Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.20

The Thunder Cloud grows in strength! Lightning bolts from thunder clouds now do splash damage when they hit the ground. This and more with the latest Bowmaster Winter Storm Update. Play Now


Enhanced thunder cloud spell power and visuals.

Balance: Replaced ‘diffuse’ effect of mage shield with ‘impact’. Now impact weapons like bombs or summon spells will not be diffused by impacting a mage shield.

Added new high level orc grunt skin.

Added helmets to orc grunt (random chance).

Bug Fix: Lighting death effect no longer causes units to always look right.

Bug Fix: Fixed misspelling of ‘lightning’ in skill description.

Next Update: Some really cool stuff, I promise.

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26 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Update 0.2.20

  1. General Sinjun says:

    keep up the great work jason!!!

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  2. ElderKingpin says:

    I promise! ™

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  3. fox says:

    Fire arrows for archer units is labled “Ice arrows”.

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  4. Clawtanker says:

    Hey, Jason! My browser can’t save my game. Help?

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    • Jason says:

      Maybe your flash settings aren’t setup to allow saving. Right-click on the flash game and then click on settings. Then click on the folder tab (middle) for Local Storage settings. Then make sure the slider bar is not all the way to the left. Slide that bar all the way to the right or at least to more than a meg. Let me know if this helps.

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  5. Mercutio says:

    sure hope that new update includes a higher max unit count!

    Ps. frenzy sucks dont get it.. i made the mistake and cant go back 😛

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  6. uryuu says:

    Perhaps you should add helmets to grunt allies unit and pikeman allies unit too… 😀

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  7. fox says:

    HELP!! My archers are tearing themselves apart. They keep hitting themselves with ice arrows and frezzing solid. They can’t fire at aproching units and subsiquintly die. Can you fix this?

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    • Jason says:

      Does anyone else notice this too? I thought I turned off friendly fire for archer arrows. But maybe the AoE effects still do friendly fire. I’ll look into this.

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      • Bowmaster fan says:

        Yeah, there is still friendly fire going on in Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta.

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      • Kazeto says:

        It’s possible that it’s not exactly “friendly fire”, but rather fire arrows colliding with the buildings archers are stationed in, and thus creating fires on top of archers (and, as we all know, fire has friendly fire on).
        That’s at least what I think, but I hadn’t been able to replicate this (I’m not exactly fond of using additional units, preferring to slay on my own most of the time).

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  8. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey Jason, I found a bug. When my pikeman killed a skeleton grunt they spew out blood.

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  9. Alvar Fjellström says:

    BIGGER levels

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  10. Alvar Fjellström says:

    In next update do BIGGER levels

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  11. antónio says:

    Great, i love your game! i hope you will keep with the good work!

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  12. pie113 says:

    Add dragon riders.

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  13. vampragon43 says:

    Max number of allies is too small. When I play, I notice that I have a lot of grunts and archers, but because the max number of units has been reached, I can’t get a ninja, dragon or siege weapons. Can you update Standing Army Upgrade from +1 unit per level to +2?

    Also, can you make it so that we can have more than 1 ninja on the battlefield?

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  14. uryuu says:

    No update this week??? :(

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    • Bowmaster fan says:

      Yeah, why is there no update for this Friday? Is Jason doing this to build up the suspense?

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  15. Bowmaster fan says:

    Thumbs up if you think that ‘muchmoreisshampratas’ evil army death noise is the funniest one. They make me laugh when they die. They also say ‘crazypapoisssse, raharoo, wodzal!!, merrysanata, oysanata, onkidido’ etc.

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  16. Dma008 says:

    Hi Jason
    My game asked me to clear a file before I could play, but when I had done it, everything I had before was gone. How do I get things back?

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