Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.7

Two new powerful Light and Dark skills available! The “Dark Mark” and “Light Wisp Bomb.” These are AoE crowd control skills that do lots of Light or Dark elemental damage. Enjoy! Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

Next Update: New Unit: Elemental Golem – giant slow moving elemental units that have lots of hit points and powerful attacks. Even when you exploit their elemental weaknesses it will take a lot to bring them down.

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26 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.7

  1. The Bloke says:

    Just proves how much of a fan I am :p

    Still waiting for the update to take effect in the game, will post opinions later :)

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  2. Creatures says:

    wow the ice and fire storm mp usage suddenly increased by so freaking much!

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  3. commder says:

    can you make more slots? for more arrows

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  4. Ultima says:

    I think you should make it so the arrows and abilities can be assigned to ANY buttons on the keyboard…

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  5. The Bloke says:

    Okay, tried the new arrows, and its clear that they work best on tight groups of enemies, as implied. The light wisp also has the advantage of being able to track down those small dragons.

    A good addition to the game, then :)

    I wonder, are we talking light and dark elemental golems next week? That would be great, as it would at last give the light and dark arrows a significant use.

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  6. Mystyr Nile says:

    I like that idea, Ultima.

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  7. tree man says:

    with all these new units coming in could you increase the max unit cap?

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  8. Forbsey says:

    Hey Jas, y don’t you make the archers more effective, like they are more accurate in a volley with experienced archers than inexperienced archers

    thx Forbsey

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  9. Nhat82 says:

    whats with the sudden increase in mp required for the storm and multi arrows anyway

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  10. ntcleric says:

    Well I just noticed the “Blog” option on the main screen and I want to say THANK YOU ’cause it’s been tough sometimes getting into the blog as it’s been morphed and modified.

    I stick to the idea that you shouldn’t have a “slot” for every weapon available, especially since you can pause the game and change your weapon selections. Any more than that it becomes excessively tedious to select your next weapon to fire. If anything I would like to see a hotkey that would rotate to the next selection bar and another that would toggle the weapon modifiers (I was thinking of using the tilde key (~) but it’s just as easy to use the Shift-# that Jason already has)

    I have more, just got a call, will be back later.

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  11. supertupr says:

    hey how bout this
    increase the amonts of magic in mages
    plus about a troop that comes from the vary future?

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  12. commder says:

    can you put up the unit cap in the battlefield that will be so epic and get more gold

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  13. Sam says:

    You know the fire storm and ice storm , right? I was hoping you can get a cure storm. That would be great thanks.

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  14. Rikudo says:

    Well, the arrows work quite well, and the mana increase helps balance the game… the only thing to fix currently is the fact the throwing knives of the ninjas go straight and continue to go straight after hitting a shield.

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  15. Dobby says:

    Hey Jason,
    I noticed a bug. You can “catch” poison globs with the new light fairies and stick them in space.

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  16. commder says:

    i found a bug my units walk very slow and the enemy units walk normal or fast can you fixed it?

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  17. commder says:

    and i found another bug the summor trys to get up to the tower but just walks away can you fix that too

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  18. ntcleric says:

    My son gave me a good idea about controlling the characters: have four buttons, one to full attack, one to regular attack (so if they get hurt they fall back), one to regular attack (if the enemies get close they go into attack mode and one full defense so they stay around the object that needs to be defended (or the Bowmaster). I figured that was a good idea, it doesn’t force direct control over the characters (which the Bowmaster wouldn’t have anyway) and it just makes a “toggle” modification to the characters behaviors.

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  19. hey thanks for making bowmaster big fan just one THANKS! am going to play it now by make more updates

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  20. o for got jason if your there just want to say this game really good and i play it every day so keep it up it good thanks and i have lot of ideas if so one day u like to here them am lvl 41 mage in bowmasters bye

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