Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

New Ice Arrow enhancements! The Ice Arrow is more powerful than ever. Slow down your foes as you chill them to the bone. Freeze enemies with repeated ice attacks and then pummel them with blunt attacks for extra damage. Freeze dragons and watch them fall to the ground and then take steady aim as they are powerless to evade. Watch the earth erupt with spikes of razor sharp ice crystals should your arrow land upon the ground. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


New trees to match the season.

Improved, more natural looking tree distribution.

Ice arrow now with extra awesome.

New visuals to indicate when a unit is Cold or Frozen (Note: a unit that is encased in ice is no longer always dead — he could just be temporarily frozen which means he will eventually thaw out and seek vengeance).

Damage popup numbers that fall to the ground (e.g. Flame and Poison ooze damage) now fall a little below the ground so that they no longer clutter up the ground portion of the battlefield.

Note to Beta Testers (that means you): The cold/freeze system is fairly new and may require additional testing. Please test out the new ice effects and see if you can break anything and let us know if you do. Also, we received some new bug reports since last update for a few non-critical issues but we’re still in the process of fixing these and we hope to fix these issues by the next update. As always if you have any feedback feel free to leave a comment in the blog, forum or even email lostvectors (at)

Also, take note of the new Bowmaster Poll in the right panel. I will be adding more polls as time goes on. Hopefully these will help us determine what users want and how to better focus development efforts.

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59 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

  1. DJ Bnw says:


    I just played a few levels and guess what!

    Somehow the firestorm side screen storm didnt come again.

    It worked other times during the time i played.

    However this time , i was using it with the ice storm.
    The fire storm and ice storm worked perfectly in two rounds ( both coming from the side)

    The storm i called in this bugged round was an ice storm with targeted location(hit a unit i think) ,and my fire storm went to the other side of the screen , my right.

    Other stuff i found out :
    When playing , i accidentally moved a skill out of the skill menu box and the cooldown yellow translucent “mask” still stayed there.

    Dont think blunt damage does much to frozen units. My normal arrow still does better than my blunt arrow , about 4x more damage

    Element wave arrows dont explode when hitting elemental balls ,they just bounce back. Not sure if its intentional , but i hate it… kills me sometimes D:

    For element bombs , like the bio bomb and fire bomb , projectiles should follow the momentum of the arrow , say i shoot i straight from left to right , if i explode it with f mid flight , the fireballs/bio balls just drop to the floor, barely moving to the left , if they do , its because it exploded towards the left

    About firestorms and icestorms , there should be unlockable skills to select a type of storm( same mana cost , but different outcome) like focused , widespread , concentrated

    Focused = Elemental balls hit in a narrow , focused region
    Widespread= Elemental balls hit in a wide distribution
    Concentrated= Elemental balls are larger and do more damage but come in less waves and less balls

    OR/AND other abilities(costing more mana)

    That or you could have hail storm ability from ice storms, replacing normal ice shard balls with hail , doing heavy blunt damage and some ice damage. If hail hits the ground , there will be some shards exploding out ( like shrapnel).
    Maybe snow storm which slows units down , where they will hunker down and stop moving ( like when they are several injured and worn out) Will freeze them slowly , doing damage over time. Area will be covered with snow and will slow units down and will stay 1 min after last bit falls.

    Firestorm?? Coat the land with flames with the firespreader ability. At first , it comes like a translucent red ad orange glowing wave then it starts combusting units , lighting the land up , causing fire havoc all over the region

    How about Lava eruption . Fire balls are replaced with flaming balls of lava which do massive fire damage , blunt damage on direct impact, and earth damage?? Lava will slow units down too(just a little) , doing damage over time as well.

    Well thats all for now.
    Always looking forward to updates
    Cheers !

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    • Jason says:

      I think I found out why this occurs. If you’re too close to the edge and shoot your arrow at that edge then it doesn’t work. I’ll fix this real soon, but can you verify that this is what you were doing — did you notice it not work when you shot it from not at the edge too?

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  2. Barrylp says:

    Um, no good on those new trees. I can handle one or two trees that obscure the bad guys and projectiles, but a level nearly obscured by trees is no fun at all.

    And on an animation basis, it looks strange for a dragon in front of a tree to launch a fireball (err, appropriate elemental projectile) that immediately goes behind the tree.

    Jason, can I humbly ask for a quick fix (put all trees in the background) until you have a chance to investigate in more detail?

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  3. Drogyn says:

    When I try to start the game it just goes to a blank field with no enemies or trees, houses, allies, me even. I can’t shoot either. Not like, the arrows don’t show up, like they don’t even start to cooldown. I don’t know if it’s just my computer of what, but I figured I should say something in case it isn’t.

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  4. iarilo says:

    Great!! I like the animations and the ice arrow upgrade!
    Now – please – add the drag anywhere shooting method with some bonuses like pull string method…I loose time by searching the circle and dragging my mouse-pointer to it…And i don’t receive extra gold for auto-aim method.

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  5. Iakhovas says:

    trees are nice, but there are a lot lol i kind of like it because it makes it harder to see enemies, and all of a sudden a swarm of dragons bust out of them. and the ice arrow is pure win. you could do the same for the fire arrow as well, maybe even the light and dark ones too. nice update

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  6. Guillermo says:

    Yay my favorite arrow finally gets a serious improvement. You know what, DJ Bnw up there^ actually has a point about the Fire storm but sometimes its also the Ice storm too, they sometimes don’t work I’m not sure how though… I have seen this before but only when you’re shooting from either side left or right

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  7. marksmen says:

    just a suggestion for the poll, maybe have an option to have friendly fire on/off -> maybe some bonus cash in the end? (i have next to no knowledge in flash or coding, so i have no clue if that’s hard or not)
    I also agree with Barrylp, the trees should become flamable eventually, the trees are obscuring a bit too much

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  8. Unknown Fan says:

    I have a lot of ideas to give the store some more stuff!!!
    Jason, you haven’t given the other arrows special effects when they hit the ground and when they hit an object!
    What about the cure, electro, light, dark, and poison? what should they do when they hit the ground? maybe the cure arrow could make something appear that does cure, electro could make a bolt of lightning strike the landing area, light could make a ray of light shine from the top of the screen on to the spot, doing light damage, dark could make a big black line from the top to hit the ground, and poison could make poison ivy come out.
    What special effects should cure, light, and dark arrows do when they hit an object? Could Cure arrow do something special? Could Light arrow make the screen flash continuously and do mild light damage to all ENEMIES on screen? And could Dark arrow make a black spiral that only lasts a little bit?
    I don’t want to waste ANY arrows or mp!

    Jason, I notice you have a super version of electro arrow called chain lightning, a version of poison called bio-bomb, and a version of fire called fire-bomb, but what about Ice, Light, Dark, Earth, and Cure?
    How about a super version of ice called blizzard, which gives the screen a bluish hue and slows down all enemies on screen and deal minor ice damage over time? For Light, an arrow called Sun arrow (sun makes light) a big transparent (so we can see) ray of light shining down where it hit, slowly getting bigger, makes the background only white, lasts a few seconds, then slowly shrinks back down, dealing higher damage as it grows (DoT damage over time) ? For Dark, an arrow called Black Spiral arrow (DoT also), which makes a black swirly hole in the background of where it hit, slowly getting bigger until it makes the background completely black (but everything else remains the same color) dealing most damage the enemies closest to the center, and mild damage to all other far enemies, when the it makes the background completely black, all enemies take high damage, but when it gets completely big, there’s only a few seconds left until it shrinks (just like the other)? For Earth, an arrow called Meteor Shower (like fire and ice storm) that summons meteors, but make them boulders that are orange, immune to fire, and deals Earth AND Fire damage, turning enemies randomly into stone or ashes (So you can tell the difference)(And make the picture of the arrow look like a boulder on fire to tell the difference from wacky bomb). And cure, an arrow called Super Cure Bomb, a simple Super version of Cure Blast that makes the screen flash pink (because Cure is pink) and heals all allies to full health.
    That’s 100% awesome, it may seem like alot, but you can take all the time you need. PLEASE DO THESE! and just a reminder, I NEED MORE SLOTS!

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  9. Unknown Fan says:

    Has anyone noticed that when you shoot the punt arrow next to you, it propels you and if you move in the direction it launched you, you can run. How interesting!

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  10. Fox says:

    Found something, when in the blast radius you are affected by the ice affect and take considerable damage.

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  11. laserdog says:

    cool update man

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  12. laserdog says:

    um where do the monster things in our avatars come from

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  13. Unknown Fan says:

    Wow, I just defeated a mage with just a burst of ice arrows and a bomb

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  14. Unknown Fan says:

    Aw Come on! They get to have like 5 catapults!

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  15. Unknown Fan says:

    Hey, I just got an idea!
    Have you ever thought of modifiers that do Damage Over Time? The chain lightning, fire and poison do it. why not add that to the other arrows? The modifiers will change the arrows from having special effects to having damage over time.
    How about modifiers that don’t have any special effects, so you can save mana, like the wind arrow will have no lightning, earth will have no boulders, and ice will have no icicles or bursts, and if you add all the other special effects from my previous post, they will not take effect when using this modifier, those would be cheap.
    Jason, the light and dark categories are Empty! please add my special effects I talked about.

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  16. i think fire is most powerful element.
    please jason can you update the fire arrow?please!or the wacky bomb.please.

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  17. Hey jason i was playing the game and since the enemy has so many dragons maybe you could come up with a flying unit for the good guys like a griffon or somthing.

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  18. Hi,
    I love the new ice arrow upgrade, it is really cool.

    You could make an option where you can play as the evil army or the hero’s army. I would love it if you made some new allies to buy, like drogons, monsters etc, that would be awesome!

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  19. Hi again,
    I forgot to ask, Why is it every Friday the new updates?
    Why not other days as well?

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  20. Dobby says:

    Hey Jason!

    Great update, glad that ice arrow finally has an effect. But I noticed a possible bug. Not with the arrow, but with the slots. When you let loose an arrow (in pull-string mode) with the cursor on top of a skill slot, you automatically switch to using that arrow. This is rather annoying, and costs a lot of mana.
    Great job so far!

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  21. iarilo says:

    Ehm…Maybe the building should take more damage from the fire arrow?
    The castle takes 20 dmg from my ice arrow and 1 dmg from my fire arrow.

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  22. iarilo says:

    And…The monsters(enemy) never thaw out, maybe it’s a bug, but…

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  23. qwertyuiop says:

    how do you know what type (e.g. poison fire dark exet) a enemy is, some are obvious but other are not.
    also the dark and light groups could do with some difrent types of arows.
    finaly the kill on sight things seem to get easier as time goes on (may have just been bad luck and i got a hard one first(.

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  24. Stefan says:

    I think that we should be able to have our own dragon units and can pick which attribute I.e. Poison or fire, to use on the in game unit deployment bar. I also believe that we should be able to have long lasting effects of ice arrows like fire arrows leave a damage inducing flame. Also, when you hit something with an earth wave arrow, it charges and shoots out a few rocks. I would like this to be removed so that it has the same effect as an ice or fire arrow would if it hit an object/enemy.

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  25. Unknown Fan says:

    Jason, did you read my long posts? be sure to add those. Please reply

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  26. iarilo says:

    Please – update the light and dark arrows.
    They require another arrows to purchase them, but I don’t even need them.
    Maybe they should be more powerful?
    Or add some another effects to them, like – they explode on contact (light/dark damage) or something else…
    And..I think – the class skill may be more powerful.
    (like chain lighting — wizard)
    Because it’s a bit disappointing, adding classes with 1 skill/class?? 😀

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  27. qwertyuiop says:

    you can’t move arows to difrent levels only difrent places on the sanme level, and what do the difrent clases you chose at the start do.

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  28. AGMIN says:

    player needs + and – button to reduce the number of units or increasing the number of units

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  29. AGMIN says:

    dark category need black hole spell xD
    ligh-word power xD

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  30. Dobby says:

    Hey Jason,
    Again, love the ice arrow, great job.
    As of the new (ish) update, the electroarrow has pretty much the same effect. Even sometimes about the same damage. Why don’t you make the difference between the two that Mage’s chain lightning CAN activate when it hits the ground. It will make the skill much more worth while to get.

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    • Jason says:

      Yeah, I’m toying with the idea about removing the “nothing-happens-on-ground” effect of the chain lightning and elector arrow. I haven’t decided yet. The idea is that it’s a high-risk/high-reward type of shot. You don’t want to waste it by missing your shot. But as it is right now maybe the end effect is not as powerful as it should be. We’ll see… I also don’t really like how if you kill a unit with the electro/lightning arrow it stops the spread. So these effects still need some tweaking so stay tuned.

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  31. AGMIN says:

    big spider boos is great :)!!!

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  32. StJohn says:

    I just realized that I don’t play the game with point-click as intended. Instead of pointing directly where I want the arrow to land I hover the crosshair just in front of my character moving it in a circle around it. Doing this makes the game a little harder than just pointing but still a lot easier than using the pull-string method.

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  33. Unknown Fan says:

    Jason, PLEASE add those things I talked about (modifiers, special skills, special FX) and if you ever plan to make multiplayer, why don’t you make it a separate game called Bowmaster Winter Storm Multiplayer?

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  34. Unknown Fan says:

    Jason, whenever my computer breaks, I always lose my character’s profile. Can you make it store the data on the server and make it able to know which profile is mine?

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  35. Drogyn says:

    Hey ‘Unknown Fan’, GIVE THE MAN A BREAK!!!!!!! Do you have any idea how hard it is to do the kind of stuff he’s already done, not to mention the stuff you’re talking about. Give him a chance to collect his wits for goodness’ sakes. He’s probably been thinking about stuff like that for a while, BUT IT TAKES A LOT OF TIME!!! Plus he’s gotta work on making an update for every Friday, so that slows him down even more. I mean come on, give the man a break, he’s not God , he needs time to do this stuff. Plus, it would cost money to have a server like your talking about, so unless you want to have him have to pay to keep the game running then I suggest you simply keep your computer from breaking. I mean really, he’s already paying for the website domain and possibly other stuff, how much do you expect him to pay for before he starts charging us for stuff. Seriously dude you need to buy yourself a new brain because the one you have now doesn’t seem to be working.

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  36. Nehh says:

    I would like it if maybe you made the Fire and Ice storm projectiles either have the same effect as the arrows of the same type (like leaving flames on the ground) or deal splash damage when they land? As it is, it seems a bit odd having one of the most powerful arrows in the game send a huge fireball a few pixels from someone and have it do no damage.

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  37. Triangle says:

    Hey, are you going to make fire arrows cancel out frost bitten enemies? Because the ice arrows always put out flaming enemies, and it would make sense if fire arrows thawed out the frozen baddies.

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  38. nemanja says:

    can not get a huge

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