Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.12

This week has a few yet very important updates. Enjoy! Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

Gather Artifact missions do not start showing up until after level 6.
Added a status bar to Protect The Town missions to let you know how many structures are remaining before it’s Game Over.

Next Update: Bug fixes (report bugs if you see any), Game Balances, and Graphical Updates. Also, in the future I may allow the hero to pick up artifacts, so stay tuned for that (feel free to discuss in the blog).

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. Hope to see more stuff next week. Blame it on my desire to work on top secret experimental flash experiments (other than Bowmaster). Dragon Age 2 and League of Legends might be partially to blame.

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28 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.12

  1. thatguy says:

    if the hero will get to pick up artifacs, he should be slowed down while carrying it. Would be quite easy if not?

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  2. Hydrocow says:

    I just started a new game Friday morning, and feel that this update was needed. One thing you should consider is final wave one beginning levels. On level one I had all the enemies come at once.
    I don’t mind small update, just glad to know you are working on the game.

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  3. Deity Kord says:

    I noticed that when dragons shoot their fireballs or poison balls, your arrows bounce off of them while they are in midair. This would normally not be a problem, but when there are many in the air at once, it gets pretty annoying.

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    • CCCode says:

      It makes the game a bit more challenging, i like it.

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    • The Evil E says:

      If you shoot an ice ball with a fire arrow they both go poof. The same happens with fire balls. What would be kool is if when the dragons were on the ground they shoot fire out of there mouth like a flame thrower.

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  4. CCCode says:

    Jason the village defence game mode freezes the game kind of.. Nothing spawns and it starts paused, if i unpause it, it will still be frozen

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  5. Sam-tolotolo says:

    I love how far this game has gone, good work Jason!

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  6. ATD2Thunder says:

    The game is coming along just fine, but I do wish you brought back Meteor and Comet from prelude. Firestorm and Ice storm are good but not direct enough if you ask me. its good for maybe a few targets but not if there is a giant army coming at you and you want pinpoint mass destruction you know what I mean. Otherwise it is going great.

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  7. bob1756 says:

    Like the old bowmaster games, you should be able to rearrange the order of your arrows in their slots so they aren’t in buy order.

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  8. Irtemed says:

    Love the game! An original concept that’s well executed. Also love that you constantly update and fix it, and ask for user feedback. I only have one question: what is the difference between all the classes? Other than the skins and maybe one or two abilities, I haven’t noticed much difference.

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  9. dhdhgfha says:

    it would be interesting if you could add melee weapons or be able to hit enemies by slamming your bow at them

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  10. allen says:

    It would be interesting if you could either ride a dragon or control one of them using some type of arrow. Even if u could just use the dragon as a platform it would really change things up

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  11. azza says:

    now you cant shoot the poison dragon with the cure arrow to inflict more damage.

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  12. treeman says:

    I think on some game modes if your hero dies the level should continue with your troops.

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    • heavenarrow says:

      That wouldn’t work out. In the game it is YOU who represents the morale of the troops, should you fall your army looses its will to continue the fight.

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  13. The Evil E says:

    Trolls with clubs for the enemy would be kool.

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  14. certain friendlies should be able to ride wolves as mounts. also if you go into the troops tab and look at advanced troops it will say pikeman and WOLVES which is no longer the case. it should now say ninjas. I also feel that all of the seperate unit classes cost more than the actual units (except for the dragon and ninja) it should be like that though unless theres LOTS of units available, which isnt the case. i dont think its fair that you have to pay 6000 and then 800 for the wolves. if it wasnt for the dragon… the wolf would basically be 6800.

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  15. Wallace says:

    Hello everybody, just thought of something to add more challenge to the game. Why not having a ranking position ? It could be great to compare yourself with the others in terms of number of killed enemies, precision, number of casualties in your own army and so on.

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  16. heavenarrow says:

    Jason, do you have a plan to return some of the arrows from Bowmaster Prelude? Cause I LOVE the Meteor and Comet arrows. And i forgot to say this. THANK YOU for having units NOT take up any hot key space.

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  17. hitler says:

    #5 The Evil E it must only be ice vs fire or fire vs ice bals , if you try , if you fire a arrow that looks like a shoe , the punt bomb , the bal of any elemental , wil GO TO ANOTHER DIRECTION , THE SKY , the bal wil change the way to another , sometimes , it go directely to your hero , if you shot a shoe arrow , or its fire directely to the sky , or , wil fire directely to the ground.

    ps: good combo im make , im fire a shoe arrow , the bal fire to the sky , and the same ball HIT my holy dragon , now im try fire cure arrows to the holy dragon and im miss ALL.
    i know , im wait to the magic cure or fire a fairy bomb and detonate in air.

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