Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.2

New graphical improvements to the Skill and Upgrade Books. New game mode – “Gather the Artifacts.” Stay tuned for more updates to come! Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


Upgrade Window layout improved. Popup text size increased to improve readability. Book size maximized to fill more of the screen. Added hero image, name, and rank. Minor changes to graphics to make it easier to distinguish between locked, unlocked and purchased upgrades.

In Game Skill Book graphics improved. Added silver border to drag icons. Changed book colors to be consistent with the upgrade window graphics. Improved default position of skill book.

Added hero rank dependencies for skills. This has no effect on already purchased upgrades, but for new purchases from now on you may see a minimum rank requirement before being able to purchase the skill. Disclaimer: the hero rank system still needs to be tuned a bit (e.g. there will be a max rank and the xp per rank may change) . The current rank requirements on the current upgrades may also not be perfectly balanced (i.e. too generous or too strict). Feel free to let us know.

Next Week

New allied units and upgrades including a friendly healer unit. Snow season graphical changes. And More!

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33 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.2

  1. Mystyr Nile says:

    The new GUI looks great.
    I just played a game of Artifacts, and the enemy managed to destroy one artifact, which made it so that I can’t gather 5 artifacts to win. I got all that were left, but had to defeat their army to win it.
    Also, can the weapons tray get one or two more rows?
    30 slots isn’t enough when you have a lot of weapons.

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    • Jason says:

      Yeah, it’s kind of luck of the draw on if you win by capturing all artifacts. You at least can still win through killing the enemy army but lose the chance at a quicker win.

      And I’ll see what I can do about adding some extra rows for the action bar.

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  2. CarnageX says:

    Good update, so far everything is working like it should. Next week with new allied unit should be very popular and stop all the wishing for them ahahah…

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  3. Squidcannon says:

    Would you please let my soldiers gang up on the enemy units? Please? They can, but mine can’t.

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  4. Fan says:

    Whewhoo Finally more units

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  5. Natsu says:

    Please Add Oil Arrow so we can make a huge area of fire!! =] I look forward to the new units btw wouldn’t it be awesome if one of our ally units were dragon riders??

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  6. tree man says:

    thanks for new troops!

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  7. Mystyr Nile says:

    The next wave of enemies took a very long time to come.
    I used that time to cure up my allies and myself, but can we have a button to call up the next wave?

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  8. Hi Jason,

    I think you should make the grunts do different moves with their swords as well
    and make it so I can have more than 1 trebuchet, catapult and wolf on the battlefield at the same time, it only allows me to have 1 at a time.
    Also make some pikemen with helmets like the evil army’s ones.
    Another thing as well is that allied catapults and trebuchets fireballs burn the allies when fired near them.
    Also you could make giant stone balls as trebuchet projectiles.
    Also could you make it so that it makes the allies come onto the battlefield quicker and so I can have more allies on the battlefield together. I would love it if I could play as the evil army as well, with an evil army hero.
    I think the evil army should have a hero as well.
    I think it would be good if you made it a bit more like Bowmaster Prelude.

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  9. I like the new healer unit.

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  10. By the way, I stayed up till 6.00 am playing Bowmaster Winter storm Beta, it’s so addictive.

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  11. iarilo says:

    Perfomance issue – I had only 8-10 fps when there were much units on the screen…With the lowest quality and an really small window.
    But I think it’s because I’d have an too old PC.
    CPU: amd athlon 2500+
    Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 512 mb
    Ram – 1 gigabyte
    And…I downloaded a game from your library and opened it with Adobe flash professional CS5. I changed the frame rate to maximum (120 fps) and the perfomance increased greatly… 😀
    The game is called “Space combat training”, i downloaded it from one of your pages, i don’t remember…

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  12. SonOfBDEC says:

    Hey! just had an idea. What about a level editor! Like, you could create your own terrain, and control how big the army is and who comes in which order! Maybe even make it so you could share them.

    And customizable heros. And Male wizard! Probably should make a Female Hunter/Destructor too to be fair. But customizing your banners and changing the colors of your hero’s outfit or something like that.

    Just a thought though. I say it’s up to you.

    Oh! And maybe a “like”/”Thumbs up” system like Facebook or Kongregate/Youtube have for the blog. So you can see which Ideas are popular.

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  13. Sam-tolotolo says:

    These are my ideas
    1. We have a dragon ally, and we can control where our allies go and give them simple commands
    2. More space for more arrows
    3. Have a button to call down the enemies
    4. I liked SonofBDEC’s idea for a type of level editoor
    5. More types of enemies, when you get high enough level, the enemies get repetetive
    6. More types of gameplay

    I don’t expect you to do all this(its a lot of work), but I’d like you to consider it. Nice job on the game your making, cant wait for bowmaster 2

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    • SonOfBDEC says:

      I think I like the controlling idea, but Simple, like move to here, or always aim for this spot. Also, I mentioned this in the email I sent Jason(I’ll post it later) But a way to get out of the Catapult/Trebuchet Strike and Archer volley. If I accidentally click it, I have to use it, which is a bit annoying when you’re trying to set something up. Also hold fire/Fire at will button for archers and Cat/Treb.

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  14. SonOfBDEC says:

    Thumbs! =D They’re here! Thanks Jason!

    Here’s the email, Which I sent on 1/9/11. So, before this update was released. So 10 days ago. (it’s 12:01 right now. ^w^)

    General Suggestions:

    Slider bar to adjust Focus/Fury

    Full Refund Button in shop – You get all the money you spent, and can re spend it. And an Undo Button in case you change your mind.

    Arrow types:

    Meteor – (3 Fire, 3 Earth ranks) Summons meteors from the sky. Works like Fire/Ice Storm. Fire/Earth Damage

    Comet – (3 Ice, 3 Earth ranks) Summons comets from the sky. Works like Fire/Ice Storm. Ice/Earth Damage

    Dark Blast – Same effect as Fire/Ice/Cure Blast and Bio Bomb. But a Blackish Red. Dark damage.

    Demon’s Fury – Rains down Demon Fire. Works Like Fire/Ice Storm. Dark /Fire Damage.

    Light Blast – Same effect as Fire/Ice/Cure Blast and Bio Bomb, but a Whiteish Yellow. Light Damage

    Angel’s Fury – Rains down Angel Frost. Works like Fire/Ice Storm. Light/Ice Damage.

    Poison Gas – Explodes into a cloud of Gas that hovers in the area where the arrow landed. At higher ranks, more damage, and a larger gas cloud. Does Poison damage.

    Unit Types :

    Air Allies – Maybe an Eagle, and Seige weapon a Roc

    Mason – Heals buildings. No attack. This could also be a Misc upgrade where when a building gets damaged, a Mason/some Masons come out to start rebuilding.

    Sorcerer – Like the Wizard enemy, but white and blue.
    (Possible healer class Jason was talking about?)

    (By reading this, you accept that all of the above ideas are either mine, or borrowed from another, and are all original. {i.e. everyone’s asking for DragonFlying units. I said Eagles. Therefore, original.} If you do use this, give me credit. Thanks! – SonOfBDEC)

    This is almost word for word I dropped a couple of things I mentioned earlier.

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  15. Hi Jason,

    I think you should make some big grunts like the evil army’s ones as allies to buy as upgrades.
    It would be good to have some bigger grunts as well.
    Please put this on this Friday’s update.

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  16. Raiku says:

    hey, I’ve read through all of the controls but the button to pick up artifacts isn’t listed… I feel like a noob for asking but what button is it or do i have to have my units pick them up? It kinda sucks… So yeah, it would be nice to know plz… (Duck doesn’t work nor any of the other move commands, ctrl, tab, alt, and shift don’t work either. So is it just my computer that’s the problem?)

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    • Sam-tolotolo says:

      theres no button to pick up artifacts, your grunt or wolf will do that automatically. The other problems though, I have no idea about them.

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    • Jason says:

      No button for pickup artifact — you have to use grunt units (or your wolf because he likes to play fetch “arf arf”).

      As for not being able to duck/crouch that is something I’ll have to look into. You should be able to duck by pressing the “S” or “Down Arrow” key.

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      • I noticed it lets me have only 1 wolf, trebuchet and catapult at a time, but the evil army gets about 6 at a time.
        Please make it so I can have more than 1 wolf, trebuchet and catapult.

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  17. SonOfBDEC says:

    Hey, I just ran into a Glitch. >.< For some odd reason, every time I click on my basic arrow, it selects my fairy bomb. might be the second row, 1st slot, selecting the 5th slot. But I can't get rid of fairy bomb, and I'm not used to having to hit numbers to select arrows. I saw this on the 3rd slot too, which has my fire flak. I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this, but it really bugs me.

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    • SonOfBDEC says:

      I fixed this by clicking the basic(which turned to fairy bomb) to remove it, an it removed the fairy bomb in the 5th slot.

      Unrelated, but important. the Pierce arrow does not go through the large horned helmets, and possibly others too. I’m trying to see which helmets bounce it.

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  18. Hi Jason,

    I think you should make a game play mode where you have to use your allys to battle (with no hero) like the evil army.
    Like where you click on the troop symbols/images to call them out.

    I noticed that when I have the allys on manual select, I select them to come out, call them out, but they take a long time to come out.
    I think it possibly maybe a bug/error.
    Please make some more types of allys to buy as upgrades, the evil army has loads of allys on their side.

    Also, why do the evil army’s troops when they die, they make weird, strange death noises like: onkidido, whatsmoreisshamprata, merrysanata, crazypapoisssse, wozall! rela (and they whisper some of them) etc. (Thats what it sounds like to me),
    I don’t know if they are saying that or not.
    But the hero’s allys just make normal death sounds like human ones.

    Also I would love it you made a game mode that would let me play as the evil army.
    I would love to play as them (with an evil army hero).

    Please put this on this Firday’s update or another Friday’s update maybe.

    I absolutely can’t wait for Bowmaster 2.

    Also you could make some air units as allys to buy as upgrades, like drogons and things, that would be really cool.

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  19. Hi Jason,

    A medievil battering ram would be great too to have as an ally to buy as an upgrade, to smash the evil army’s castle on the siege on haunted hill levels, and it can kill enemies in the way of it.
    Please put this on this Friday’s update or another Friday’s update.
    This would be really cool!

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  20. Hi,

    Anyone here love Robot Wars, the TV programme? I love it, it used to be on TV, There is a petition that you sign to help bring it back. It’s called Bring back robot wars! petition, the website is

    I know this is nothing to do with Bowmaster, but I just wondered if anyone here likes it or not.

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