Bowmaster Summer Storm Theta Update 0.2.13

This week my computer decided to eat me. While traversing the binary jungle of my computer’s digestive track I happened upon the source files for Bowmaster Winter Storm and was able to hastily put together this message. I’m currently trapped in here and can’t get out. The only solution I see is for you to play Winter Storm to the best of your abilities and somehow, by Reboot/Tron logic, that will return me save to my computer desk chair… maybe. -Jason END OF LINE


Added options in the Game Settings menu to toggle Unit Rank Icons and Damage Text Popups on/off.

Expanded the available action bars from 3 to 9.

Enhanced the visibility of skill cooldown progress indicators.

Next Update (provided I once again exist corporeally): Bug fixes (report bugs if you see any), Game Balances, and Graphical Updates. Also, in the future I may allow the hero to pick up artifacts, so stay tuned for that (feel free to discuss in the blog).

Random Tip: Don’t install a digitizer laser in your office connected to your computer pointed directly at your head. Especially if you’ve been recently and frequently voicing your anger towards your moody computer. Compy, if you’re reading this. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. You’re the fastest, most reliable computer in the world. I mean it. Now please, put me back.

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18 Responses to Bowmaster Summer Storm Theta Update 0.2.13

  1. The Bloke says:

    Way to go, Jason, way to go 😀

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  2. Jakabo says:

    9 action bars that we must always have seems like a few too many, especially for those of us that have all of our spells organized well enough to fit into 3. How about letting us choose the number of bars between 2 and 9? Just a thought!!

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  3. kyle_kanotaki says:

    wtf i can’t access the setting thing

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  4. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey Jason, can you please put the old rank emblems back on. They were awesome. Also can you add more weapons too the allied grunts.For example, give a rank 1 grunt a pitchfork or a axe and give a rank 5 grunt a mace.Hey, can you make the swords on a high level grunt smaller, because they look unrealistic.

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  5. tommie says:

    please make it possible to sell upgrades (or at least focus thingy) couse i got focus thing but want the frenzy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Sam-tolotolo says:

    theres storms in the summer? well there is in bowmaster! I was wondering when you will start finishing up the balancing issues and stuff and start putting some new stuff like enemies or weapons in.

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  7. hunter2r says:

    I was thinking, what if we got a bonus for killing the enemy with a ricochet arrow? Also, I was wondering what the summer storm thing is about.

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  8. Ryan says:

    The mages’ “chain lighting” skill is weak and takes too much mana for the amount of damage it causes, especially in hard mode.

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  9. sabre1222 says:

    hey jason is it possible that you can update the achers graphics cause its the only one that doesnt look cool as the rest.

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  10. Mystyr Nile says:

    Why theta and not beta(or possibly gamma)?
    Does it have to do with the date?

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  11. Creatures says:

    I’m trapped in my computer because of dragon age 2

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  12. hunter2r says:

    This is just kinda open, but is their a way someone could allow us to put what ever picture we want for our profile?

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  13. skywerewolf says:

    Here are some artifacts systems I’m thinking of.
    3 pronged: Bow: you get a verity of bows that affect elemental power, natural element, Random chance (every arrow has a random chance of becoming a bomb arrow at no extra cost) ect.
    Armor: Elemental/physical defense, force fields (the kind that mages have), speed, special “teleportation” armors.
    Focus: This allows you to change power of skills. They are more like abilities. so it might be “sonic arrows” and all arrows instantly hit instead of flying through the air, aside from special arrow mods. Bombs now attack the the enemy with multi hits, Vampire hits. (randomly generated)
    collection: instead of slots, there are 2 equips and all artificats are in one category. Simple. (I still like 3 pronged more)
    Special conditions items: For either category. You, instead of finding them, earn them. So a challenge might be “with one whacky bomb, destroy 2 dragons, 5 units, and 1 ally” and you would then unlock the “all out” artifact that makes whacky bombs only explode once, but it’s very large and avoids all friendly units.
    My 3 gold.

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  14. hitler says:

    #9 Sam-tolotolo , i have a new arrow idea , and i have a new enemy unit in mind (forgot the new enemy unit , im tinking in a wrong way , its impossible to adapt to the game :( ).
    a new arrow is a mind control arrow , the self name give you a idea , it can be shoted to any enemy unit and , automaticly , the ENEMY unit pass to ALLIE unit , the enemy joing to your armie , but of course , the arrow must be expencive , required a big rank and (important) MUST ONLY BE USABLE ONLY 1 TIME PER GAME , if you use it in a (for example) protect the town , you can use the arrow again , only in the next game (for example) protect your home.


    the enemy unit wil joing to your armie , FOREVER , if the controled enemy fal into the ground (die) , it must not apear in any combat , because its was death.

    i hope anyone like that.
    :) :) :) :) :(

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