Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.6

A mysterious figure approaches your camp. Is it a messenger of doom sent by The Evil Army to demand your surrender? It is not. He is a rogue hermit wandering the lands, yet never quite alone. An ominous presence, like an aura, surrounds him. He is The Warlock. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


New Unit: The Warlock. Summons ancient skeleton warriors to fight as his personal minions. Casts a bolt of dark energy that impacts an area with a great amount of blast force good at pushing back the enemy.

Mage units can re-cast their shield if they lose it if they have enough mana and the cooldown time for the spell has expired.

New mage staff graphics for ally priest and attack mage.


Fixed issue that caused projectiles to be destroyed when they got close to the left or right edges of the screen.

Reduced volume of impact sounds

Fixed issue that caused the victory and defeat music to play even if the user specified no music in the game options.

Re-adjusted the unit sizes (reduced size relative to last week’s update).

Next Week

New Light and Dark skills.

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33 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.6

  1. Hi,

    Great update, that new Warlock and his minions are awesome! Please add more new units.

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    • sir noname says:

      I honestly don’t think that the game needs any more new types of units, but I’d like a higher unit cap for the trebuchet, catapult, wolf, priest and ninja warrior.

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  2. Sam-tolotolo says:

    really cool, however I’d like to see more updates on the enemy army too please.

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  3. jpdoc says:

    try making a army movement/control system
    or dark dragon allies or enamies

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  4. Unknown Fan says:

    Can you create a skill that lets you make your magic units attack a spot just like archer volley?

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  5. Red Reaper says:

    Jason the lightning bolt for the mage is exactly like the electro arrow(but with more mana) why not make the lightning bolt have the ability of forming a dark thunder cloud in the sky that shoots multiple lightning bolts down to the ground? anymays awesome updates and i love the new warlock!

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  6. The Bloke says:


    The game is really coming along well! I’ve been playing through the Alpha then Beta versions for what, half a year now?

    I’ve had more ideas than I could possibly expect to happen… here are a few of the best:

    The ability to call back your ninja, mage and wolf units. Perhaps with seperate keys (n for ninja, m for mage and b for wolf?). This would be handy for keeping your mage from advancing right into a melee situation when that makes no sense whatsoever, plus you could get the said units out of the way of wave attacks – more sucessful for wolves and ninjas as they move fastest.

    An ‘attract’ arrow that temporarily draws nearby magic, dragonbreath and perhaps arrows towards the spot the arrow has landed, be than an enemy unit, ally unit, a building, or bare earth. I realise this might be over-complicated to program in; I know little about computer programming myself.

    Third, how about a large enemy unit a bit like a gorilla which throws your allied units back with considerable force upon striking them, and has a rare double fist slam or something that does huge damage to units impacted (like with the giant skeleton sword strikes).

    Finally, it might be a good idea to give enemy boss dragons similar/the same mana and movement capabilities as with the white dragon?

    For all I know, you have ideas just like these already in line for development, in which case, I look forward to them, as I do any of the above ideas that make their way through in any shape or form.

    Keep up the good work. The new light and dark abilities you speak of for next week sure sound interesting! 😀

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  7. Mystyr Nile says:

    Wow, I like these suggestions!

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  8. Nhat82 says:

    Yeah! i cant wait for the new skills

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  9. supertupr says:

    Idea: how bout even when your hero is defeated your army will still go on.

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  10. supertupr says:

    so you will still have a chance at winning

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  11. idea; Add more space for new arrowe because when you buy all arrow the five last arrow its can’t use.

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  12. SonOfBDEC says:

    WOW! I disappeared for a couple of weeks due to a ew issues (School. >.<) and I'm speechless. I love the ninja and the warlock! On top of that, I haven't seen any issues so far, other than the wolf attack animation and the fact that dragons can look left, but fire almost 180 degrees behind them.

    But yeah, doing great!

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  13. SonOfBDEC says:

    Hey, Maybe the Ninjas and Dragons could have the chance to dodge your arrow, like in Bowmaster 1. Add a bit more challenge, and your ninja would be as easy to accidentally kill.

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  14. kyle_kanotaki says:

    awesome! i too love the warlock!!!!!

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  15. BlitzStrika says:

    I got a great idea for the new dragon unit, what if you can use your dragon as a mount like the enemies from bowmaster prelude?

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  16. Please add ability: apocalypse

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  17. Please add the ability: Apocalypse and Demond

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  18. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey,Jason. on I found a bug. When a pest dragon shoots a ice ball it does fire damage. Also can you make magic arrows have a secondary effect when it hits the ground. For example,when a cure arrow hits the ground a cure fairy comes out.

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  19. The Bloke says:

    Hi Again

    Just thought I’d mention that the Warlock Magic Orb casts a rather pointless amount of damage really… if it were me I’d either remove the damage element (perhaps add the ability to slow enemy units in the same way that ice does, or something) or increase the damage to something around the 50 mark, which is still nothing too special, but would be reasonably effective given the blast range.

    Looking forward to watching the game grow more and more, be it anything like I can imagine or something completely different and interesting!

    Heres a thought… could there ever be a PSN version of the game (for example)? Certainly such a thing would sell big time, just think of the graphics and the speed of gameplay that would be possible! *salivating*

    Hey, we can all dream…

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  20. Guillermo says:

    Just out of curiousity when do you plan to move this game out of beta and into the next step? Another thing, I think that’s enough for the allied units, instead make random enemies, such as idk, a rock golem, an energy glob, a T-rex like you planned on making but make it a skeleton, just seems more appropriate (it’ll die of hypothermia before setting foot on stage), I think someone said something about walking trees, just do what you gotta do, more enemy types means a lot of possibilities. One last thing, the trees and structures I wish for them to return they were a lot of fun.

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    • Jason says:

      There’s still a lot of balancing I need to do and I have plans for lots more content. Rather than hold off for several weeks and post an new version with lots of content I post weekly so that you guys have a constant stream of new stuff to try out. This also helps me figure out if there’s new bugs or if they new stuff is totally broken. I know this kind of game development is typical, but this is my development experiment. I call it a “Beta” because I realize the game is not perfect and may still contain bugs. When I get to a certain point I will remove the Beta tag and widely distribute this game (right now the game is site-locked to my site).

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      • Fox says:

        Dear Jason,

        I do agree with guillermo to the point that it may be time to scale back on making new allied units. The fun part of the evil army for me is that although they dont get a real heavy hitter (like the main character), they are a diverse bunch. Its always exciting to wonder who or what is going to walk onto the screen next and having differnt, uniqe, and scaringly powerful/mistic enemys always seems to keep things fresh.

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  21. ntcleric says:

    Love this game! It’s rolling along very nicely, I certainly appreciate the fact that you’re focusing on each new element. It looks like that method makes eliminating the little new bugs for each one a snap.
    The ninja is so kix-a$$! It’s fun to sit back and watch him hold teh entire evil army at bay in the corner on his own 😛 I keep killing him accidentally tho! :/ i get bored and have to take a shot and he’ll jump into it or my aim is poor 😀
    And the white dragon! Sweet!!!
    I really enjoy the 1v1 with the bounty rounds, it’s a mini-boss level!
    I disagree with the post above on adding more slots for all of the weapons. (Ever played golf? you don’t taek out your entire inventory on each hole, just the stix u need.) Even with that in mind, you have the book there, just pause and swap out for the weapon you’re looking for an fire away! anyway, there are so many to choose from, which is nice. I mostly have non-magical grouped together so I can rebuild mana while still rapid firing 😉

    ugh, im rambling, sorry.

    Would like to see/observations:
    *Enemy “next” button. Sometimes towards teh end of a round the last few bad guys come in real slow and one at a time. This can be good if you’re busy licking your wounds, but gets tedious if you’re ownign ’em. The “next” button would push out the next one without waiting for the queue.
    *Grunt units and pikemen seem to prefer teh right side of the screen. Not sure if that’s by design…
    *Give mana to mage or dragon (or ninja). I’d love to be able to recharge the other units that use mana.
    *Large bodies falling from the sky should do damage. Like a giant frozen dragon. Or not frozen. The ones cut in half tho, that’s just really cool to see :p
    *and you have “enemy” misspelled on loads of screens, (maybe everywhere): you’ve got it as “enemey”

    That’s all I can think of now, I’ll post more later.


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  22. The Bloke says:

    As ntcleric wrote above, the ninja is able to hold of the entire army at once.

    If you ask me, it would be better if the ninja could only fight a few units at once but had lower HP to compensate.

    Also, an alternative to being able to/having to call back the mage and warlock units would simply be to remove their melee attack and have them keep at a distance from the enemy units, if such a thing is possible. If I could charge up powerful magic orbs, I wouldn’t be standing in the fray hitting things with my staff and dealing minimal damage, whilst preventing other more effective melee units from doing their job. Just a thought :)

    Awaiting tomorrow evening with interest 😀

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  23. iarilo says:

    Maybe there should be an ability to comment the thumbs if somebody wants to read, why he got a thumb up or down.

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  24. AGMIN says:

    enemy need snake unit 😀

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  25. Ultima says:

    You need to fix the artifacts IMMEDIATELY so that all of it spawn in the middle of the map at the start. I got an automatic defeat when one artifact spawn next to the cauldron and then a wolf from the enemy side just spawn and took it causing an immediate defeat.

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  26. commder says:

    and you need to make more slots asap because i buy 2 arows and they did not come in my slots and my slots are full you really need to make 2 or 3 slots

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  27. zarkiller says:

    yo, xD great update a idea that could be added when the game itself is finished. make it so that the final monster or castle you kill will be shown in slowmotion. where you follow the last arrow zoomed in to when it hits the final monster you killed in the game. might be hard to make, i don’t know. Other than that keep up the good work.

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