Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.22

Introducing online profile accounts! As you have already noticed, Bowmaster Winter Storm loads with a login screen. Logging in is optional and if you don’t want to create a forum account then you don’t have to; just click “offline” to continue to save your profile data to your computer. However, there are many great benefits to using an online account! Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

Update: If you have an email address with an unrecognized domain but you think it should be allowed then post a comment or contact us and we might add it to the list. The reason for only accepting certain email domains is to prevent spam bots from registering with illegitimate domains. This is not to say that your email domain is illegitimate so if yours is from a reputable company then let us know and we may add it.

Update: You now must activate your forum account by clicking the link sent to your email in order to log in. If you did not see an email from then check your spam folder.

Note: You’ll need to register for a forum account (which is separate from this blog. i.e. your blog login won’t work).

You can log in to your account from any computer. You can log in and play at work or school, then come home and log in and continue where you left off. Go over to Grandma’s house and show her your progress. Refresh the browser and then she’ll be able to log in and show you her level 60 Destructor. This works great for multi-user computers such as school libraries or family computers. Another great benefit is that you don’t have to worry about losing profile data because your computer randomly decided to delete your data.

All you need is to register for a forum account by clicking on the register link and following the instructions. IMPORTANT: Follow the instructions or else you may get a mean message saying that you’re a “spam bot”; specifically, be sure to type “blue” in the interests field and leave everything else blank under “profile information.”

Note: If you’re under 13 years old you will need a parent to sign and return the registration form ONLY if you wish to participate in the forum. Otherwise, once you register successfully then you’re ready to start using your login information for Bowmaster Winter Storm.

Remember this game is still beta and this login profile system is brand new tech so if you have any issues with it then be sure to leave a comment in the blog or send us an email.

Other updates:

Fixed bug with the fireworks. They now launch archers and grunts that are nearby as originally intended. However, since firework season is over there’s less of a chance of seeing fireworks and night time (but there is still a 25% chance they will show up… if you want you can just quit and reload a night time map until you see fireworks if you really want 😉

Next update: Perhaps a firework upgrade for the Destructor class… maybe :) Stay tuned!

Do you use the online log in for Bowmaster Winter Storm or do you use "offline" mode?

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34 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.22

  1. simted says:

    I can’t log on the game but i can log on the website

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    • Jason says:

      Are you trying to login with your blog username and password? If so that will not work. You need a forum account which is separate. If you do have a forum account and it’s not working then let me know your forum name and I’ll look into it.

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  2. Nick says:

    Its not letting me register. i have all required fields empty and typed blue under interests.

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  3. Ruhtra says:

    I can’t finish my login !

    Message: The Confirm Password is not correct, are you being considered a Spam.

    I am sure that I hit that code several times and now i see this message:
    You have exceeded the number of registration attempts for this session. Please try again later.

    Please fix this bug, thanks for all.

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  4. Ruhtra says:

    Confirmation code: *
    Enter the code exactly as you see it. The code is case sensitive and zero has a diagonal line through it.

    It is problem, we hit, but are not finishing login.

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    • Jason says:

      So you registered and got the confirmation email? Or you were not able to register at all? What email provider are you trying to use? Is it in the authorized list (e.g. gmail, yahoo, hotmail, any edu email)?

      I just recently added ymail and facebook so if that’s what you’re trying to use then try again now :)

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  5. Ruhtra says:

    The confirmation code you entered was incorrect

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    • Jason says:

      You need to type in the code exactly as it appears. Rember, zero has a slash through it so if you see “O” it si not a zero — it is an “Oh”. Also, you need to make sure you don’t put any information in the personal information except under “interest” you need to enter “blue”. Hope this helps.

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  6. Ruhtra says:

    Thank you, I finished the login and have already made a response by email.

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  7. uryuu says:

    Hey Jason, a unit killed by light or dark element always turn right when they are turn left… :(

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  8. Ruhtra says:

    I’ve finished my account and sent the email to lostvectors, but I can not access my account.

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  9. The Bloke says:

    No matter what I do, this always comes up:

    Spambot Registration Attempt.

    I’m following all the instructions and have tried several different passwords and even two different email adresses. What’s going on?!? :L

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    • Jason says:

      Did you put “blue” in the interests field. Are you using one of the permitted email domains such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail?

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  10. i don’t understand,i put the e-mail and the password right but the system don’t enter!

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  11. Hydrocow says:

    On the random tips it says “golemns” instead of “golems” when talking about its weak points. Also for people with yahoo email addresses the confirmation email will be in the spam folder. If you registered but it won’t let you log in look there.

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  12. Mystyr Nile says:

    Could pgup and pgdn scroll through your panels of skills?

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    • Jason says:

      You can do this by using the scroll wheel or by clicking on the up/down arrows on the screen at the right side of the number zero slot.

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  13. uryuu says:

    Those fireworks bound me into the sky…

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  14. Ruhtra says:

    Please look at the email and give me a reply shall be by email

    Thank you.

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  15. Sammygood says:

    When it saves your game to your online account, does it also save it locally? So if there was something wrong with logging in you would be able to play from last time on that computer.

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    • Jason says:

      Yes, your profile data is also stored locally in case the online saving is not available. If my server goes down (or if your internet goes down and you’re able to play a recent cached version somehow) you’ll see a message in red text “Online Service Unavailable” where you would normally see “Online Service Available.” To use your local copy just type in your username and password like you normally would and then click “offline”. If you click “offline” without specifying a username or password then a generic “guest” profile will be used.

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  16. MrCreepssssBOOM says:

    can you make an option that changes the scroll wheel to change arrow types? sometimes 9 is too far away to press on the keyboard. also the fire blast arrows that destroys ice projectiles should melt people. i wanna melt them without shooting them in the head with a fire arrow 😉

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  17. uryuu says:

    I don’t understand how to register because when I finish to fill the information it said “spam bot”. :(
    Anyone can show me an example please. :)

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  18. Gingusa says:

    I love how u Respond to people alot / anyways WHERE R MY PROFILES i had 3 and 2 of em r 60 with everything ( before new login thing ) and now i make an account and stuff and i start playing and im lvl 1 …
    i even tried offline // can u make the friendly dragon intangible to my arrows im tired of wasting all my mana on a fleet of arrows just so he can decide to fly in the way and catch all of them.

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  19. Jon says:

    every time i try to register it call me a spam bot even though i follow the directions perfectly and i am using a yahoo email address and im sure i entered everything correctly I’ve tried multiple times and yes i entered blue in interests.

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