Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

This week’s Bowmaster Winterstorm update includes fun new weapons and tweaks to old ones that are made possible by new “reactive elements.” Watch out for dangerous poison ooze globs and blazing fires that are generally not fun to stand in as both you and your enemies will soon discover. Also in this update is a new tree to climb. See if you can figure out which one it is. Here’s a clue: it’s generally big and a little bushy.


New reactive elements: Flame and Poison ooze. These are the initial steps towards creating reactive elements that not only affect game units and objects in specific ways but will also react to other kinds of reactive elements. For now these two elements just do damage to objects. In the future when other reactive elements are added like Ice then we’ll see elements react with each other. For example, Fire and Ice will have a canceling reaction effect. Other possible reactive elements include pitch (oil), cure dust, gun powder, water.

Fire and Poison arrows have been enhanced to make use of these new reactive elements.

New Upgrade: Fire Bomb – explodes into a few fireballs that cause the areas they impact to catch on fire.

Poison Bomb enhanced to now explode with a few poison ooze globs in addition to the poison blast wave.

Added climbable tree that acts just like a tower but it only blocks shots that hit the tree’s main leafy areas (and not the base of the tree).

Improved structure death animation. Structures that are now destroyed are slightly darker.

Reintegrated and improved projectile streak visuals as seen with fire and poison arrows among other places.

Catapults and Trebuchets for both teams now have a chance of firing a fire bomb projectile that acts similar to the Fire Bomb arrow upgrade.

Poison Spitting Monsters now leave globs of ooze on impact with the ground or a unit.

New damage popup text for poison and fire reactive element damage.

Note: Several of these features are experimental and may need further testing and balancing. If you notice any problems or bugs then feel free to contact us.

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3 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

  1. CarnageX says:

    The new updates are insane ahahah
    The fire arrow is so trong now, which helps out now againts giant dragons that keep terrorizing me ahahah
    The flak like fire arrow doesnt seem to have the reactive element attached to it, but maybe it isnt suppose to but otherwise its badass.
    Trees are ok, they dont last very long

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  2. Julun says:

    The new updates are awsome but there some problem with the bounty hunt when i win it doesnt give me the reward besides that great job on the game cant wait for Bowmaster 2

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  3. CarnageX says:

    Yeah some times it doesnt, but luckily for me that has only happened on ones under a 1,000. THe biggest one i got was 6,500 ahahah

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