Calling all Beta Testers

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta is now playable if you haven’t noticed. The game is constantly evolving with new updates every Friday (so far so good). Due to the frequency of changes it is not always possible to fully test the game and sometimes new features cause new issues. It is because of play testers like you that report new issues (see contact form) we’re able to find and fix bugs before the game is fully released. For this LostVectors is truly grateful. However, if you want to be even more helpful here’s how.

Download and install the debug version of the Flash player for your preferred browser (warning: read on before installing):

This works similar to your normal player but in the event of an error a popup window will appear with detailed information about what caused the problem. You can then copy this message and send it with your bug report.

WARNING: If you choose to install this debug player your eyes will be opened to how often in general Flash content has errors. This means that you may see error popups when visiting other sites with Flash content. With the normal Flash browser plugin, any errors that occur are simply swept under the rug for no one to see. The application fails silently and in some cases the bug may not have a significant impact on overall functionality. These runtime errors can be the fault of the developer not handling error events such as loading errors, or it can be caused by traditional runtime bugs like null pointers.

If you choose to install the debug player you can always reinstall the normal flash player if you wish.

As always if you decide to report a bug then please be as specific about the situation when the bug occurred along with any instructions on how to demonstrate the bug.

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6 Responses to Calling all Beta Testers

  1. CarnageX says:

    I will gladly download to help with bugs besides the little things I shout to ya ahahaha
    One thinkIi have noticed since the levels get more busy that the elemental flak bombs when they hit a target a black square shows where they hit for a split second.
    I would send a picture but thats to hard to capture, maybe i will try 😀

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  2. Max King says:

    Hell yeah, now I know why I was getting a pop-up window with Flash error messages on most flash-based websites and some games xD

    The only problem I’ve noticed after the most recent, as call it, tweaks is the far too long poison period. If I wasn’t equipped with cure bomb, one single hit would take me down.I think you should lower it to 25% of the current poisonous power.

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  3. CarnageX says:

    I have played ten levels and i havent seen any errors, and im on lvl 59

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  4. Stomper107 says:

    Error: listener not found: phase: 1, m_id497 dispatcher: null, event: null, location:
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::EventManager$/removeListenerByObject()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code.ui::SliderBar/destroy()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code.ui::LowerUi/destroy()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::LevelManager/destroyWindow()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::GameApp/removeCurrentWindow()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::GameApp/loadVictoryStats()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::LevelManager/stepVictoryTimer()

    Error showed up after destroying Haunted Castle. The victory message appeared, and I clicked and pressed wasd and space a few times, then this message appeared. After continuing, the Victory Message shine/shimmer effect looped, but no buttons would work anymore, and I would be frozen there at the victory screen.

    –Sorry if I was supposed to email it to you, my email hasn’t been working well lately so I wouldn’t feel confident that you got this message.

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  5. CarnageX says:

    You can post it here on the blog, thats what i did and he fixed those issues in the new one today.

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