Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

This week’s update includes some cool new features. Enemy Mages and Pikemen are new and improved, the User Interface has some new enhancements, and in general the game is enhanced with some balancing and bug fixes. Enjoy!

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Mages now have magic shields. These shields essentially block projectiles from hitting the mage and also any ally within the radius of the shield. Shields are larger and have more hit points for higher rank mages.

Tip: Evil Army mage shields are generated by pure Dark magic. They are extremely weak to Light elemental attacks but they gain energy from Dark elemental attacks.

Two types of Mage behaviors are now randomly loaded for each mage:

Support Mage AI: Focuses on healing allies and conserves mana for only casting healing. Will start casting healing as soon as any ally has even just a scratch. Seeks out towers to gain cast distance bonuses but will leave a tower to move towards an injured ally that is out of range.

Attack Mage AI: Focuses on casting magic attack orbs that seek out enemy targets. Will only heal nearby allies if they conveniently in range and are in dire need of healing (hp below 25%).
For now mages have a 50/50 chance of being assigned either behavior upon creation. They will use this behavior for their entire lifetime. This design may change in the future.


Pikemen helmets are now correctly loaded by rank (better helmets are loaded the higher the rank).

Helmets are now degradable. If you hit a helmet enough times it will eventually pop off the unit’s head leaving his critical hit area exposed. Higher tier helmets have more hit points but currently no pikeman helmet is indestructible as was the case before. At the time of this update, these helmets are highly resistant to all physical attacks (slice, pierce, blunt) but are neither strong nor weak against Elemental attacks. Tip: use any elemental arrow (e.g. Fire arrow) against helmets instead of the Basic, Pierce, Blunt, Slice or Fork arrow.

Other Updates:

New UI Feature: Newly purchased bow skills are automatically placed into available slots in your action bar so you no longer have to manually place the skills from skill book when in game. You still have the ability rearrange you action bar. If there are no empty slots then newly purchased skills will not be placed.

Tip: you have multiple action bars so if your active action bar is full then look to one of the other action bars for newly purchased skills by clicking on the up/down action bar buttons located to the right of the action bar or by scrolling with your mouse wheel.

Tip: A quick way to alternate between multiple bow skills is to place your desired skills in the first slot of each action bar row. Then all you have to do is scroll up or down with the mouse wheel to change to a new skill.

Tip: You probably already know that you can quickly access action bar skill buttons by pressing the corresponding number. You should also know that you can quickly access skill mods by pressing SHIFT and a number key that corresponds to the mod you want.

New UI Feature: Number of remaining enemy units is now displayed in the Evil Army health status bar at the top right.

The Evil Army size now grows in size more gradually each level.

The maximum Evil Army size is reached at a later level than before and has been reduced from 150 to 80 in order to prevent levels from lasting too long.

Added flak bomb explosion sound effects.

Fixed some animation issues with catapult, trebuchet, and shield grunt.

Fixed issue with Wacky Bomb and Chain Lightning costing very little mana.

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12 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

  1. CarnageX says:

    Looksgood man, keep it coming!!! ahaahah

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  2. Sudasana says:

    Amazing, really enjoying this development of the Bowmaster series. Keep up the good work!

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  3. friiguy says:

    I have been playing the Bowmaster games since the very first one. The development of the game has been excellent and a nice fun time waster.

    Playing the Beta, Winter Storm I can say I have logged a good 10 to 20 hours already.
    My only comment is the flak and elemental flak weapons suck. They damage the ground enemies better than the flying enemies. In order to drop a flying dragon, my best results have been with the standard arrow and multishot. If I try a flak weapon, pressing ‘F’ in the vicinity of the flying enemy does relatively little damage. A direct hit does seem to have the expected results though.

    Maybe it is just me, but I would venture a guess that this will become a larger issue in the future unless resolved now.

    Thank you for the games, and only constructive criticism offered.

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    • Jason says:

      Thanks for playing all of my Bowmaster games!

      Dragons are pretty much badasses right now. They are designed to have lots of hit points relative to other units. The basic Flak bomb is not as effective as the elemental Flak bombs against dragons. In the futuer I plan on having some weaker flying “pest” units that may be hard to hit but have very few hit points. In which case using the Flak bomb would prove useful and perhaps more efficient than using a multi shot basic arrow.

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  4. CarnageX says:

    Yeah dragons kinda get bothersome after a while, especially when theres 3-4 huge dragons!!!!! And i just had my first bounty, pretty sweet ahahah
    Im actually shocked how many different types of levels there are, i have to admit that i kind miss how the prelude one was but this definitly increases the replayability ten fold.
    When the game is fully released, would we have to redo everything? or will our save file work on the full game?

    and how do we change our avatar, im tired of the blank white square 😀

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  5. CarnageX says:

    I did that and it hasnt worked,so i dont know

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  6. CarnageX says:

    I did that too lol i just had to wait and be patient ahahah

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  7. CarnageX says:

    I dont know if its part of your design but, when you die you cant click on anything in the game, its just frozen with the red flag and you have to refresh, its like the game is locked ahah

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  8. axel says:

    como obtengo la segunda arma de corriente dimee

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