allowed more than 1 of those soldiers.

    I was thinking you could make it so game players can type the number of a certain soldier underneath the soldier icons so they can choose how many of that soldier they want on the battlefield.

    I’m so looking forward to Bowmaster 2 aswell!

    Also allied catapults and trebuchets when the get smashed, they make death noises like a person, the Evil army’s ones don’t.

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    • treeman says:

      i love the idea of choosing the # of troops you actually want so you can put all the good ones out and then just have grunts fill the rest of the unit cap.

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  14. commder says:

    i argee with fan wheres the update and the death nosies are funny but i need a update i buy almost all the arrows and i buy all the units and we need some more exitced events add maybe like a evil hero and make the hero like the same level the hero is

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  15. tommie says:

    i agree with bowmaster fan and commander, i want more that one ninja….
    AND the death noises are funny too, BUT WHERE IS THE UPDATE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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  16. The Bloke says:

    We must not forget, Jason is only human. He has a life beyond this game. Who knows, something big might have happened. Or maybe he just has more important work to be doing.

    Whatever the reason, we can only wait eagerly and hope for an update as soon as reasonably possible :)

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  17. tommie says:

    The Bloke:

    We must not forget, Jason is only human. He has a life beyond this game. Who knows, something big might have happened. Or maybe he just has more important work to be doing.
    Whatever the reason, we can only wait eagerly and hope for an update as soon as reasonably possible
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    thats damn true…

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  18. Hi Jason,

    I think you should merge Bomaster Prelude with Bowmaster Winter storm, like have the Prelude soldiers in Winter storm, the allies from Prelude can join the allies in Winter storm and the Trev ghar’s soldiers from Prelude can join the Evil army in Winter storm.

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  19. skywerewolf says:

    Here are some suggestions to fallow up my previous suggestion of new equipment. Specific Items. (also abilites using powerstrike as a new skill)
    Bows: Elven bow: increased accuracy (arrow flies further, mana leech, critical reaper (2% chance of stealing the target’s soul giving you more money 10% if hit cirtical) power strike is ensnare (stops enemy units it hits even if blocked or deflected) and leaches health. “Elven bows that make use of many different elven spells, In combat it’s meant to be used with grace. Afterward it cleans up everything else”
    Orc launcher: Innate fire, power bombs, earth gains more range, power strike: Bombbardment. (hit’s and then releases many. “an Orc machine made for ranged war. It’s upkeep was poor, at best’
    Goblin machine: Increased Ice, better damage resistance, wave arrow length increases, health leech, Power strike calls a small flying machine to hover over an area and shoot at enemies. “an odd machine made by goblin-kind. It keeps things cold mainly.”
    Abyss: natural dark element, always does natural damage when enemy is hit with strength but not weakness, hitting an enemy with weakness arrow will cause the arrow to explode, gains health and mana from killed ally, power attack transforms all friendly units into void units that will always hit with the enemies weakness and does everything in double speed for a set amount of time. Sacrificing them will result in double gain. “forged from dark magic in the light realm, it’s creation is now split between the 2.”
    Armor: Mythril armor: half damage taken, slower running speed, deflection of arrows. “Fine armor made from metals that have absorbed magic, It is heavy with the years.”
    Sacrifice: double damage taken, Each unit that falls all units on feild gain another rank, all bases under your control, aside from your house, will slowly regain health. quarter damage done.”Armor made from a sacrifical alter, nobody knew how lethal it would be to the wearer at first, but then everybody wanted somebody to wear it.”
    Purity: Damage stays the same. All healing is doubled in power, all magic is nullified. You can control other units by going next to them, including enemies but the stronger they are the more mana it costs. “Armor woven from thread then turned to metal, when worn it sings a song, when in battle it calms the soul.”
    Green red charm: All health lost is converted into mana, all ally units gain a shield that takes 100 points of damage. All damage taken heals other units. “A mixture of magic that was originally considered impossible, it was then used on armor to see what would happen.”

    That’s what I have so far.

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  20. uryuu says:

    There are too many enemy ninja. There are 12 enemy ninja that I saw. So decreased them. And Increased the ninja allies.

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  21. commder says:

    easy easy guys stop making up like a of this like me and the host is not a robot i know why he did not put up a update because it did not said anything on this update about the next just chill guys and wait for him for the next update

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  22. uryuu says:

    That’s right.

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  23. next update should be a mega one so im happy. If not im still happy because theres an update 😀

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