Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.21

Happy American Independence Day Weekend!

Celebrate with the some marginally safer alternatives to actual fireworks by playing Bowmaster Winter Storm!


Added fireworks to night time missions :) Ignite them with fire to send them flying :)

Also, press F to detonate Thunder Arrow mid flight.

Have fun!

Oh and as a bonus: Play this:


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9 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.21

  1. N-Raptor says:

    Happy American Independence Day! And awesome bonus and update.

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  2. Bowmaster fan says:

    I love those fireworks, they look really colourful, they look nice.

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  3. General Sinjun says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! in texas today they banned fireworks this year i got sad

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  4. HATER SLAYER says:

    In utah they legalized aerials… WOOTS. It was a huge never ending free fire work show. They are soooo much fun. i think bomaster needs a fire work arrow :D.

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  5. Mystyr Nile says:

    I just thought of something: What if we could command our troops to retreat, or stand their ground?
    It could work like a simplified Halo Wars.

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  6. vampragon43 says:

    I love the fireworks! Its funny ’cause they keep killing my dragons:D(and sometimes they kill me while I’m jumping) I use them like booby traps: I wait til’ enemy dragons come and when they’re close enough, I light the fuse and watch the fireworks… literally :) I like how some of them curve to the side when they’re in mid-air. To me, the fireworks are just detonation-controlled flak arrows that do like 1000 fire damage(usually)per shrapnel shard (it only does 200 damage per shard when it hits your dragon, which is good). Thanks for the update, Jason ;D

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  7. vampragon43 says:

    NEW IDEA: Unit Information & Commands (Kinda like what Mystyr Nile said)

    When you click any individual unit (excluding your hero), it displays that unit’s information such as HP and Mana. And for enemy mages and units that have helmets, it could also display “Defense” as in the amount of HP that the shield or helmet has left. And for enemy units, it could also display weakness and resistance.

    Along with the unit’s information, it could also have unit commands such as:
    Stand Ground (to make your unit stay and guard its current area).
    Attack (click Attack and then click an enemy to make your unit attack that enemy).
    Move-To (click Move-To and then click an area to make the unit move there).
    Defend (click Defend and then click your hero or an ally to make your unit defend him).
    Fire-At (to make a ranged unit shoot at your targeted area).
    Earthbound (to make your unit stay on the ground).
    Fly (to make your dragon fly).
    Retreat (to make a unit return to your unit spawn point and rest to recover its HP and Mana)

    The unit information & commands could be shown in the empty space that is next to the pause button.

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  8. Ishida says:

    Hi, I like this game… 😀

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