Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

This week’s Bowmaster Winter Storm update includes Graphical updates, bug fixes, new “Elemental Blast Bomb” upgrades and new “pest” dragons which are faster, smaller, but weaker versions of dragons.


Blast Bombs: To re-iterate, the blast bombs (which were introduced as a bonus earlier this week) are a counter to the “reactive objects” like fire and poison ooze. They are also useful at diffusing dragon fireballs before they reach you if you detonate the blasts in air by hitting “F”.
Pest Dragons: You wanted a good use for the Flak Bomb Arrow. Well now you got one. These little guys are small and fast but weak. A single arrow or a well placed Flak bomb explosion should take them down.

Increased the size of the background trees. Removed the snow from the trees (for now).

Significantly increased the hit points of the cottages and large tree.

Gold awards are given for all enemy kills (even kills caused by bombs or your allies).

Reduced the total number of elemental dragons that can be on the screen at once.

Allied units garrisoned in buildings no longer take friendly fire damage from hero projectiles. This means that if you’re hero is occupying a stonekeep along with archers, you may shoot at any angle without worrying about hitting them.

Friendly fire from hero projectiles now only occurs at medium to long range. Close shots will no longer hit nearby allies. This should help reduce friendly fire when shooting from ground level when there is no higher ground to occupy.


Fixed the pesky Victory Banner freeze bug (Thanks CarnageX for installing the flash debug player and helping me find the root cause of the bug)

Fixed issue that caused the game to hang if a bomb explosion did damage to units at the edge of the screen.

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24 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

  1. CarnageX says:

    Sweet i got a mention ahahah
    Like i said, anything i can do to help. Got a lot of free time in college, besides nights 😀

    “Reduced the total number of elemental dragons that can be on the screen at once.”

    I like this, finally no more 10 huge dragons on the screen bombing me with the huge fire, poison, and ice blasts. Those things are killer ahahah.

    Can’t wait to destory those little dragons ahahha and i finally dont accidentally waste a bomb arrow on the back of the head of one of my guys. Good addon 😀
    Keep it up…

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  2. CarnageX says:

    BTW i like what else you have done with the landscape

    Also, i think you should increase the mana or mana regen, after i use one thing i have to keep using normal arrow for about a minute to get to use something useful now. I upgrade all my stuff and its all cost 400+ with a total of 800 mana, so i think mana or mane regen should increase, or arrow mana usage should decrease. Im on lvl 90 now since the picture and its becoming really really difficult to kill anything 😀

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  3. Julun says:

    Props on the new updates there great love the little dragons they are super fast and also think about letting us change our unit color like the first one

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  4. CarnageX says:

    Yeah hopefully thats implemented in the final version, but we haven’t even seen anything about Castle or Emblem customization. The change in this one from the Prelude is that theres like 100+ different maps, im pretty sure that they are generated at random kinda like Diablo, which im excited for ahahah, and there isnt always a castle with the Emblem. So idk how Jason will implement that in here, and to be honest idk how hes doing this in Flash, but hes doing really good so far.

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  5. Julun says:

    i agree

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  6. homebrew_Ds says:

    heal arrows prove in useful as the friendly fire dosent allow you to hit allies so the heal arrow does not hit your allies

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  7. CarnageX says:

    I dont heal my allies, they dont do enough damage to kill anything. Especially at lvl 112. All they do is keep field units at bay while i take care of those rascally dragons 😀

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  8. Fox says:

    The “pest” dragons are really cool. They would make a cool ally class. Like with a 3-4 unit cap. It would be awsome if Jason could experiment with the idea of ally air units.

    The anestetic improvements are great also.

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  9. Dendrago says:

    I’d forgotten about Lost Vectors for a few weeks.
    I come back to all of this?
    Nice, Jason.

    Anyway, on with business. Haven’t gotten around to playing it yet (too busy with Minecraft), but the blast bombs sound great. I’d been meaning to ask how I could stop stray projectiles from blowing up my house.
    As for the pest dragons… I’ll have to play a bit and see what they’re like.

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  10. Dendrago says:

    Quick question. Anyone know how to change my avatar on this site? I can’t find an option for that anywhere…

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  11. Sicaul116 says:

    I think archers should have crossbows and enemy orcs should have battle axes and hammers.Oh can some one explain the allied units ranks its really confusing.

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  12. Sicaul116 says:

    I also need help changing the picture on gravatar.

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  13. CarnageX says:

    I dont understand how our allied units ranks goes either,but only the first to come out on each group in my game actually has a rank higher than private. And you go the avatar to work, it just takes a few minutes for it to show 😀

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  14. CarnageX says:

    Where jason be?? lol Usually he responds when someone asks a question lol I would also like to know how do the ranks go up for you allied units, cause they dont seem to go up execpt for the first guy of a group, atleast on my screen.

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  15. samuraininjamaster says:

    Really the only thing I miss that was on prelude was each arrow getting experience when you use it. Other than that all I can say is fantastic work.

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  16. CarnageX says:

    Yeah, but once you get to lvl 60+ every arrow is upgraded fully anyways. 😀

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  17. Jason says:

    I forget how ally unit rank is determined. It might be tied to your hero rank. And you should know that they are slightly randomized so for example not all units will be the same rank (as you have noticed). This unit ranking system is still under construction.

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  18. CarnageX says:

    OK, thats cool. I was just wondering cause of what i have stated lol
    Cant wait to see what comes out tomorrow! :)

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  19. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey CarnageX how did u change your avatar?

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  20. Sicaul116 says:

    Nevermind this comment will self-destruct in 10 secs :)

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  21. CarnageX says:
    Then just wait about a few minutes

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  22. Sicaul116 says:

    thanks CarnageX I got hang of it now. :)

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  23. CarnageX says:

    No problem :)

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