Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.5

An elite ninja warrior offers his assistance. He is an outcast of the Guild of Assassins, a group that has allied with the evil army. For reasons unknown he vows to join your cause and seek vengeance upon his former brethren. He is a powerful and agile melee fighter with several special attacks that are revealed as he increases in rank. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


New Unit: Ninja Warrior
Increased size of units to make their detail more noticeable
Improved graphics of attack mage and priest skins


Allied Mage and Priest Shields no longer take damage from elemental entities like fire and poison
Fixed issue that caused resting ninjas to not fight back when attacked

Next Week

New Allied Unit: Warlock — casts special spells that can hinder the enemies ability to attack. Can summon undead minions. Also, new spells for Priests and Mages including the ability to re-cast a new magic shield if theirs is destroyed.

Update: 2/7/2011

Fixed some issues with latest post. Projectiles should no longer hit an invisible wall next to the edges of the screen.

Added new health and mana bars.

Reduced HP of hero ninja unit.

Fixed bug that caused hero dragon to get hurt by cure arrows.

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74 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.5

  1. commder says:

    nice i will try it!!!!!

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  2. Ruhtra says:

    Hey Jason, the size of ally and enemy is very large, seems to be a bug. You can see it? I am an ant next to them, this very bad.

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  3. commder says:

    massive bug!!!! all the enemy and my units are big!!!! very big!!!!

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    • Jason says:

      This is by design (not a bug). If you feel that the characters look too big for the landscape then I can do more adjustments. Also, I forgot to update the Hero unit scales to match so everything relative to your hero is bigger. Also, I did not increase the scale of trees and structures.

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  4. Ruhtra says:

    Yeah, it was horrible, you have to fix this, Jason.
    Thanks ^^

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  5. commder says:

    wait i found a other bug when i kill a dragon it lands on my men and my men die is this a bug or not?

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  6. commder says:

    wait the size is not a bug read it on the updates!!!!

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  7. commder says:

    can you change the skin of the swordmen and bowmen and pikemen?

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  8. Ruhtra says:

    But I would not have liked to see what others think, was very large ^^

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  9. Ruhtra says:

    So the graph looks better, but it seems that the map was small.

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  10. commder says:

    yea and make there like 50 or 60 men on the battlefield

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  11. commder says:

    dude you have seen my ninja he destory 2 towers and kill the men that was on it and he was shoot out darts man this update is great!!!

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  12. Venet says:

    After update it seems a little bit unbalanced. The small and agile dragons are in the past…. Hope the size will be fixed.

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    • Dobby says:

      I agree with Venet. The entire difficulty with the pest dragons was their small size: It actually took a little skill to kill them. Not that they are massive (and that one arrow of any type will still kill them) all you have to do is aim in their general direction and they’re dead. I also think the same thing happens with all the units now that they are bigger, it is much easier to kill then, and makes aiming less important than it was.
      Love the ninja though, and I look forward to the warlock.

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    • kyle_kanotaki says:

      agree. i dont like the new Size update either

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  13. Creatures says:

    cool ninja, can’t wait for the warlock that summons stuff 😀

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  14. Creatures says:

    All the advanced units have spells, but how about wolf?

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  15. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey, Jason I like the new update,but can you make a allied unit that the evil army doesn’t have? Our allies are coming from the evil army.Whats next? Ally acid-spitters.(hey what are those things called anyway)I think the humans should have their own unique unit that the evil army doesn’t have.Also you should put more armor on higher ranking units(but only on the evil side to make it more challenging):).

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  16. Fox says:

    Dear Jason,

    Just a quick note, your ally army size is way too small. I can only have 4-5 unit types on the map at one time. Can we bump up the number of lunits avalable on the battle field or reduce the number of ally grunts and archers?

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  17. Hi Jason,

    That new ninja is awesome!
    I was thinking you could make the mage cast a spell called a mind change, it hits an enemy and makes them become an ally, it messes with their mind and confuses them.

    Please make mounted cavalry units as allys like in Prelude.

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  18. Sicaul116 says:

    Oh man, the ally ninjas are too powerful. I had a grand master rank ninja on expert, and the ninja wiped out the evil army in just 5 min! This makes the game too easy. Can you lower the attack damage and increase attack damage for shielded grunts because they inflict little damage, even on expert.

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  19. homebrew_Ds says:

    can you make the option for the unit size for me i dislike the larger size a lot because it makes it easier to hit it and for me i want a challenge!

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  20. Thunderprime says:

    dude the small size caracter is a lot funnier and the game is getting too easy.

    idea I got : if you could make an uprgade that allow us to switch between focus and frenzy would be awsome. but that upgrade should cost a lot and must cost each time you use it.

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  21. Unknown Fan says:

    Are you going to add that thing that spits poison globs or the red wolves?

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  22. Unknown Fan says:

    Hey jason, can you make the squad upgrade higher so we can have all the units, maxed, all at once? (all units max numbers added together in one army)

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  23. Forbsey says:

    Jason ive been watching you for a long time (P.S. im not a stalker) in your site, i believe you have potencial to create a game that would shame professionals, e.g. bowmaster in 3D, deadly high graphics (like dragon age 2). i have not been watching these comments though, i agree with what others have written, that the units are too big. But they were already too big to start with. wouldn’t it be good to see an area in the game 5x as long and 2 or 3x higher in scale in background. seeing the units now look like robots, try making them faster and more productive and useful to you. Making them half as small as they were would make it better wouldn’t it (ive got little knowledge in what your doing)

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  24. Creatures says:

    The priest’s healing doesn’t increase when the difficulty increases, it makes him very useless in expert.

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  25. Dobby says:

    I’ve got an idea for a level type. Something along the lines of Brainwash. The enemy converts your army to their side, and you have to fight them.
    You have to fight your army. With your units. Your unit levels. Your max build points. Your max army size. Your everything.
    The easier all the other levels get, the tougher this one gets. (Because your army gets that much stronger)

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  26. Guillermo says:

    Ok clearly no one is happy about the size change, but there has to be a reason for it, am I right Jason? I just want to point out that the invisible wall on each side of the screens seems to destroy fairies, attack orbs, and dragon attacks for both enemy and ally, did you change that?

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    • Jason says:

      The invisible wall thing should be fixed now. Thanks for letting me know. As for the feedback about the size change it seems that not everyone is a fan of it. I’m still doing adjustments so I’ll likely scale the unit sizes down again.

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  27. Hi Jason,

    I think you should make it so you can select how many of each soldier you want on the battlefield, like where you tipe in the number you want underneath the images of the soldiers.

    Also please can you make it so that the soldiers can gang up on the enemys, because if a pikeman fights a fire or ice grunt, the others leave him to fend for himself
    and he usually dies and he can’t inflict much damage on the grunts at a close range.

    Please make ally pikemen with helmets and giant blades on their pike weapons, like the evil army ones.
    Also add spearmen and axemen as allys too, that would be awesome.

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  28. Sam says:

    Can you give the Hero a melee weapon to fight?

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  29. Natsu says:


    whenever my hero(destroyer class) shoots a skill arrow near the edge of the screen the arrow dissappears or when i try to activate a heal arrow it vanishes….. can you please look into this? my wacky bomb has no point in use any more since it just vanishes off the screen when it rolls to the edge…

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  30. Natsu says:

    Yes also please add helmets for pike men allys and still craving for a add on to the game where you can click on soldiers and tell them individually where to go.

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  31. tree man says:

    is the healer unit suppost to go out onto the field? Mine doesn’t leave his spawning point which renders him useless :(

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  32. Ethril says:

    The size change is… interesting. Not exactly BAD, but I liked the previous size much better.
    The Warlock sounds cool, but I’m not entirely sure that the GOOD GUYS should be using “undead minions”. An enemy Necromancer that summons skeleton grunts near him would be interesting, though.

    And yeah, the armies are almost carbon-copies of eachother at the moment. An ideal end result would be a fair number of generic units (like we have now), and a good amount of unique units for each side. They could fill the same roles (IE Siege, Support, etc.), but in different ways. Compare the Terran Battlecruiser with the Protoss Carrier, for example.
    Of course, I don’t need to tell you THAT, as I’m sure you have quite a few cool ideas for both armies in store for us. 😉

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    • Ethril says:

      Oh, I forgot to mention; The victory/defeat music plays even if music is turned off in the options.

      One more thing. The Ninja (both ally and enemy) would probably be balanced if he had less HP. A ninja is supposed to be more of a “glass cannon”, anyway; They’re fast and kill you in an instant if they get the chance, but they’re not heavily armored, relying on their agility to dodge attacks as opposed to tanking them.

      (also i love the avatar this thing gave me. springy crab devil man whee~)

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      • Jason says:

        Haha. Yeah, nice random avatar. Good point about the glass cannon. I reduced the hp of the Ninja so let me know if he’s still over powered.

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  33. Hi Jason,

    Can you speed the soldiers up a bit, make them go a bit faster please.

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  34. Natsu says:

    Like i said before the fix the glitch with skill arrows not being able to activate near the edge of the screen. For instance when i used my wacky bomb and it bounced all the way to the left it vanished…
    Also if you are going to weaken the ninja then you should obviously increase the unit cap size limit as the enemy has 5 ninja spawns at a time o.0

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  35. kyle_kanotaki says:

    nice story jason!!!

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  36. supertupr says:

    will enemy mages be able to remake there shields too?

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    • Jason says:

      Yes. But there’s a cooldown and mana cost for making a new shield which should give you a chance to hit the mage while it’s shields are down.

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  37. supertupr says:

    Idea: how bout a arrow that makes a shield when it hits something

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  38. saard says:

    The bigger size does make it easy but it’s also really good to see the detail that was missed before. The houses look great, the priests are more distinctive, the monsters are better and the black ninjas even look like they run differently. Was missing all that before.

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  39. DJ Bnw says:

    I found a bug. My maxed out fire arrow “multiple arrow skill” costs 500++ mana.

    Thats about 3 times more mana then a lvl 8 fire storm LOL

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  40. Mystyr Nile says:

    I have just experienced a problem.
    My grunts and shielded grunts are just standing at my side of the screen where there are no enemies.
    They have full health as well.

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  41. Bentley says:

    I have a cool new weapon concept.
    I call it fireworks.
    Its a arrow that you shoot anywhere on the map, and when it hits a surface (or unit) will cause a bunch of multicolored shrapnel explosions in the sky. (the multicolored explosion colors code for different elements).
    And oddly enough, I sorta like the increased unit size. It makes the game a little more intense.

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  42. Mud says:

    I REALLY dislike the new unit size. It just looks akward, and if you have it on low setting everything looks just messed up. Also it is too easy because of the size.

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  43. Nhat82 says:

    hey im new but the game is great i would like some more arrow types please.

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  44. Fox says:

    Dear Jason,

    Although the size increase is a nice addition that I enjoy, it does bring up conserns about the effectiveness of the evil army’s pest dragons. Although still a one-shot kill they have about 50% the speed and are 200% easyer to hit in my opinon.
    Could you please revert the pest dragons to their normal size if not shrink them?

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  45. zarkiller says:

    the size= super cool details, but as everone says it’s a little buggy. the update is cool nonetheless i think but will there soon come an update with class related skills? maybe a hunting bird (beast,unit,fast unit, flying) for the hunter. something fireworkish for the destructor and a magic arrow that deals very high dmg to single unit (mage).

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  46. zarkiller says:

    a small idea for earth arrow would be. Gorgon ray that turns all enemy (on map or in blast radius) into stone for a fixed amount of time, same kind of arrow for ice (freeze arrow).

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  47. Creatures says:

    oh yea and multi electro arrow is even better than chain lightning of mage, so i think you need to rebalance the chain lightning, since its super weak.

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  48. Hi Jason,

    What time do you usually update Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta?
    Also are you American?

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